Chapter 7 Theater Goods

Free handout pack: Yuki Mori postcard and metallic sticker. At right: complete sticker set

Bandai foldout flyer, outside

Bandai foldout flyer, inside

Premium Poster Book and bag

3D lenticular poster, 4-poster set

Clear posters (printed on plastic sheets)

Clear file: complete series montage

Clear file

Clear file

Clear file

Clear files with art by Naoyuki Katoh

Program book storage case

Mini note binder (front and back shown)

48″ x 24″ Towel

24″ x 48″ Towel, 28″ x 36″ blanket



Crew jersey, crew cap, captain’s hat

Captain’s coat, gloves, and scarf

Crew gloves

Cel phone holster

UNCF lapel pins

Yamato Girls mug, biscuit set

Tissue boxes (2 types)

Postcard set

Strap mascots

Sticker set, hand fan, keychain

Coasters, tumbler, cooler

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