Naval history items


B5-12, B5 13 IJN battleship Yamato PC CD-rom

A1-55 IJN Yamato poster

T18-03 IJN Yamato mini-model

T18-15 IJN Yamato bath toy


B10-6 Yamato type battleship
[all power special feature] Approaching the real image of the huge battleships Yamato, Musashi!!

B10-16 Yamato type battleship 2
the true facts of a super dreadnought
revived by new documents

B10-17 Maru extra
military and travel history #32
the air corps that did not return

B5-09 A glorious way to die

B5-15 A glorious way to die

B5-16 Battleship Musashi

B5-17 Ah, Battleship Yamato (manga)

B5-18 Requiem for Battleship Yamato

B5-19 All about Battleship Yamato

B5-20 From Titanic to Battleship Yamato

B5-24 Random Japanese warship details

B5-25 super illustration Battleship Yamato

B5-26 Battleship Yamato 3DCG

B5-27 Sea Classics vol 11 No 2

B5-28 Warship #41

B5-33 Japan Echo Vol 4, No. 1 1979

B5-35 Warship profile #30

B5-10 Discovery of the Battleship Yamato
Chasing the wake of tragedy

B5-32 History group #19 (June 1995)
Yamato Sorties, April 6 1945

B5-21 Battleship Yamato, vol 1: people and the big guns

B5-11 Battleship Yamato, vol 2: fate of the big guns

B5-14 Tradition: Battleship Yamato / part 1

B5-22 Battleship Yamato
undersea exploration complete record

B5-23 The case of the Battleship Musashi

B5-29 Maru Special #115, Sept 1986
Japanese naval vessels series
Battleship Yamato type

B5-30 Maru Special #52, June 1981
Japanese naval vessels series
Battleships Yamato & Musashi

B5-34 The Grand Fleet

B5-37 The Grand Fleet (movie program book)

B5-36 Model art ship models special no. 2
heavy cruisers Takao, Atago, Toriumi, Maya

B14-88 The last of Battleship Yamato 1, B14-89 The last of Battleship Yamato 3

B14-90 The last of Battleship Yamato 2, B14-91 The last of Battleship Yamato 4

B5-31 Battleship Missouri welcome booklet


C1-83 Sengoku self-defense forces OST

V2-08 The Grand Fleet Toho movie OST


V1-05 Battleship Yamato
sleeping in the deep sea
all the glory and tradition

V1-06 Documentary, Battleship Musashi

V1-30 Battleship Yamato
Super dreadnought masterpiece “phantom” of tragedy!

V1-28 The Grand Fleet DVD

V1-29 The Grand Fleet and
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto DVD

V1-42 Hawaii Malay sea battle

V2-09 The Grand Fleet LD

V2-12 The Grand Fleet and Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto LD

V1-32 Sengoku self-defense force 1549 DVD

V1-33 Sengoku self-defense forces DVD

V1-43 Sea of Japan large naval battle

V1-44 Storm of the Pacific

V1-48 Oh, the Zero Fighter

V2-07 NHK special feature masterpieces, 100 selections
search for the Battleship Yamato: chasing the wake of tragedy LD

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