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  1. Just finished reading Star Blazers Rebirth. It was amazing. The artwork is beautiful but it was the story itself that really captured my imagination. I loved the fact Nova was a Captian and Derek had given up his career. It really yanked at my heart that Nova was supposed to be dead. Bringing together the present and the past as well as an alternate universe that brought in Yuki and Kodai was brilliant. I have been a Star Blazers fan for more years then I care to admit and I am delighted to know there are other people who are just as passionate about those characters as I am . I have just recently started writing fan fiction which is a little unnerving given the quality of stories like this. Anyway just wanted to say I loved your comic. You are amazingly talented . Thanks for sharing that talent.

  2. Holy… this was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read in the web.

    I’m sorry, it’s hard to write when you can’t see the screen properly. Onion ninjas seem to be cutting especially mightily right now.

    Thank you. As someone who grew up with the original Starblazers, this was an awesome ride.

  3. As someone who grew up on Star Blazers, and still gets goose bumps when I hear the theme song, I loved this. Great artwork and the story fits right into the Star Blazers universe. Very well done!

    Now, go do more!

  4. Wow…..i actually teared up at reading this, all of it, im only 23 and just got into starblazers, but i fell in love with the series, and just…wow, im at a loss for words, other than….this was amazing.

  5. What an amazing story. It perfectly captured the spirit (literally) and feeling at the heart of the series. Well done. Bravo. 🙂

    • It wasn’t completely destroyed. It was in the process of being torn apart when the rescue arrived. It was traveling so fast that almost no time passed for the A2 crew due to relativity and space/time dilation.

  6. Oh my god. I started reading this and just couldn’t stop. You, sir, are an unparalleled storyteller. I’m going to read this again to my children starting tomorrow night. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you poured into this.

  7. This was… a thing. A good friend of mine told me about this webcomic a while back, after watching SBY Resurrection, specifically the earlier parts in which Wildstar was having hallucinations of all those who died on the Argo. After finally finding it, I started reading, and did not stop until it was done. Put simply this was brilliant. I enjoyed it very much, even if it did leave me emotionally drained by the end. You had me hooked every second, and goddamn it, I even teared up at parts. At this point I’m just rambling so I’ll wrap it up; This was good. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much. It’s already been ten years since this project was finished, but I’m glad to know it’s still out there making friends.

  8. My brother Doug, and I…were two more of those millions of nameless kids, who ran home from school every day, to catch an episode of Star Blazers, on our local affiliate station. As it’s tale was told, in “serial” form… we became enthralled by that story… First of a Starforce created to take on the might of Gamilon…and save the earth, with Starsha’s gift….and then the same group defying the authorities of Earth, to give Prince Zordar and company a dose of humility, and the bitter taste of defeat. This was not merely the purely black and white tale, of good vs. evil… It was far more complex than that. Tim Eldred, your story is far more complex than that, also. So MANY amazingly good plot elements and twists, that it kept the story from being at all predictable. Art was every bit as good, as the Comico comic, my hat is off to you there, as well. I agree with certain reviewers, before me. This plot, and the way that you wrote it, keeping the reader off balance… with unpredictability, and complexity? Yoshinobu Nishizaki would be rightly proud of your effort. This story holds to the standard of excellence, first established by that gentleman, and Mr. Leiji Matsumoto as well. You have done a successful job of carrying on the Argo’s (and while you were at it, Yamato’s!!) amazing legacy. Take a bow.

  9. the star force
    for those of us who grew up on star blazers in the 80’s we all know that no one paid a higher price during the five years of interstellar war against the alien gamilon empire then those who served on the yamato in the defense of earth, humanity and mankind .

    Strength. Passion. Love. Brotherhood. Teamwork . Unity. Commitment. Dedication. Determination. Respect. Compassion, … Loyalty, Duty, Selflessness ,Sacrifice, YAMATO
    you had to of grown up a child of the very early 1980’s to be able to understand That space battleship yamato /starblazers was a war story and for anyone who grew up a life long fan they knew all too well what it took to fill the shoes of those who lived fought and died in the defense of humanity and our world.

    ask anyone in the know and they will tell you the same exact thing as i do now.
    in their way these people were autobots in every proper sense of the word people and what we should all strive to be as people today imho

    yamato is an amazing tribute to the indomitability of the human spirit in the face of a a hostile & unforgiving universe, stated with bravery & determination & heroic fighting spirit,. one that held together as much by the collective will of what remains of her surviving crew as by the rivets & welds of her tired hull, pure audacity given form her crew getting by on sheer grit , tenacity and fighting spirit making the impossible possible through sheer force of will and unrelenting heroism

    the yamato is more then bolts and bulkheads, she is a living thing , strengthened by everyone who served and died while serving alongside her in battle n the defense of planet earth and the human race . she is not just another ship , shes the mirror of our eternal soul

  10. I read this some years ago when binging hard on Yamato when I first got into and I loved it, and I re-read it all tonight because I finally watched the remake series 2199 and it seriously gave me similar vibes and ideas: ghosts of loved ones walking the ship, the Yamato being the embodiment of all the people who give their lives on it as spirits…. plus its just interesting to see and compare the multiversal differences now 😛 (2199 even gave Domel a love interest, so another funny parallel…). As far as I’m concerned, this is Star Blazers canon, with Resurrection being the og Yamato canon, and we’ll just have to see how 2199 handles things if it ever goes that far (it changes up quite a lot of stuff!).

  11. This is a beautifully crafted story. You had me caught in the story every step of the way, and even thought I never grew up with the Star Blazers I can feel the cherished childhood feelings that were poured into this.

    Thank you,
    From a Newer Fan

    P.S. The waterworks started flowing when I saw Sandor crying.

  12. Okay I’m a little lost on the Yamato showing up
    Was that Avatar or Okita screaming Yamato Hasshin!! Love the story but that was the one part I got a little lost when Derek mentioned the Yamato.

    • Thanks for caring about it enough to comment. Prior the name change in Star Blazers, the original ship was Yamato. They say so in the show. So the spirit ship carries that name. To me that made more sense than having two Argos. (And I really, really wanted to get “Yamato Hasshin” into the climax.)

  13. Y’know, I usually tend to dislike fanservice and “power of love” things… but damn, you did it right ! Not only was it pure awesome (the WMG fleet taking out the big capital ships was sooo cool), but it also made sense and didn’t feel like fanservice for the sake of it. On top of that, it’s magnificiently drawn for a webcomic ! So yeah, kudos ! I’d even go as far as saying it looked like what an official Star Blazers comic would look like, just without the pointless fillers and tie-ins any big editor would probably put to make more money.

  14. I come back every couple years to reread this and the last few chapters always make me bawl like a baby from the nostalgia. Really fantastic job spinning the American and Japanese narratives together. As someone who grew up watching Star Blazers *and* Space Battleship Yamato, I can really feel the love that went into this work!

  15. I’ve just finished my third read through of this fantastic online graphic novel, and I can’t help but ask (hopefully): will there be a sequel?

    • Thank you for wanting one! I had only two Star Blazers stories in me; Rebirth and The Bolar Wars Extended. In my view, there is no need for a followup to either one. I’m now devoting my creative energies to original works, which you can find at timeldred.com!

      • I definitely see your point. There were a lot of threads from the original series in the webcomic (some I didn’t even know about), including enemies and forces that were pretty unique, and you closed them out quick skillfully.

        I suppose if you want to continue the story you’ll need to come up with a new enemy for them to fight… 😉

        And thanks for the link! I’ll definitely check out your original works.

  16. Thank you so much for creating this! When I’m bored at school I read this comic. It also gave me an understanding of what the Yamato/Argo is, and this only gave me more reason to love the Yamato.

  17. So it’s now 15 years since you published this, and I’ve just found it. Thank you so much for this, I love the entirety of Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers, and I’m also loving what’s been done since I knew it as a kid in the ‘70’s. Also, thanks for this web page, and for all the information about the series in it. I’m learning so much! I hope you’ll keep doing more!

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