5 thoughts on “The Bolar Wars Extended Chapter 11, part 2

  1. So, was it just me, or did anyone else completely forget about Bemlayze?
    Excellent work, as always, Tim. Loved every second of it.

  2. Very nicely done, Tim. I suspect Von Feral (and Homer with him) escaped. I assume that was his voice bubble telling the other subs not to dive? It wasn’t clear from the panel or text, but as the dimensional sub captain with the most experience, it seems likely he’d understand best the dangers of trying to open a subspace rift near a black hole – even a temporary one.

    Man, what a time go go into labor. Poor Tomoko.

    Why would the Tigers have trouble maintaining orbit? That’s possibly a poor choice of words. It’s not the orbit or falling into Jupiter that would be the problem. It’s changing their “Delta-V” to what I assume is a higher orbit. It would – I think – take more energy/thrust to change from their lower altitude to reach where the Argo is at the higher apogee. Then again, if they’re just trying to “brute force” their way from one point to another and not actually changing orbital velocity enough to match their altitude, then it might be a problem. Then again, this is space opera, not hard sci-fi. 🙂

    And yeah – been so long since the Bolars have been a factor… whoops! Surprise!

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