Japanese books and manga

B4-17 Takara SF land big compendium

B6-01 Mobile Suit Gundam models memorial

B6-03 Dragonar newspaper

B6-11 Wings of Honneamise this is animation special

B6-12 Armored Trooper Votoms roman album

B6-19 Project Ako 2 anime best collection

B6-22 L-Gaim rapport deluxe special

B6-31 Dirty Pair storybook

B8-03 Laputa cel replica set

B8-05 Chinese manga newspaper

B8-10 Kiki’s Delivery Service guidebook

B8-14 Mazinger graphic novel (English)

B6-28 Star Front Gall Force Model Graphix special

B6-29 Dancougar Gakken mook animedia special

B9-11 Iczer-One mediamix special

B9-17 Phoenix 2772 movie program

B14-80 Legend of Galactic Heroes
roman album

B14-81 Odin Animedia special

B14-83 Robot Carnival art book

B9-41 Guide of Fantastic Beauties

B6-13 SPT Layzner roman album

B6-30 SPT Layzner Gakken mook animedia special

B6-25 MS Gundam F-91 book

B6-17 MS Gundam movie roman album

B6-18 MS Gundam TV series roman album

B9-10 Zeta Gundam New Type 100% collection
character edition

B6-27 Macross Graffiti best hit series

B6-05 Macross papercraft

B6-06 Haruhiko Mikimoto illustrations

B6-08 Macross this is animation special 3

B6-09 Macross this is animation special 5

B6-10 Macross this is animation special 7

B6-15 Macross movie this is animation 11

B6-21 Macross VF-X Playstation game art book

B9-19 Clash of the Bionoids promo pack

B9-20 Macross movie program

B9-21 Macross movie program

B9-22 Rocky Joe (Tomorrow’s Joe) promo pack

B9-18 Nausicaa movie program

B6-14 Nausicaa roman album

B9-15 Streamline Pictures/Orion home video catalog

B9-23 Streamline pictures / Orion video promo pack

B4-16 The world of Space Sherrif Gavan/Shariban/Shaider

B9-42 Speruban children’s book

B9-43 Megaranger children’s book

B14-85 Manga! Manga!
The world of Japanese Comics

B2-37 What’s Michael manga vol 1

B2-39 What’s Michael manga vol 2

B2-40 What’s Michael manga vol 3

B2-41 What’s Michael manga vol 4

B9-01 Nausicaa manga vol 1

B9-37 Reds in Blue manga

B9-38 Metallic Simba manga

B9-40 Lensman manga (large format) vol 1 & 2 set

B9-44a Guyver manga 1
B9-44b Guyver manga 2

B9-44c Guyver manga 3
B9-44d Guyver manga 4

B9-34 Mega-cop manga

A1-54 Wicked City poster

B6-23 Mobile Suit Gundam pencil board

B6-24 Macross poster

2 thoughts on “Japanese books and manga

  1. Hi Tim, I hope all is well (especially during these crazy times!)

    I’m emailing as I am trying to track down a large Original Wicked City Poster. I’ve seen the image on your site showing this very poster (A1-54 Wicked City poster) – https://ourstarblazers.com/vault/ehmm15/

    I’m hoping that this is something you own or know of its whereabouts and if it is possible to purchase.

    I would be eternally grateful!

    Look forward to your reply
    Many thanks
    Steve W

    • You have stumbled across a page I’d hoped to publish years ago, but cannot. It’s a database of the late Edward Hawkins’ collection. The intent was to sell it for the benefit of his widow, but in the end she did not give her permission to go live. Alas. I have no idea where else you would find such a poster.

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