The Edward Hawkins Memorial Marketplace

Edward Hawkins was one of the most active and passionate Star Blazers / Yamato fans in the English-speaking world, and spent years amassing a huge collection during his time on Planet Earth. (Listen to an extensive interview with him here to get it straight from the man himself.)

When Ed parted for the sea of stars, he left behind more Yamato goods than most collectors will see in a lifetime – and a lot of other things besides. The purpose of this marketplace is to fulfill one of his last wishes, to find a new home for these items where they will be appreciated.

Click here for guidelines on how to buy or sell an item.

Click on the following categories to see what’s available, and check back here for new additions every month.

Note to friends of Edward: items from his collection are not yet posted here. All of these items are from the collection of Tim Eldred. If you purchased something from him that you have not received yet, it is still being processed. Please continue to stand by.

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