One thought on “The Bolar Wars Extended, Chapter 8 Part 1

  1. I really like the “unified field concept” that linked all the Humanoid species to a common ancestor. Certainly star trek did it with an ancient race that seeded the Klingons, Vulcans and Terrans .– and it works equally well here. I recall one of the comic writers actually hit on the genius idea of all living planets having their own goddess ( which nicely explained why they kept popping up in all 3 series )
    One could even guess maybe had Yamato continued a planet would have finally gotten a male one.
    Tim does a fine job playing with the visuals and iconography here and the concepts of superscience and religion — it occurs to me why the ” Goddess ” works so well in Yamato and Star Blazers — and by its female focus avoiding a heavy handed space Jesus trope while at the same time one could postulate Earths own protector goddess might be a male savior to some or a mother mary to others or an ancient Gaea symbol or a venus of willendorf to yet other tribes of ancient Humans.

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