Space Battleship Yamato Products


TB26 Space Battleship Yamato
manga vol. 1

TB16 Space Battleship Yamato
movie program (1977)

TM13 Farewell to Yamato
memorial doujinshi

TB27 Be Forever Yamato
anime comics (set of 2)

TB24 Yamato III roman album

TB18 This is Animation Yamato special


TM06 Animage issue 2, August 1978

TM21 Yamato fan club guidebook
first edition

TM18 Yamato fan club magazines 1-7

TM19 Yamato fan club
magazines 1, 3, 4

TM20 Yamato fan club
magazines 29-53, 55-58, 60-63


TR07 Farewell to Yamato drama LP

TR11 New Voyage music collection LP

TR08 New Voyage drama LP

TC01 Yamato at Budokan live (CD copy) set of 2

TR03 Be Forever Yamato
music collection part 1 LP

TR04 Be Forever Yamato
music collection part 2 LP

TC02 Yamato Rhapsody albums
(CD copies) set of 3

TR06 Final Yamato
music collection part 1 LP

TR10 Space Battleship Yamato movie drama LP

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