Farewell and Yamato 2 books

B1-08 Farewell movie program

B3-17 1979 double feature movie program

B3-01 Farewell blueprint set

B3-21 1978 SBY paper model set

B3-03 Farewell card collection book

B3-11 Farewell card collection book

B3-27 Farewell card collection book 2

B3-22 Farewell childrens’ book 1

B3-29 Farewell childrens’ book 2

B3-05 Farewell hardcover childrens’ book vol 3

B8-24 Farewell roman album first edition

B8-25 Farewell roman album

B3-20 Farewell roman album

B8-13 Farewell roman album

B3-42 Farewell roman album (no dustjacket)

B2-30 Farewell anime comics vol 1
B2-29 Farewell anime comics vol 2

B3-14 Farewell cel collection

B3-15 Farewell cel collection 2

B2-17 Farewell keibunsha encyclopedia

B10-12 Farewell Roadshow special vol 1

B10-13 Farewell Roadshow special vol 2

B3-23 Farewell roadshow special 1

B3-24 Farewell roadshow special 2

B9-03 Farewell roadshow special vol 2

B8-20 Farewell Terebi magazine special
B8-21 Farewell Terebi magazine special

B10-4 Farewell PS1 art book

B4-06 Farewell PS1 game complete guide

B4-07 Farewell PS1 game guidebook

B1-23 Farewell PS1 art book

B3-19 Farewell manga deluxe edition (Matsumoto)

B2-43 Farewell manga vol 1 (Akira Hio)

B2-46 Farewell manga vol 2 (Akira Hio)

B2-45 Farewell manga vol 3 (Akira Hio)

B2-36 Farewell manga wide (Akira Hio)

B2-07 Farewell manga vol 1 (Akira Hio)

B2-06 Farewell manga vol 2 (Akira Hio)

B2-42 Farewell manga vol 3 (Akira Hio)

B7-11 Farewell novelization vol 1
B7-12 Farewell novelization vol 2

B2-02 Farewell cobalt novelization

B3-07 Yamato 2 roman album

B9-05 Yamato 2 Terebi kun special vol 1

B3-13 Yamato 2 childrens’ book 1

B3-12 Yamato 2 childrens’ book 2

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