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With so many Final Yamato albums in the mix, creating a definitive track listing is a very complex task owing to the jumble of symphonic and BGM tracks scattered across multiple sources that only partially overlap. In some cases, tracks have the same name but different run times – or different names but the same content. In other cases, BGM tracks were combined with symphonic tracks, jumping back and forth to create different narrative experiences. And with over 60 individual tracks to deal with, sorting them out is a major undertaking.

In order to create a comprehensive index of this enormous body of music, two things are essential: iTunes and an invaluable Japanese doujinshi published in 2011 called the Space Battleship Yamato BGM Encyclopedia (shown at right). In it, superfan Hiroshi Mizo covers the entire saga and organizes the music from the highest possible vantage point, session lists from the studio recordings. So, with all the necessary puzzle pieces finally in one place, the Final Yamato music mountain can be conquered.

It’s necessary to choose an overall spine of reference, so we’ll go by film order. (As you will see, however, plenty of tracks didn’t get used in the film at all.) Each track title is followed by information about where to find it on specific albums, and which variations relate to it.

Album codes:

TA1 = Tokuma/Animage Theme Music Collection I (Tokuma, 1983)
TA2 = Tokuma/Animage Theme Music Collection II (Tokuma, 1983)
BGM = Original BGM Collection (Columbia, 1995)
EE = Eternal Edition Disc 9 (Columbia, 2000)

MC1 = Music Collection Part 1 (Columbia, 1983) Yamato Sound Almanac edition, 2014
MC2 = Music Collection Part 2 (Columbia, 1983) Yamato Sound Almanac edition, 2014
MC3 = Music Collection Part 3 (Columbia, 1983) Yamato Sound Almanac edition, 2014
YSA BGM = Yamato Sound Almanac, Final Yamato BGM Collection (Columbia, 2014)

Music Heard in the Film (and Variations)

Music from previous Yamato productions is indicated in blue.
Tracks that repeat in the score are indicated in yellow.

1. アクエリアス45億年 [Aquarius 4.5 Billion Years]

The film prologue opens with a combined version of two variants, starting with A and shifting to B for the scat vocals. This covers the formation of the solar system and finishes with the title of the film.

    Version A (includes opening heard in film)
    MC1 track 2 (6:05)

    Version B (includes scat)
    TA1 track 7 (4:45)
    EE track 21 (4:44)
    YSA BGM track 28 (4:45)

2. 二つの銀河 [Two Galaxies]

Heard during the opening credit sequence. The film version is recorded at a quicker tempo.

    Film version
    BGM track 1 (1:22)
    YSA BGM track 1 (1:23)

    Symphonic version
    MC2 track 1 (4:16)
    TA2 track 1 (4:17)

    Alternate version (edited)
    EE (3:24) track 1

3. ディンギル星の水没 [Flooding of Planet Dengil]

Yamato appears, navigating through asteroid swarm. The opening fades after about a minute. Dessler’s requiem is heard from Farewell to Yamato during the scene on Planet Galman, then this track restarts when Planet Dengil is deluged by Aquarius. It fades again, then resumes for the rescue attempt at Dengil. There are several variations of this track, the longer of which include a piano concerto not heard in the film.

    Film version
    EE track 2 (2:08) 水没するディンギル星 [Planet Dengil is Flooded]

    YSA BGM track 2 (2:53) ディンギル星の水没 [Flooding of Planet Dengil]

    Symphonic version – includes piano concerto
    MC2 track 2 (6:25) 水没するディンギル星 [Planet Dengil is Flooded]

    TA2 track 2 (6:26) 水没するディンギル星 [Planet Dengil is Flooded]

    Extended symphonic version – includes piano concerto
    BGM track 2 (7:58) 組曲ディンギル星の水没 [Flooding of Planet Dengil Suite]

    Piano concerto only
    MC3 track 7 (5:10) ディンギル星の水没 [Flooding of Planet Dengil]

4. 移動要塞のコード(TYPE A) [Chord of the Mobile Fortress (type A)]

Lugal De Zahl’s ship appears. This is a variant of a longer piece titled Mobile Fortress, which is not heard in the film (more information below).

    YSA BGM track 3 (:18)
    Also found on BGM track 21 (1:39) コード各種 [Various Chords], third cue

5. ハイパー放射ミサイル [Hyper Radiation Missile]

Lugal De Zahl attacks and disables Yamato

    MC2 track 4 (1:55)
    BGM track 18 (1:52)
    EE track 8 (1:53)
    YSA BGM track 4 (1:54)

    “Stinger” variant, not heard in the film
    YSA BGM track 30 (:14) ハイパー放射ミサイルのコード [Hyper Radiation Missile Chord]

The Universe Spreading Into Infinity (from Symphonic Suite Yamato) is heard as Yamato plunges out of control, then recovers by auto-pilot.

6. ウルクの歴史 [History of Uruk]

City Satellite Uruk makes its first appearance and Lugal outlines the plan to attack Earth.

    Film version
    TA1 track 2 (3:39)
    EE track 4 (3:37)
    YSA BGM track 5 (3:37)

    Symphonic version
    MC1 track 6 (4:13)

7. 変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes]

Uruk warps Planet Aquarius

    YSA BGM track 6 (1:03)
    Also found on BGM track 21 (1:39) コード各種 [Various Chords], fourth cue

8. The Legend of Aquarius

Dr. Sado explains the myth of Aquarius. This is an excerpt from a track that first appeared on Prelude to Final Yamato titled
水の惑星アクエリアスとクイーン・オブ・アクエリアス [Water Planet Aquarius and Queen of Aquarius].

    BGM track 3 (9:36)

Yamato Meditation ~ Great Love from The New Voyage (YSA New Voyage BGM, track 1) is heard as Yamato descends to Earth.

9. ユキの悲しみ [Sorrow of Yuki]

Yuki enters Yamato‘s bridge to find Kodai on the edge of death. The evacuation from Earth begins. The portions heard in the film are excerpted from a longer composition.

    Excerpt for bridge scene
    YSA BGM track 7 (:48) title: 古代の死 [Death of Kodai]

    Full version
    BGM track 5 (2:22)

    Symphonic version (Alternate title: 雪の悲しみ)
    TA1 track 5 (5:00)
    YSA BGM track 8 (4:58)

    Alternate version (not heard in the film)
    EE track 5 (2:20)

10. 古代君よかった [Good, Kodai-kun]

Kodai recovers in the EDF hospital. This is a variation of ユキのテーマ [Theme of Yuki], which was not used in the film. (More information below)

    Film version
    BGM track 6 (1:05)
    YSA BGM track 9 (1:05)

    Symphonic version
    MC1 track 13 (4:44)
    TA2 track 6 (4:45)

11. 大ディンギル帝国星 [Great Dengil Empire]

Dengil launches its attack on the solar system and the EDF responds. This track was originally released on the Prelude to Final Yamato album.

    BGM track 17 (6:46)

ハイパー放射ミサイル [Hyper Radiation Missile] Repeats as the EDF fleet is wiped out by Dengil’s missiles.

12. 冥王星海戦 [Naval Battle of Pluto]

Dengil’s attack on the solar system concludes with the defeat of Earth.

    MC1 (4:03) track 7
    EE (3:58) track 6

Insert Song: 古代(おれ)とヤマト [Kodai (I) and Yamato]

Alternate title: 古代とヤマト [Kodai and Yamato]

Dispirited by Earth’s defeat, Kodai returns to Yamato to await orders from a new captain. Isao Sasaki sings this meditative song that explores the relationship between Kodai and Yamato. Find info and lyrics in the Final Yamato discography here. A karaoke version (without vocals) can be found on MC3 (Sound Almanac edition), track 12. There are two symphonic versions of the song, neither of which was used in the film:

    Version A (with violin solo)
    MC3 track 3 (5:04)

    Version B (with guitar solo)
    MC2 track 9 (3:13)

The Yamato marching theme (excerpted from Symphonic Suite) is heard as the crew gathers to greet the new captain. Everyone is shocked to learn it is a revived Captain Okita.

Excerpts from The Birth (from Symphonic Suite) are heard as Yamato leaves the dock and launches.

13. あどけないディンギル少年 [Innocent Dengil Boy]

After Yamato gets underway, the rescued Dengil boy interacts with Dr. Sado and Yuki. This is a variant of ディンギル少年のテーマ [Theme of the Dengil Boy], which was not heard in the film.

    BGM track 8 (:44)
    YSA BGM track 10 (:47)

14. FIGHTコスモタイガーⅡ [Fight Cosmo Tiger II]

Yamato‘s squadron launches into battle against the Dengil fleet. It opens with a motif from the original Series 1 score.

    TA2 track 8 (3:43)
    EE track 15 (3:40)
    YSA BGM track 11 (3:43)

15. ルガール総統の斗い [Fight of Emperor Lugal]

Dengil forces engage Yamato‘s squadron in a dogfight. The track used here is an excerpt from a longer one titled ルガール総統の戦争 [War of Emperor Lugal], which is heard later.

    MC3 track 8 (2:31)
    EE track 7 (2:24)

16. 悲愴のボレロ [Grievous Bolero]

EDF forces recover from the first round of battle.

    Film version
    BGM track 19 (3:30)
    EE track 9 (3:30)
    YSA BGM track 12 (3:32)

    Symphonic version (with an added prelude)
    MC2 track 16 (3:50)
    TA2 track 12 (3:49)

17. 襲撃 [Attack]

The EDF rescue forces are ambushed and destroyed by Dengil fighters.

    YSA BGM (:18) track 13
    Also found on BGM track 21 (1:39) コード各種 [Various Chords], second cue

18. ウルクの猛攻 [Attack of Uruk]

Kodai and Yuki fly recon in the Cosmo Zero to locate the Dengil mothership.

    TA2 track 4 (2:41)
    YSA BGM track 14 (2:41)

Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun from Series 1 is heard as Yamato strikes the killing blow against the Dengil fleet

Insert Song: Love of Two

As the Cosmo Zero returns to Yamato, Yuki looks back at her memories with Kodai accompanied by the song Love of Two, sung by Tomoko Kuwae.

19. 抜けるヤマト [Yamato departs]

With Dengil forces eradicated from the solar system, Yamato leaves to investigate Aquarius.

    MC3 (2:42) track 5
    EE (2:40) track 10

ウルクの歴史 [History of Uruk] repeats as the defeated Lugal De Zahl reports to Emperor Lugal. Dengil’s link to Earth’s past is revealed.

変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes] repeats as Uruk warps Aquarius one step closer to Earth.

20. 水の星アクエリアス [Water Planet Aquarius]

Yamato encounters Aquarius and descends to its surface.

    MC1 (3:50) track 1
    TA1 (3:51) track 1
    EE (3:47) track 11

21. 神秘の星アクエリアス [Mysterious Planet Aquarius]

The ancient surface of Aquarius is revealed in all its glory

    Film version
    MC1 track 10 (4:37)
    TA1 track 10 (4:31)

    Alternate version (edited)
    EE track 12 (3:47)

アクエリアス45億年 [Aquarius 4.5 Billion Years] Version B (with scat) repeats as the Queen appears and explains the role of Aquarius as life-bringer to the galaxy, now under Dengil’s control.

22. ルガール総統の戦争 [War of Emperor Lugal]

Lugal De Zahl attacks Yamato on Aquarius; Uruk is sighted

    MC1 track 12 (3:08)
    TA1 track 3 (3:07)
    YSA BGM track 16 (3:07)

Yamato Proceeds Through Unknown Space (from Be Forever Music Collection Part 1, track 2) is heard as Yamato escapes and fires its counter-weapon at Dengil’s Hyper Radiation Missiles.

23. ウルクの大テーマ [Uruk Large Theme]

Lugal De Zahl’s fleet is wiped out by the Wave-Motion Gun. Yamato pursues him back to Uruk.

    TA1 track 6 (5:40)
    YSA BGM track 17 (5:39)

24. 驚異のニュートリノビーム [Wonder of the Neutrino Beam]

Uruk’s neutrino beam activates to stop Yamato‘s charge. The first version fades, then the second starts as Yamato rallies.

    First version
    MC3 track 1 (2:51)
    EE track 13 (2:49)

    Second version (edited)
    BGM track 20 (1:07)
    YSA BGM track 18 (1:09)

The original Yamato victory theme (from Series 1) is heard as Yamato breaks through and crash-lands on Uruk’s surface.

変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes] repeats as Uruk fires its warp beams at Aquarius.

25. 神殿部の斗い [Battle of the Temple]

Uruk forces attack Yamato on the ground.

    Film version
    TA1 track 4 (4:09)
    YSA BGM track 19 (4:07)

26. ロボットホース襲来 [Robot Horse Attack]

Emperor Lugal leads the ground attack. The Music Collection had a very different title for this track, which probably represents earlier story information.

    MC2 track 8 (2:24) 超巨大艦隊ガルンボルスト [Giant Battleship Garnbolst] EE track 14 (2:22)

変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes] repeats as Uruk continues firing its warp beams at Aquarius

27. 島大介の苦闘 [Struggle of Daisuke Shima]

Shima is mortally wounded in the battle, but soldiers on.

    BGM track 13 (1:20)
    YSA BGM track 20 (1:22)

変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes] repeats as Uruk continues firing its warp beams at Aquarius.

FIGHTコスモタイガーⅡ [Fight Cosmo Tiger II] repeats as the Cosmo Tigers launch and turn the tables on their attackers.

Momentary Peace (YSA Yamato III BGM Part 2, track 12) is heard as Uruk’s warp beams fade out and Shima thinks of his brother.

Pursuit (Yamato III Original BGM Collection, track 21) is heard as Uruk’s backup system engages to continue warping Aquarius.

変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes] repeats as Uruk continues firing its revived warp beams at Aquarius.

28. 大魔人 [Great Demon]

Kodai leads a task force into the Uruk temple. The Dengil boy leads him deeper inside.

    MC2 track 5 (2:29)
    TA2 track 9 (2:28)
    EE track 16 (2:28)

大魔神のコード [Great Demon Chord]

“Stinger” variant (not heard in the film)
YSA BGM track 32 (:25)

An excerpt from the middle portion of 大ディンギル帝国星 [Great Dengil Empire] is heard as Kodai faces off against Emperor Lugal. It cuts off as Lugal accidentally shoots his son, the Dengil boy.

29. ディンギル少年の死 [Dengil Boy’s Death]

Kodai is outraged at Lugal’s actions; Lugal escapes and the boy says his last words. Aquarius warps away toward Earth.

    BGM track 10 (1:06)
    YSA BGM track 21 (1:07)

30. 島を想う [Thoughts of Shima]

Despite his wound, Shima struggles to get Yamato off Uruk as it self-destructs.

    Film version
    TA2 track 5 (3:46)
    EE track 18 (3:43)
    YSA BGM track 22 (3:45)

    Variant version (strings) not heard in the film
    YSA BGM track 23 (1:24)

31. 島を想う [Thoughts of Shima] Violin solo version

Kodai returns to the bridge to find Shima dying; they share last words.

    BGM track 12 (1:20)

32. 島大介のテーマ [Theme of Daisuke Shima]

Shima dies in Kodai’s arms.

    MC3 track 10 (4:28) The portion heard in the film begins at 3:05

    Alternate version (piano and violin) not heard in the film
    BGM track 11 (2:13)

33. Symphony of the Aquarius (short version)

Yamato pursues Aquarius, now on course for Earth. This is an excerpt from the full Symphony of the Aquarius, to be heard in the climax of the film.

    YSA BGM track 24 (:56)

変化するアクエリアス [Aquarius Changes] repeats as Kodai realizes a plan to deal with the crisis.

34. 決断 [Decision]

Okita reveals his plan to Kodai and they discuss the future. This is a guitar solo version of 沖田と古代 [Okita and Kodai], which has several variants not heard in the film.

    BGM track 16 (1:10)
    YSA BGM track 25 (1:09)

    Variant version A
    TA2 track 11 (4:32) 沖田と古代 (父と子) [Okita and Kodai (father and son)]

    MC2 track 15 (4:33) 沖田(父)と古代(子) [Okita (father) and Kodai (son)]

    Excerpt from Variant A (first part)
    EE track 19 (2:57) 沖田と古代 [Okita and Kodai]

    Variant Version B
    MC3 track 6 (4:15) 沖田と古代 [Okita and Kodai]

    Variant Version C (violin / piano / guitar solos)
    BGM track 15 (2:49) 父と子 [Father and Son]

The sad version of the Yamato theme from Series 1 is heard as Kodai tells the crew Yamato must be sacrificed.

A suspense track from Series 1 is heard as Lugal’s forces surround Yamato for a killing blow.

Dessler’s attack theme from Farewell to Yamato is heard as he intervenes to save Yamato.

35. 別れ [Farewell]

This variant version of 沖田と古代 [Okita and Kodai] is heard as Okita tells Kodai and Yuki to live for the future.

    BGM track 14 (1:19)
    YSA BGM track 26 (1:21)

36. ヤマト葬送のテーマ [Yamato Funeral Theme]

Kodai, Yuki and the crew send off Captain Okita with a final salute. This piece was excerpted from Space Battleship Yamato Memorial, track 7 of Prelude to Final Yamato. Two very different symphonic variants were also performed, but not used in the film (more info below).

    Film version
    YSA BGM track 27 (3:17) the portion heard in the film begins at 1:36

    Symphonic version
    BGM track 22 (5:18) ファイナル・ヤマト [Final・Yamato]

37. Symphony of the Aquarius

Captain Okita pilots Yamato alone against the raging flood waters of Aquarius.

    MC2 track 13 (9:50)
    TA2 track 13 (9:42)
    EE track 20 (9:46)

The Universe Spreading into Infinity is heard as the crew says their final goodbye to Yamato.

The Yamato victory theme from Series 1 is heard under the end credits. The credits incorrectly indicate Space Battleship Yamato ’83 as the closing title song.

Insert Songs

Rainbow to Tomorrow and Love Supreme accompany the epilogue. Find info and lyrics in the Final Yamato discography here.

アクエリアス45億年 [Aquarius 4.5 Billion Years] Version B (with scat) repeats as Yamato takes its last voyage into infinity.

Music Not Heard in the Film

沖田復活のコード [Chord of Okita’s revival]

    YSA BGM track 29 (:11)
    Also found on BGM track 21 (1:39) コード各種 [Various Chords], first cue

移動要塞 [Mobile Fortress]

Only the opening portion of this track was heard in the film, titled 移動要塞のコード(TYPE A) [Chord of the Mobile Fortress (type A)]. Here are the other versions:

    Version A
    MC2 track 3 (3:01)
    EE track 3 (3:18)

    Version B
    TA1 track 8 (4:11)
    YSA BGM track 15 (4:10)

    移動要塞のコード(TYPE B) [Chord of the Mobile Fortress (type B)] YSA BGM track 31 (:19)

アクエリアス レクイエム [Aquarius Requiem]

    Symphonic track
    MC2 track 12 (3:34)

アクエリアス レクイエム II [Aquarius Requiem II]

    Symphonic track
    MC3 track 11 (3:31)

ディンギル少年のテーマ [Theme of the Dengil Boy]

    Version A
    BGM track 7 (2:19)

    Version B
    MC2 track 14 (3:04)
    TA2 track 7 (3:02)

    Version C
    MC3 track 4 (4:44)
    EE track 17 (4:41) 薄幸のディンギル少年 [Unfortunate Dengil Boy]

薄幸のディンギル少年 [Unfortunate Dengil Boy]

    Version A
    BGM track 9 (1:05)

    Version B
    MC2 track 10 (4:02)
    TA2 track 10 (4:00)

ファイナル ヤマト [Final Yamato]

    Symphonic track
    MC2 track 6 (3:57)

ファイナル ヤマト 斗い [Final Yamato Fight]

    Symphonic track
    MC3 track 2 (2:01)

ふたりのコスモゼロ [Two in the Cosmo Zero]

    Symphonic track
    MC2 track 11 (1:59)

ヤマト悲愴なる出撃 [Grievous Sortie of Yamato]

Symphonic track, excerpts used in the Final Yamato trailer

    MC1 track 3 (5:05)
    TA1 track 3 (5:08)

ユキのテーマ [Theme of Yuki]

A variant of this piece titled 古代君よかった [Good, Kodai-kun] was heard in the film. These two were not.

    Version A
    BGM track 4 (2:32)

    Version B
    MC3 track 9 (3:32)

悲しみ [Sorrow]

    Symphonic track
    MC2 track 7 (4:29)

Symphonic Music Heard in the Radio Drama

The following tracks were heard exclusively on the Final Yamato radio drama broadcast on All Night Nippon January 15, 1983. Regrettably, a commercial version of that program has never been released.

FIGHT!コスモタイガー [Fight! Cosmo Tiger]

    MC1 track 9 (5:41)

新コスモゼロ [New Cosmo Zero]

    MC1 (2:29) track 11
    TA1 (2:30) track 9

ディンギル星 [Planet Dengil]

    MC1 track 8 (4:04)

ユキ [Yuki]

    MC1 track 5 (3:26) variant of ユキのテーマ [Theme of Yuki]

ルガールJRの戦争 [War of Lugal Jr]

    MC1 track 4 (4:00)

Theme of Space Battleship Yamato ’83

This was the instrumental portion of Space Battleship Yamato ’83, which was released as a single.

    MC3 track 14 (4:48) 宇宙戦艦ヤマト’83(カラオケ)

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