5 thoughts on “Andromeda Garage Kit by Dorakudo

  1. Hi, and my compliments!!! this Andromeda is wonderful… i have the bandai kit 1/700, and i would like to paint like this, can you tell me wich colors have you used?

    thanks in advance


    • This kit was made in Japan, and we have no contact with the builder. When the new 2202 version of Andromeda is released (in March) there will probably be custom paints made for it.

    • Garage kits are very hard to come by at the best of times because of their very nature. The only place I’ve ever seen this Andromeda one is at a Mandarake in Akihabara several years ago – and it had a very hefty price tag on it (60,000 yen or roughly 600 USD).

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