New Yamato Final Character Proposal

This is the final plot for New Space Battleship Yamato as included in the formal series proposal. It combines text that previously appeared in Development Memos 4 and 5.

Earth side

Goh Kamishiro (16 years old)

The hero of the story. Strongly wants to save Earth. Yamato‘s combat group leader, in charge of the main gun batteries. His older brother betrayed Earth, which hurts him deeply. But he hardly shows it on the surface. He can’t believe that his older brother betrayed Earth, but before long his older brother appears before him as an officer of the Balbard empire.

He clashes with Misaki, but gradually comes to like her. However, she also betrays him and runs into the arms of the enemy. Despite the pain of this double betrayal, he fights on passionately.

Misaki D. Helza (17 years old)

Excels over Goh in both physical strength and technology. Rather than a heroine to be protected, she is one who fights. An air traffic controller.

A spy for the Balbard Empire. She does not perform sabotage or destructive activities. Her main work is exclusively intelligence, and she does not directly interfere with the voyage of Yamato.

However, as she gradually learns of the Earth peoples’ gentleness (and the kindness of Goh), her closeness with them conflicts with her position as a spy. She plans her escape from the moment Larue is taken captive. He is almost shot dead, but she helps him and returns to the Balbard Empire with him.

Afterward, she develops transformation ability, and transforms herself to help Goh.

※ Although Yamato‘s crew is basically Japanese, we conversely want a foreign-style heroine.

Masato Mochizuki (16 years old)

A calm, cool type in contrast to Goh. Although he wants to save the Earth, he doesn’t think it’s good to rush in recklessly. Also acts carefully because the Yamato fleet is all they have.

He falls in love with Misaki at first sight, but isn’t the type to speak of such a thing. He expresses it when he thinks Goh has hurt Misaki. He is more hurt by her betrayal than anyone else. Conversely, it increases his hatred for the Balbard Empire.

Mira Shingyouji (22 years old)

Earth Allied Forces officer. As a member of a military family, there was no question that she would join up. She admires Kodai, who once saved Earth. She mistakes this strong sense of admiration for love. As a serious officer, she may clash with Kodai about strategy.

Hikaru Tsuzuki (18 years old)

A type who is clever rather than cool. A member of the Schwarz Tiger corps (New Yamato‘s male fighter squadron). In love with Yura Yokokawa of the engineering section. Although Yura’s feelings lean toward Goh, she eventually returns to him. He dies after they are reunited as lovers.

Mishio Ogawa (16 years old)

A woman of fiery zeal with passion for humanity. She is tough on her subordinates because she doesn’t want to lose them. Captain of the Rouge Lynx Corp (New Yamato‘s female fighter squadron). Although she is a man-hater, she finds that there are some good ones.

[Translator’s note: the terms “Schwarz Tiger” and “Rouge Lynx” are phonetically spelled out in the original text. Of course, they spring from “Black Tiger.”]

Yura Yokokawa (17 years old)

Wears glasses. More of a cute type than beautiful. She is liked by the opposite gender, but disliked by her own. Also can be calculating. Although she is attracted to Goh, this is unrequited so she returns to Tsuzuki.

Utata Kawana (16 years old)

A controller in charge of such things as fighters. A reliable person. She has feelings toward Mochizuki, but doesn’t show it. On bad terms with Yura.

Takuya Moroboshi

Also a controller. A quiet person. Somewhat gloomy, likes the poetry of Chuya Nakahara.

Gohsuke Hotate (15 years old)

A subordinate of Tsuzuki. A perverse-type character in spite of his name. Tends to play Devil’s Advocate and say cold things.

Toru Kageyama (52 years old)

Once had experience under [engineer] Tokugawa on Yamato. Second to no one in the operation of the Wave-Motion Engine. He is always close to the engine. He storms onto the bridge if anyone overdoes it with the engine. Whenever he scolds a subordinate, his wrench comes out before his words.

Sumi Kotaro (34 years old)

An army surgeon. A rough doctor. Good hands, but a foul mouth. The kind of man who operates on small wounds without anesthesia.

Yumi Shirai

A nurse, and a specialist. Some men prefer to come to her rather than Sumi even if medical treatment is more painful.


Robot pet character. Babbles a lot. Property of a refugee, always on the bridge. Toy development is possible.

Archie Worlas (48 years old)

Earth forces brigadier general. Known as Reliable General Worlas. He is the type to read ahead, which is conversely why he may fail. Commander of the Yamato Fleet.

Susumu Kodai

Kodai is now middle-aged. His words are based on his heavy experience over the years. Has the former role of Okita.

Yuki Kodai

Symbol of the Earth resistance. Her purpose is to encourage the wounded soldiers of the resistance.

Miyu Kodai

The daughter of Kodai and Yuki.

※ For now, we’ve mainly focused on members of the bridge crew. It will be necessary to establish a few more people. They may increase or decrease when we make up the CIC. Also, when we agree on the fleet configuration, there should be central figures on each ship.

Balbard Empire side

Sei Kamishiro (20 years old)

Goh’s older brother. He betrayed Earth and fed a lot of information to the Balbard Empire side. Takes the side of the Balbard Empire as a traitor.

He came into contact with the Balbard Empire in a hyperspace communication experiment. As a result, he came to learn of their transcendent scientific power and radical thoughts, and judged it a foregone conclusion that Earth would be annihilated. Therefore, to assert the value of humanity, he proposed that humans could genetically complement the Balbard Empire, which saved Earth.

He purposefully placed Yamato and other vessels off the planet. If it became unavoidable that Earth would be wiped out, he thought that even one remaining ship could bring some hope. He also purposefully did not inform the Empire side about New Yamato.

Although he fights against the Yamato fleet on the Balbard Empire side, he thinks that if the Yamato fleet cannot defeat him, there is no hope for Earth.

In the area of the last battle, he goes on a mission as the captain of the Balbard Empire’s Yamato. He and New Yamato strike each other, but do not die.

Baharuk Gau

General of the operation to conquer Earth. Member of the experiment group. Plans for the genetic remodeling of Earth people. However, he is ruthless by nature and can switch to the extermination group at any time.

To him, Earthlings are nothing more than guinea pigs, and he has no sympathy for them at all.

Zanza Gaara

Deputy commander of the operation to conquer Earth. Member of the extermination group. Does not believe Earth people are worth even one sentence. Critical of Baharuk’s methods when they appear lukewarm.

Lala Mar

Baharuk’s wife. She loves her husband and has little sympathy for Earthlings.

Zara Vunken

Three-Minute Zara. A woman who can sink any ship in three minutes. Turns over an hourglass before entering a fight. Naturally, Yamato is the first ship that makes her turn the hourglass again.

Gulaga Bam

Gulaga of burning. A ruthless enemy who crushes friend and foe alike. Victory is everything to him. To that end, he is willing to use unfair methods. (Note: Not all generals on the Balbard Empire side will have names such as XX of OO.)

Daudaroa Vastok

A calm captain. Takes action after carefully considering all hands. Just when the operation seems on the verge of success while under Baharuk’s direct control, the general of the Gaara faction takes over and ends up failing.


Fighter pilot who becomes a captive of Yamato. A pure-blooded Balbard Empire citizen. Considers Earth people no better than worms. But his belief changes after interacting with the youths of Yamato.

He meets Misaki on Yamato and escapes with her to appear before Yamato again. Although he doesn’t really have the heart to fight, he follows commands as a military man.

The End

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