Japanese books and magazines

Anime books (and related topics)

TB55 Nausicaa storybooks (English)
set of 2

TB56 Laputa storybook (English)

TB57 Kiki’s Delivery Service storybook (English)

TB58 My Neighbor Totoro storybook (English)

TB61 Spirited Away storybook
(French edition)

TB33 The art of Howl’s Moving Castle (French edition)

TB06 Blackjack mook

TB45 Toho Special Effects Total Attack

TB43 Robot Operation
hardcover book with DVD

TB46 Valkyries by Hidetaka Tenjin
(vol. 1)

TB63 Leiji Matsumoto
60th anniversary art book

TB42 Digital Anime Artwork

TB05 The Astro Boy Essays (English)

TB12 Osamu Tezuka deluxe art book (large format)

TB04 Lupin III Yasuo Otsuka illustration

TB36 1986 Animedia Diary booklet

TB88 Japanese light novels:
L-Gaim, Nausicaa, Marginal Masters

TB38 Silverstar Club, Twin Peaks
fan magazine (Japanese)

TB51 Dirty Pair novels (English) set of 2

TB54 So Crazy Japanese Toys

TB29 Plastic Culture: how Japanese toys conquered the world

TB52 Cruising the Anime City
(English, guidebook)

TB70 Tokyo Underground
(English, guidebook)

Japanese anime magazines

TM17 Animedia magazine, Sept 1984

TM16 Animedia magazine, Dec 1986

TM04 Animage magazine, Oct 2014

TM03 Superior manga magazine,
June 12, 2015

TM26 My Anime magazines,
Jan/Sept 1983

TM01 Newtype, November 2014

TB07 Tokyo Robot News magazine

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