Space Battleship Yamato toys and models, 1978

For contextual purposes, only the Yamato products released during the tenure of Farewell and Yamato 2 are shown here. But of course there are many, many more. See them all collected into one place here.

1/500 Bandai Cosmic Model

1980 Be Forever edition

1/700 Bandai Mechanic Model

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1980 Be Forever edition

Star Blazers edition

1980 and 1983 editions without internal parts

2009 edition (released with Yamato Resurrection)

1/1000 Bandai Display Model

Bandai Mecha Collection model

1/1200 Nomura model kit

1/850 Nomura diecast toy

1/1300 Nomura diecast toy

1998 reproduction by Mimuko/Toycom

Nomura diecast miniature

Amada gum rubber miniatures

Bonus: 1/500 garage kit by Dorakudo

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