My Anime, December 1982 issue

Presented here is a 24-page bound-in booklet devoted to Yamato. Click on links for translations.

Cover illustration by mecha designer Katsumi Itabashi
Read translations for the color section here.

Character profiles

Story highlights

“Love and Death ~ Tristan and Isolde”

Right side: Final Yamato information.   Left side: Yoshinobu Nishizaki interview.

Right side: Yoshinobu Nishizaki, continued.   Left side: Leiji Matsumoto and Katsumi Itabashi interviews.
Read translations of these staff interviews here

“All Things Yamato Chart • Check Table 18 X 8″

Voice actor interviews. Read translations here

Right side: Voice actors’ other credits.   Left side: “Yamato, the Infinite Power.” (Influence on the anime boom)

Right side: Hiroshi Miyagawa interview.   Left side: Isao Sasaki interview.   Bottom: Music industry index
Read translations of these pages here

Yamato‘s influence on mass media
Read translations of these pages here

Fan perspective and final thoughts
Read translations of these pages here

Left side: ad for Anime Comics.   Right side: Postcard reproducing Shinya Takahashi’s cover art from My Anime

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