My Anime, January 1982 issue

Production finally approaches a climax. Documents arrive one after another with detailed commentary. Can you see the story!?

The latest items are loaded with thorough commentary!!

Yamato sortie! Defeat the enemy
and stop Planet Aquarius

TEXT 1: The crew of Yamato seems to have been decided. Although new characters are not on board, it has already been reported that the first captain Juuzo Okita from the original series will revive. It seems that Haruo Nishina, who was in the first gunnery squad from Yamato III, will be aboard. Since Be Forever Yamato was a mature story, the characters also had a more mature atmosphere, and that also seems to be the case this time.

TEXT 2: After Yamato is heavily damaged, it ends up in a fleet dock for repair. Aquarius approaches the Earth. The attack of Dengil continues without mercy, too, and the Earth fleet is destroyed. Yamato is restored on the morning of its departure. The determined crew greets its new captain. The EDF commander appears before the crew in a lineup ceremony. The voice of the new captain booms out of Yamato.


An ’83 Final Yamato Calendar
has been made

Prior to the movie release in the spring, this big calendar will show twelve excellent scenes. It consists of impressive patterns, including attractive new characters and mecha, and scenes of Yamato in new outer space settings suitable for The Final Chapter.

Those who would like to purchase it by mail can order it from the Yamato Fan Club Publishing Division. [Ordering information omitted.]

Space Battleship Yamato enrollment opportunity

Yamato Fan Club headquarters is now recruiting members looking forward to The Final Chapter. If you would like to join, send a 60 yen stamp enclosed in an envelope with your name, age, and address specified. We will send you a detailed guide book.

[Note: four different guide books were published by the fan club, one for each of the four feature films. See the Final Yamato edition here.]

TEXT A: The Final Chapter returns to the origin of Yamato, and is equal to Farewell in that it is being made as a conclusion. So we can’t do without the Cosmo Zero. It is said that it becomes a double-seater in The Final Chapter.

TEXT B: Besides Juuzo Okita, and the Cosmo Zero, another character is revived from the original series: Jiro Shima, the younger brother of Daisuke Shima. Jiro’s appearance foreshadows an important story of brotherhood.

[Side note: Jiro’s T-shirt in this design is based on an actual shirt that was created by fashion designer Yukiko Hanai during her brief tenure on Farewell to Yamato in 1978. The two versions shown above right were sold through the official fan club.]

The remaining warships in the Earth Defense Forces use themselves as a shield to defend Yamato to the death

TEXT 1: An important front-line battle for the solar system is fought in the area of Pluto. Dengil’s solar system suppression fleet waits there for the opportunity to launch an all-out attack. Yamato takes off from Earth to advance into space in order to destroy it, joined by one remaining Earth ship after another. Before long, nine cruisers and destroyers surround Yamato, the entire Earth fleet. Passing Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, this escort group proceeds into the hot waters of battle at the front line, determined to defend Yamato. It’s impossible to imagine what kind of ferocious battle develops.

TEXT 2: From the time of the first series, the Earth Defense Force has played an increasingly important role. Though they have also been at odds with Yamato, this time they seem to provide Yamato with a strong backup. The alliance of Kodai with Captain Mizutani of the Fuyuzuki is a sight to see.

LINE A: The human race boards space ships to emigrate away from the looming crisis of flooding, and escape from Earth in a large fleet of freighter-type vessels.

LINE B: Can they return to Earth after the waters recede? For this large Earth fleet wandering aimlessly, a major tragedy awaits…

LINE C: In The Final Chapter, characters on crews other than Yamato play an important role.

The names of real battleships are given to the cruisers and destroyers that protect Yamato. (Left: Destroyer. Right: Battleship)

Risking the fate of Earth, Yamato takes on the City Satellite Uruk!

TEXT 1: The Dengil Empire is jam-packed with pre-Sumerian culture, meaning that it has a cultural atmosphere which predates that of ancient Sumer. Dengil art, mecha, and music was a major challenge for the staff. In short, they had to make up an ancient civilization that has never been heard or seen in pictures. The vivid photo below that appears among these other documents is the “Planet Dengil Megalopolis”.

TEXT 2: The planet seen at the upper left is Aquarius. Below that is City Satellite Uruk of Dengil. A formation of Cosmo Tigers facing Uruk is at the upper right. The purpose of Yamato‘s mission in The Final Chapter is to destroy the enemy fleet and stop the icy planet Aquarius from carrying out a warp toward Earth. Evidently, the City Satellite Uruk seems to hold the key to somehow stopping the warp of Aquarius. Can Yamato really capture Uruk?

TEXT 3: The Final Chapter depicts the image of a child surpassing a parent, and in contrast there is also the depiction of a child who does not surpass a parent. Can Lugal II, the son of Emperor Lugal who is a symbol of evil, surpass his parent? However, he could also become more evil than his parents. There must be ways to surpass different kinds of parents, and such a story is also prepared.


Limited advance tickets on sale now!

Special commemorative cel tickets for The Final Chapter next March are now on sale, limited to 55,000 nationwide. Check with the Yamato fan club for details. [Photos of the advance tickets shown below.]

Above left: The mobile fortress mothership that Yamato faces first. Commanded by Lugal II, this flagship of the huge task force fleet carries hyper missiles.

Above right: One of the features this time includes children of the enemy. This hasn’t been seen in Yamato before now. Some from Dengil are refugees who lost their home planet, and some have homes and children just like the people of Earth.

LINE A: The design of enemy mecha must always be fresh. There seems to be very special concern over this point.

LINE B: Among the mechanical elements in the enemy mecha that approaches Earth, color classification is used as an element of their civilization.

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TV Anime
20th Anniversary

Below: promo for a developing series, almost a year before the Fist of the North Star manga began in Shonen Jump.

New work to anticipate!


(Working title)

SF Mecha World drawn as Computer Anime!!

The year is 2999. Earth is ruled by the Earth Federation Government. Young people undergo a method of receiving education suitable to their abilities.

Those who are considered particularly adaptive to this special education are assigned to special training under the federal government’s direct control agency “Elliot.” They are a special group of hitmen organized to protect Father Computer, which can be called the brain of the Earth.

The hero George and his friend Billy are members of “Elliot,” two “soldiers” who take it for granted that their only purpose is to risk their lives fighting. However, they are unaware. Their opponent, named “Eligild,” who raises the fires of rebellion, was once in the Earth Federation Government’s mechanism. His think tank was lost and he escaped into space…and the time of battle is approaching…

Expect this pitch to progress rapidly toward an ’83 TV Series!!

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