Animage #57, February 1983

In January ’83, it finally became the year of the Yamato premiere. The editorial department was contacted by Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki. This was because he wanted to have a gathering at the Tokyu Hotel in Akasaka Tokyo on January 18 to announce the last sequence of Yamato (notes and scenes). What happens to Yamato in the end? This must be a fan’s greatest concern. Therefore, this month we report on what was presented at that meeting.



Information that Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki dares to tell the fans about “the last of Yamato” [6]

Orange box:

[1] Only one way to save the Earth.
Yamato is blown up!

Yamato explodes. But I won’t say what happens to make Yamato explode. I’m referring to the illustrated image of the explosion.”

This is what Producer Nishizaki first said when he showed it, the illustration by Geki Katsumata, which appears on the previous page.

So who blows up Yamato in what way? Is it Kodai or Okita? This is the fun of the movie.

Pink box:

[2] Susumu and Yuki become one
in mind and body!

You still have the future. Two people who love each other become one in heart and soul to have children and make each other happy. Is this not also a kind of battle? On that premise spoken by Okita, the ending contains Kodai and Yuki’s love scene. Masaharu Endo, Shinya Takahashi and I are still working on storyboards for this part. Takahashi will do the animation for the ending. That’s our goal.”

Nishizaki indicating illustrations
which cannot be published yet.

That was the second announcement to shock the fans.

Shima steadies Yamato after
an explosion of a solar system
in the galactic core.

Green box:

[3] Daisuke Shima
dies in battle!

Next came a harsh announcement to the fans: “Shima dies.” Lines from the scene are extracted from the script:

Shima: Yuki…I…I liked you…since I was the first one to set eyes on you. Kodai…a man can’t only fight on a battlefield…make Yuki happy. If you ever hurt her…you’ll have me to answer to. Both of you…live your lives for me…right, Jiro?

Yellow box:

[4] New mecha robot horse appears in the battle at enemy fortress Uruk

Now the new centerpiece of the mecha is a robot horse by mecha designer Yutaka Izubuchi. (picture 1). As for the enemy fighters and the city satellite Uruk, the approach was with “a religious-like design.” (Nishizaki) Refer to the picture on the left.

Pink box on right side of page:

[5] The song that plays behind the love scene of Susumu and Yuki is Love Supreme

“Junko Yagamai wrote the lyrics for the music that plays behind the love scene where the two are bound together, the song titled Love Supreme.” (Yoshinobu Nishizaki)

We asked Ms. Yagami about the pattern of production after she finished recording the song.

“When I heard the story in a meeting with Mr. Nishizaki and Hiroshi Miyagawa, there was a good feeling, and I took it on immediately.

Although there weren’t a lot of meetings, it seems that they did extend to the sea(!?)

“First, I watched all of Yamato on video and went to Miyake Island in Mr. Nishizaki’s cruiser. While we talked on the sea, a musical motif emerged, and we wished for great things.”

For some songs, two measures are accumulated, and the finished form is woven together based on that. But since this was her first experience in anime and film music, her ambitious impression was, “I’ve wanted to make a soundtrack for some time, a large-scale song not heard in ordinary movies. Because the picture is wide open and anime has a big scale, it is perfect for me.”

Also, a reporter who heard this asked, “Is it a difficult song to sing?”

“Everyone says all my songs are difficult in karaoke,” she answered, laughing. Then she emphasized, “Because I have a wide vocal range, maybe I use it too freely…”

In addition, the other Yamato insert songs – Love of Two by Tomoko Kuwae, Rainbow to Tomorrow by Tranzam, and Kodai and Yamato by Isao Sasaki – have already finished recording. Taking Mr. Sasaki’s words that “Yamato hit in my 30s. Thinking that this was the end moved me to the point of tears,” you can see how much introspection he put into them, and they are wonderfully perfected.

Blue box on left side of page:

[6] It is one more month until the premiere. The trailer is now playing. (Some excerpts.)

See the trailer on Youtube here.

Interview with Masaharu Endo,
who was in charge of the storyboard with
Takeshi Shirato for the last 40 minutes


His other works included Mountain Mouse Rocky Chuck and directing episodes of Rascal the Raccoon.

I started on storyboards from August of last year, and mainly did acting scenes. For myself, I think the scenes before and after the suicidal explosion of Yamato went well.

In other words, Okita is left behind to scuttle Yamato himself, and the crew disembarks. The only ones who know Okita was left on board are Kodai, Yuki, Sado, and Sanada. I drew them as if they were acting in “grand theater.” It went well, and Mr. Nishizaki approved it in one shot.

I hate Dessler and Kodai’s pretentious dialogue. It’s hard to draw. So, if I was to pull it off, I figured that rather than having it acted out in the usual way, I would have to instead go for a stylized, over-the-top level of drama. Specifically, to create larger-than-life space, I concentrate on composition, expressions, and movement.

In my pursuit of this style of beauty, I took a gamble and left a company (Pan Media) looking to create such representation in fantasy anime, and I believe that I can help to achieve that.

Putting it briefly, anime is non-everyday pictures that are not intended to imitate live-action photography. I think the essence of this anime has a close relationship to my pursuit of non-everyday style and beauty. That’s what makes this work interesting to me. Of course, it will also be impressive on the screen.

Turquoise box:

What we can reveal about the story so far

Centering on Captain Okita, combat group leader Kodai and others, the Yamato crew continues the fierce battle against the Dengil fleet lead by Lugal Jr.

Yamato fires Wave-Motion Cartridges. Kabam! The Hyper-Radiation Missil ship explodes. Lugal II’s face turns pale. “This chaos is intolerable!!”

Aquarius, which plunged the Earth into a flooding crisis, is repeatedly warped toward Earth. Yamato pursues it. When Yamato approaches the surface of Aquarius, the voice of the Queen of Aquarius speaks.

“People must join together to face trials.”

Yamato approaches the enemy stronghold, City Satellite Uruk of Dengil. A fierce battle resumes. During this, Shima takes a bullet in the chest. It takes his life. Shima is killed in battle!

Pink box:

Bonus information

① A scene of a wedding ceremony seems to appear in the sequence where Kodai and Yuki are bound together.

② It has been decided that Keiko Han [Sasha] will be the voice of the Queen of Aquarius!

③ Home videos from Episode 1 of Space Battleship Yamato all the way through The Final Chapter will be produced from the beginning of March. Sales information will be published next issue.

[Translator’s note: in fact, this announcement was premature. The movies began to appear on video in 1983, but it would take several years for all the TV episodes to be released.]

Dr. Sado: “Hmpf! Isn’t my article in here?!”

blue box:

Event News

A Yamato event on the 10,000 ton ship New Utopia has been decided.

• Dates: March 29-31, March 31-April 2, April 2-4. 3 days and 2 nights.
• Main participants: Yoshinobu Nishizaki (captain), Leiji Matsumoto, Isao Sasaki (boarding date TBD). Guests: Tomoko Kuwae, Kei Tomiyama, Yoko Asagami, and other voice actors. Performers: The Chirolyn 5.
The Final Chapter will be shown on the ship.
• Cost: Five levels from 29,800 yen to 45,800 yen. Details from Nippon Express Airlines, Yamato clerk.
• Sponsorship: Nippon Express Airlines
• Support: Toei Co., Ltd.
※ Note that there may be changes in the guest lineup.

Mi-Kun: “Waiting for your application, meow!”

Ad for Nippon Columbia music releases

The End

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Special thanks to Neil Nadelman for translation support.

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