Anime and Tokusatsu music

                    C1-77 Dragonar OST 1

                    C1-78 Dragonar OST 2

                    C1-54 Saint Seiya MAKEUP

                    C1-56 Saint Seiya II

C1-80 Macross vol 2

C1-73 Macross Jam Trip

C1-76 Miss DJ Macross Vol III

C1-81 Mobile Suit Gundam
Concert Special Live

C1-82 Mobile Suit Gundam
Char’s Counterattack OST

C1-84 Mobile Suit Gundam
0080 sound sketch II

C1-108 Porco Rosso box set (OST, pocket watch)

C1-58 My Neighbor Totoro OST

C1-67 Crusher Joe OST

C1-74 Kimagure Orange Road
Singing Heart

C1-75 Cosmo Police Justy OST

C1-51 KISHIN The Symphony [soundtrack to Kishin Heidan]

C1-53 Record of Lodoss War III OST

C1-55 Space-time traveler

C1-79 Wings of Honneamise OST

C1-61 Devastator
Act II The collision “contact”
acoustic drama CD “Same Afternoon” (bonus with LD)

                    C1-59 Tokyo Movie anthology [4]1983~1991

                    C1-63 Animage Memorial collection

C1-64 Eternal 5-Colored songs
(Sentai TV themes)

C1-52 Super Hero legend

C1-60 Recreation of anime and tokusatsu singles

C1-50 Definitive edition! Sentai and Metal Hero best collection

V2-03 Juspion 45rpm single

C1-49 Millennium Godzilla Best

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