Andromeda toys and models

After Yamato, the Andromeda has been rendered more than any ship in the saga. Over 30 different versions are shown here, all of which predate Yamato 2202.

See a comprehensive overview of the entire history of Andromeda (including the 2202 years) here.

Bandai model kits, 1978

1/700 Bandai model

2009 edition (released with Yamato Resurrection)

Mecha Collection model, Bandai

Nomura products, 1978

1/1000 model kit

1/1200 model kit

Both Nomura model kits side by side

Diecast miniature

Garage kits

1/350 wood and metal kit, Imai

1/500 garage kit, Dorakudo (see more photos here and here)

1/1000 garage kit, Kitty Hawk

1/1000 garage kit, Yoiko Q

1/1000 garage kit, Aoshima

Garage kit by Wave (scale unknown)

Garage kit by Oersted (scale unknown)

Garage kit by Okayama Modelers (scale unknown)

Andromeda II garage kit by Kitty Hawk (scale unknown)

Toys and other products

Polystone miniature, Mimuko

Silver version

DX version

18” Metal statue by Marmit

1/625 Soul of Chogokin toy, Bandai

Space Collection miniature, Popy

Mechanical Collection miniature, Plex

Bandai DG (digital grade) miniatures

Miniatures by Lawson, Amada, Nubel, and 711

Lightup Mechanic Model, Banpresto

Watership, Banpresto

Keychain, Banpresto

Ballpoint pen, Banpresto

Lightup keychain, Banpresto

Cosmo Fleet miniature, Megahouse

Knockoff keychain, maker unknown

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