New Yamato Development Memo 2

This short memo written by Yoshinobu Nishizaki is dated February 15, 2004. It appears to answer questions posed by the writer[s] following the first memo. Among the issues mentioned here is the need to define an overall threat with a deadline attached to it in classic Yamato fashion. Here, the threat is called the “Earth cargo ship,” which is actually an enemy ship headed toward Earth to deliver a fatal “cargo.”

• Because Yamato is used in the experiment of the supernova bomb, there must be a method to get it out into space. Towing it is possible (by Nagato). It could have a momentary tragic feeling as it drifts. Another good point is that other ships are all used as guinea pigs together, so a fleet could easily tow it out. New Yamato is not included.

• I haven’t yet come up with the best way for New Yamato to appear.

• I’d like the key that opens the Earth cargo ship to be a person. Something like the drill missile would be all right, but I’m not struck by the persuasive power of placing the key in another place. If it’s a person, they can go anywhere they like. An anti-matter woman is a Yamato speciality, so that would be sufficient.

Or maybe it was something like a drill missile, but it was destroyed so humans were substituted. It could go that way.

• A key that opens the Earth cargo ship is easy to understand, but on the other hand, why is there such a thing? We have to think of a convincing reason. Also, how does the Yamato side know of the existence of a key made by the enemy? There must be a reason. It would be good if the Yamato side learned about it through an enemy leak.

• When considering recent anime, I think drama between an enemy and an ally becomes an important point. In this case, it’s pretty hard to do if the opponent is made of dark matter. Let’s think about it some more.

Or, the empire is dark matter, but those responsible for the invasion are the same as Earth people. Or the dark matter side brainwashed (can we use that word?) some Earthlings. Then a former friend becomes an enemy, or we can have a [burning] situation where a blood relative becomes an enemy.

• Transformation doesn’t matter. Rather, it might be the sole difference between the Earth people and the enemy, but giving them transformation powers could be convenient. The main point is the apprehension caused by an enemy usually being unseen. However, I don’t think it would be good for the figure to appear gooey after transformation. Even if they are non-human, we should try to come up with a cool design.

• The Earth cargo ship can also be used to impose a time limit. The ship itself is a weapon of destruction. A beam will be fired toward the core of the Earth in one year, and Earth will be destroyed. Or it could be a warp system that carries away the whole Earth. But we must think of a reason for why it happens in one year. The occupation’s purpose is to divide humans up as useful or useless, and that could take about a year.

• The enemy’s stronghold is in the Oort Cloud (tentative) when Yamato takes off to strike there. But when the stronghold seems to be hit, it would be unnatural for the Earth occupation forces to do nothing. The best way to stop Yamato‘s invasion is to threaten to kill the people of Earth.

• What kind of value would Earth people have to the enemy? I think we’ll have a tough time later on if we don’t figure that out.

Special thanks to Neil Nadelman for translation support

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