Straw Yamato takedown, January 2020

Photos posted on Twitter by fwks7841. Captions translated from his descriptions.

When I arrived at Annosato Park in Chikuzen, the straw had been pulled off the huge Yamato and they were
working on lifting the bridge off with a crane. It was very delicate work because the length of rope put it off-balance.

Rain began to fall shortly before I arrived, and the work of removing the bridge from the huge
Yamato was underway while the rain fell. Like the staff, I watched it wet without an umbrella.

After taking off the bridge, the staff waited in a tent due to the rain that continued
to fall as the bridge was set down. I photographed the abandoned bridge here.

The bridge was broken and trashed, but as a Yamato fan, I didn’t feel like
photographing the destroyed figure of my beloved ship, so I just watched.

I just wanted to preserve proof that the great warrior Space Battleship Yamato 2202 survived in the Reiwa era, and I was given permission to take a pulse laser cannon from the dismantled bridge. I carried it to my car, but it was unexpectedly heavy.

By the way, it’s been forty years since the release of Be Forever Yamato, but I like Sasha (Mio Sanada),
so my car is light blue. I look forward to seeing her again in the Reiwa era [in Yamato 2205].

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