CosmoDNA Forum Rules

Welcome to the Discussion Forums! We’ve set up the forums to allow people to discuss anything and everything about Star Blazers and Space Battleship Yamato. We ask that you follow these few simple rules to make the forums a pleasant experience for everyone.

  1. READ THE F.A.Q. before posting a question!
  2. The FAQ will be growing over time; it’s what is known as a “living document”. It doesn’t take too long, so please look for your question there first; it may already be answered. If not, and you’re not sure where to ask it, then post it to the Ask Analyzer forum; Analyzer or one of the other friendly site moderators, or any number of posters will be able to direct you to the appropriate area, or may be able to direct you to the part of the site that already provides detail of what you want to know.

  3. Treat others with respect
  4. Derogatory remarks, bullying, disparaging remarks, obscene language, and flame wars will not be tolerated. First instance will result in a warning. Second instance will be reviewed by the moderators combined and a penalty of a one-week to two-week ban will be imposed. A third time will result in a permanent ban. We’re here to have fun, foster constructive discussion, and grow the community of Yamato/Star Blazers fans, so please keep the atmosphere positive. If you have to criticise, do so politely, and have reasons and evidence to back up why you’re criticising that rather than “that sucks” or just stating you don’t agree with it.

  5. Limit spoiler content to the Story Discussion forum
  6. This is important as people should be able to post about things without being spoiled on episodes/series they have yet to see.

  7. Do not discuss fansubs/illegal downloads!
  8. Don’t ask anyone where they can download fansubs of episodes, mp3s of soundtracks, or anything. We will not tell you. Please do not disclose any locations where you can get fansubs or mp3 rips of anything in these forums. We do not endorse these activities and will not tolerate people encouraging them. There are plenty of legitimate avenues to get these items.

  9. A thing for everything, and everything in its place
  10. Please start threads in the appropriate area. Keep the story discussion threads in the story discussion area, the merchandise news in the merchandise news area, and so forth.

  11. Grammar and spelling
  12. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling as best you can. It will help other people in reading your posts and fostering discussion, or answering your questions.

  13. Have FUN! Participate!
  14. How good these forums are depends on you! Get in there, make yourself known, just follow the above rules and you’ll be fine! Welcome aboard!

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