Yamatour 2014, December 6

Product lineup at Shinjuku Piccadilly theater

Left: usher at the Piccadilly. Right: Megahouse product showcase

Mecha Collection model kit showcase

1/1000 Ark of the Stars model showcase (photos by Roger Sorensen)

Modeling contest winner, Earth side (photo by Roger Sorensen)

Modeling contest winner, Garmillas side (photo by Roger Sorensen)

5-meter Yamato added to outdoor display (photo by Roger Sorensen)

Display panels to left

Display panels and video screen to right

Products for sale at Shibuya Cine Palace theater

Mural at Sofmap, Akihabara

Autographed wall panels at Gundam Cafe, Akihabara

Outdoor display at Shinjuku station, night

1/100 model at Shinjuku Piccadilly, lower lobby

Today’s haul, left to right: theater handout (with Secret File 01), YRA Radio Yamato CD Vol. 4, Ark of the Stars novelization, poster set, Cosmo Fleet Special “Warp” Yamato and Lambea carrier, Kia Asamiya postcard set, Heart of Agent 9 postcard set.

Yamato 2199 Complete Works volumes 1 & 2 (awwwww, yeahhhh…)

Ark program book, Star Navi and Kinema Junpo magazines (with 2199 articles in them – discovered earlier that day via Twitter!), various clear files.

Premiere day newspaper ad (special thanks to CDNA Facebook Community member Hiroshi Ban)

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