Yamatour 2014, December 7

Yamato book display at Mandarake, Osaka

Left: Vintage die cast toys.     Right: 1/250 Yukikaze garage kit by Wave (the earliest)

“Operation M” UNCF model kit box set

Looks like these Osaka citizens are lined up for a live stage play. It’s actually a grocery store.

Left: all the bling you could want if you could afford a car in Japan.     Right: Actual architecture.

Left: Cosmo gas station – where Yamato fuels up.     Right: Mascot for Osaka Castle

Left: the actual Osaka castle.     Right: miniature army inside Osaka castle.

Left: Interesting iconography (the bodies use the kanji character “大”, the “O” in “Osaka”).
Right: Super sentai on the prowl at Osaka castle.

Arale and Gatchan (from Dr. Slump) endorse a “Hustler” mini-van (nothing to do with the magazine), Shin-Osaka station.

Today’s haul (left to right): the other two Cosmo Fleet SP carriers, Saraba Yamato doujinshi, Leiji Matsumoto fan magazine, 1994 New Type with a vintage Yamato article in it.

Future Boy Conan deluxe book and CD set. The CD was missing, so it cost less than $30.

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