SF & Star Trek publications

B8-06 Black Hole poster book

B8-08 Guardian 8 (fanzine)

B9-04 Light Year movie program

B9-08 Babylon 5 / Jerry Doyle autographed picture

B9-14 Superman II movie program

B9-16 Transformers movie program

B9-24 Tron poster

B9-32 Ulysses graphic novel

B9-33 Doctor Who technical manual

A4-05 2001 movie program

Starlog: One box of issues
(various from #3 to #203)

Animag vol 1 (issues 1-5)

Animag vol 2 (issues 1 and 3)

B14-14 Animag #10

B9-07 Spin magazine (year unknown)

Star Trek items

B9-09 Star Trek Kobayashi Maru general plans

B9-31 Entertainment weekly magazine

B9-12 Star Trek TOS size comparison chart

B9-13 Star Trek TMP movie program

C1-111 Star Trek Transformations
audio drama CD

T12-04 Star Trek TOS trading cards

T12-34 Star Trek TMP trading cards

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