Anime video

V1-01 Patlabor WXIII DVD

V1-34 Princess Mononoke DVD

V1-41 Golgo 13 DVD

V4-03 Zoids VHS

V4-05 Robot Carnival VHS

V4-06 Cosmo Police Justy VHS

V4-09 Lensman TV episode 3 VHS

V4-14 Megazone 23 VHS

V1-51 Borgman DVD

V2-16 The Guyver laserdiscs (set of 3)

V2-18 Gal Force 3 Laserdisk

V2-20 The Little Mermaid (Toei) Laserdisk

V2-21 Venus Wars Laserdisk

V2-22 Tenchi Muyo! Laserdisk

V2-23 Akira Laserdisk

V2-24 Project A-ko Laserdisk

V2-25 Appleseed Laserdisk

V2-26 Moldiver Laserdisks (set of 6)

V2-28 Patlabor Laserdisks (set of 2)

V2-29 Vifam OAV laserdiscs (set of 4)

V2-06 Animentary Decision vol 7 Laserdisk

V4-07 SD Gundam VHS

V1-35 Gundam 0080 vol 1 DVD

V1-38 Macross Flashback 2012 DVD

V1-39 Macross do you remember love DVD

V1-02 Macross DVD box set

V1-11 Macross Zero DVD 1, V1-12 Macross Zero DVD 2

V1-13 Macross Zero DVD 3, V1-14 Macross Zero DVD 4

V4-10 Megazone 23 Part II VHS (English audio)

V4-11 Megazone 23 Part II VHS (Japanese audio)

V1-36 Project Yukikaze DVD 1, V1-37 Project Yukikaze DVD 2 (region 2)

V4-15 Area 88 Act I VHS

V4-12 Area 88 Act II VHS

V4-16 Area 88 Act III VHS

V2-27 Area 88 Laserdisks (set of 2)

V1-40 Wings of Honneamise DVD

V4-17 Wings of Honneamise VHS

V4-18 Wings of Honneamise document file VHS

V4-01 Dominion act I VHS
V4-02 Dominion act II VHS

V2-30 Light Year VHS

V4-04 Transformers the movie VHS

V4-08 Iron Giant VHS with figure

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  1. Is this an auction? I know this was posted years ago but if it’s an auction I’d love to know if some of these items are available.

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