Wonder Festival 2015 Summer photo gallery

Megahouse booth

Yuki Mori in “traditional Iscandar” dress (November release)

Cosmo Fleet Special Mirangal (no release date)

Cosmo Fleet Special Nilvades (no release date)

Cosmo Fleet Special UX-01 Dimensional Submarine (September release)

Cosmo Fleet Special Medaluza (no release date)

1/72 Czvarke garage kit (J-Factory)

1/72 Cosmo Seagull garage kit (UFO Man) see 3D design images here

Rocket Anchor garage kit and Rocket Anchor ring (RMC)

Super-deform miniatures

1/1 scale Moldora P-88 garage kit (Arcadia)

Yuki Mori garage kits (Hagane)

Another Yuki Mori garage kit

Yuki and Yurisha figures (All Ages and Nations Model Workshop) visit the manufacturer’s website here

High-endurance cosplay!

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