Space Battleship Yamato general books

B1-10 SBY Big collection

B1-17 SBY confidential file

B1-22 SBY keibunsha encyclopedia box set

B1-13 Space Fanzine Yamato + cutaway poster

B1-31 SBY modeling guide

B4-10 Yamato Dictionary (magazine insert booklet)

B4-14 SBY perfect memoir

B4-15 SBY big encyclopedia

B7-10 Yamato fan club magazines 1-83 (final issue)
missing the following: 2-10,12-22, 30, 39, 42, 51, 61, 68

B14-31 SBY Entertainment Bible 1
B14-30 SBY Entertainment Bible 2

B4-05 SBY Chronicle

B10-2 SBY Chronicle

B1-20 SBY Perfect Manual 1

B1-21 SBY Perfect Manual 2

B3-47 SBY The Anime special

B10-14 SBY The Anime special

B4-12 The Time and Ideology of SBY (textbook)

B4-09 SBY Anatomic Table (textbook)

B4-03 SBY Legend (textbook)

B10-3 SBY Legend (textbook)

B1-30 Yamato Resurrection movie program

B3-43 SBY logbook doujinshi (radio dramas)

B3-46 Yamato 2199 doujinshi

B3-44 Yamato 2201 doujinshi

B3-45 Yamato reunion doujinshi

B1-36 Yamato reactivate doujinshi

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