Yokosuka Anime Sea Carnival, November 2021

Photos posted on Twitter by garmillas 2199, 1701e bcc, aoi2199, mat hama, yucoeva, Burandara, karapon2199, kanaeyokosuka, BuchoWrx, koukou_0830, Marimo Aquarius, S Meijin, Norio Fujiwara, and Chihiro2202

Additional photos by friend-of-the-website Minoru Itgaki

Memorial battleship Mikasa; the displays were set up on board

Hallway inside the ship; on entire wall was covered in a long 2205 banner and images from both parts.

The first Yamato cabin was dedicated to the original saga

Vintage books

Vintage model kits

Issues of the original fan club magazine

Vintage record albums

The second Yamato cabin was dedicated to the remakes

Sample issues of Star Blazers/Yamato fan club magazine

The last Yamato cabin was dedicated to recent spinoff stories

Star Blazers Lambda

Aquarius Algorithm

The Mikasa Shopping Plaza was one place to find merchants who participated in the stamp rally

Left: signage for the stamp rally. Right: a stamp card in progress.

Banners for the stamp rally outside other shops

The prize for collecting five stamps: clear plastic Kodai and Yuki bookmarks.

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