8 thoughts on “The Bolar Wars Extended, Chapter 10

  1. I think we have all thought of Bridge-3 as the “Death Trap”. I do not know what has been destroyed more, the front two gun turrets or Bridge-3! Great series and thanks for making it.

  2. I like where this is going… and i love using for a chance the other battleships

    i just hope to see them used better than the series where they only where there to be destroyed and Yamato miraclously escape to keep doing a one ship war

  3. Appreciate your continued work on this and glad to see it has not been abandoned. Having just completed watching Yamato 2199 and Resurrection 2 years ago, I’ve noticed some similarities showing up over in Japan that seem like you may have an admirer from Enagio & Xebec Studios given your Rebirth take and Bolar’s extended comics. Granted allowing for directed similarities resulting from working with some script outlines, but inclusions of Dommel’s wife as more than a minor reference in 2199 and such make me wonder. Regardless, it’s nice to see work like this and I hope your time allows its continuance.

  4. Thanks very much! I think most if not all of the similarities are coincidental, owing to the same source material, but it’s quite gratifying to learn that we have similar priorities on both sides of the ocean. The work is definitely continuing; as of March 1 the first half of chapter 11 is graduating from pencil to ink stage. Time is tighter now than it was at the beginning, but nobody wants to see the end of this story more than I do.

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