Series 1 Earth mecha models, Gallery 1

Yamato M-21991

For contextual purposes, only the Yamato models released during the tenure of Series 1 are shown here. But of course there are many, many more. See them all collected into one place here.

“Zenmai” (windup motor) model kit by Bandai, 1974

See a video clip of the kit in action here.

“Gold” model kit by Bandai

“Deform Display Model” by Bandai, 1977 (left) and 1978 (right)

Okita’s Battleship M-21741

Model kit with mini Cosmo Zero, Bandai Mecha Collection

1/700 garage kit, Model Factory

Vinyl garage kit, Time House

Garage kit, AMP

1/1000 garage kit, Bloodsucker

“Flagship” model kit, Finemolds

Space Collection miniature, Popy

Mechanical Collection miniature, Plex

Cosmo Fleet miniature, Megahouse

Yukikaze M-21881

Model kit with mini Black Tiger, Bandai Mecha Collection

1/250 garage kit, Wave (second edition at right included Black Tiger)

1/350 resin kit, B-Club

“Missile Ship” model kit, Finemolds

1/1000 garage kit, Bloodsucker (with Gamilas patrol craft)

Garage kit by K2M

1/700 garage kit, unknown maker

42cm garage kit, unknown maker

Mechanical Collection miniature set, Plex

Cosmo Fleet miniature, Megahouse

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