4 thoughts on “The Bolar Wars Extended Chapter 12, part 1

  1. Wow,

    Another great episode! I have figured you have been more busy with your professional life, not to mention the amazing amount of Star Blazers being created between the live action and the 2199 movies.

    Still neither one has kept me from looking forward for you to continue what I believe to be your best homage to Star Blazers, and that is to complete a story which was conceived decades ago. As usual your love of Star Blazers shines again. Looking forward to the final conclusion of the story.

    And Grease Monkey 3…..


    • Thanks very much! Grease Monkey 3 will come along someday. I’m developing another project first. And I’ll make sure everyone who reads the website will know about it.

  2. Whoa, this is really tense! I hope the Arizona and the other EDF ships are still intact or else we would have another ‘Argo/Yamato is the last ship standing.’ Seriously, the Arizona is just too cool to die….. Please, don’t let her end up like her WW2 ancestor…

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