Star Blazers Lambda Chapter 6

Story and art by Ryuko Azuma
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Narrative reads right to left

A voice in the dark: “Discharge of the space-time crystals has been approved…” Yu Yamato is startled, then realizes that he’s face to face with a gruesome figure who embraces him. He screams as his hand crystalizes and shatters.

Right side: Yu wakes up in his bed, his hand normal. Linne Aigis is curled up like a cat next to him. An alarm sounds and he knows what’s about to happen. “Seireness.”

Left side: The flight crew on Vimana station prepares the NerfThis fleet for launch while Yu dwells on the mysterious dream.

Right side: distracted, Yu is told by Nina Nelson (Mark 1 pilot) to disengage his limiter. Hugo sneers in contempt while Linne looks as if she knows something the others don’t. The fleet is ordered to launch.

Left side: the fleet rushes forward, 90 seconds to enemy contact. Nina launches the Second Sight drones to collect intel, then orders Marina Fraser (Mark 4 pilot) to get ready for “kickoff.”

Three Seireness emerge from the wormhole, creepier than ever. Marina deploys her ship’s Frost Aster to contain them, but Laine flies a little too close.

Laine speeds through in time avoid getting hit, firing a counterattack to keep the enemy at bay.

Marina gets in close and prepares to fire again…

…this time hitting the Seireness with her freezer beam with devastating results.

Everyone congratulates Marina for her successful strike, and Linne Aigis (Mark 7 pilot) orders Yu to ready the Wave-Motion Gun. To his surprise, the remaining Seireness withdraws into the wormhole with a grin and vanishes.

Chapter title: Dimensional Dive

Right side: everyone is confused that they suddenly have no reading on the enemy. They wonder if Second Sight failed, but it wouldn’t be possible for all the ships to fail simultaneously.

Left side: no one quite knows what to do, but then the Seireness’ giant head emerges behind Aisha Mejider (Mark 5 pilot) without warning.

Aisha’s ship is struck and sent tumbling. On board her damaged ship, Aisha shouts to her Mifune droids to get the ship stabilized as soon as possible.

Right side: nobody can detect Aisha, because the Second Sight system has gone offline, effectively blinding them.

Left side: Marina deploys Frost Aster again to block the Seireness’ movement, and everyone is shocked when the enemy “skips” right past it, vanishing on one side and reappearing on the other.

With Second Sight now completely down, they are at the mercy of an enemy that can pop out of anywhere. When it appears close to Linne’s ship, she quickly blocks it with a shield and it vanishes again. Hugo wants to know how it manages this, and Linne answers: “dimensional dive…”

Right side: Linne speculates that Seireness can dive into other dimensions like a submarine. But there should still be a faint gravity tug to give away its position, so she tunes all her sensors to look for gravity shifts.

Left side: as the pilots look tense, Linne tells Hugo to ready his thunderstorm attack and Yu to charge the Wave-Motion Gun for when it reappears. Yu is defenseless while he’s charging, but she tells him to keep charging.

Right side: Marina detects the Seireness singing and it emerges directly under Linne’s ship and slams into her. Hugo fires…

Left side: …but the enemy dives away again, dodging his attack. Linne’s sensors are down. Abbey watches helplessly from mission control.

Right side: Aisha (mark 5 pilot) offers to start repairing Linne’s ship, but Nina warns her off since that would make her vulnerable. Without Linne’s sensors, there’s no way to detect the Seireness now. The Mifune droids on Linne’s ship are overwhelmed by the damage. If it comes again, someone will be killed. We focus in on Marina listening.

Left side: as Marina waits with the others, she thinks back to younger days when she was with her mother in Northern Canada, helping her with an environmental group. Her mother has arrived with a big bag of food. “Mama,” she asks, “there’s so much. Didn’t you have to pay for it?”

Right side: Marina’s mother explains the way of the Inuit, to share the “prey” not just with family and relatives, but with everyone. “That’s how our ancestors survived in the harsh natural environment. In the old days, we didn’t sell caribou meat for a profit, we helped each other without even having to ask.” Marina thinks Inuit culture is “kinda old fashioned,” but her mother loves it.

Left side: words emerge from Marina’s memory: “This land where you were born…it’ll definitely help you one day, Marina.” Marina unleashes her ship’s freezer beam over a wide area.

Right side: Hugo asks Marina what she’s doing, and she tells them to bundle up. It’s going to get cold, but they have to endure it. Nina sees that the outside temperature has dropped below absolute zero. Back on Vimana, Alexei realizes what Marina is attempting.

Left side: He explains that “Gravity flips when it exceeds absolute zero and acts as a repulsive force! Seireness probably can’t see us, either!! Marina is doing a seal hunt at Jupiter!” Marina tells Linne to fire her “gravity bullet” to give the Seireness an “air hole.”

Linne complies, blasting a hole into the other dimension. Marina immediately deploys Frost Aster again.

Drawn to the hole, the Seielens takes the hit and freezes solid.

With the Seireness immobilized, Marina shouts for Yu. He rushes in with his Wave-Motion Gun ready to fire.


Right side: “Mission complete! All targets destroyed!!” Everyone cheers for Marina while Carlos Jones looks dismissive.

Left side: later, after a shower, Marina gets a message on her phone.

It’s a photo of her dad and grandfather, who at odds the last time we saw them. “I went hunting with grandpa.” Marina smiles at the welcome show of harmony.

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