Yamato 2199 model kits, part 2

Part 1 covers Yamato 2199 models released through the end of 2013. Revisit it here.

Bandai’s line of Mecha Collection kits is covered in part 3, linked at the end of this page.

1/1000 Lambea carrier

January, 2014

This was the first of the three Garmillas multi-deck carriers, each of which came packaged with two differently-scaled versions of its complementary fighter craft. In this case, the purple Lambea comes with the purple Astro Attack Dive Bomber DMB87 Snuka. It is included at both mecha collection size (handheld) and 1/1000 miniatures (20 standard and 1 flight leader). The finished Lambea is just over 16 inches long.

See photos of the finished kit here.

See photos of the packaging here.

Lambea‘s arrival was accompanied by a completely unexpected announcement; despite earlier announcements to the contrary, Bandai decided to complete the 1/1000 Garmillas task force lineup with a Domelus III model. Though the graphics on this ad may look bold and commanding, the top line reads “announcement” and the bottom reads “release decision.”

1/1000 Balgray carrier

February, 2014

This was Bandai’s second of three multi-deck Garmillas carriers, formerly known as “the green one.” Just over 16 inches long, it comes with a fleet of tiny Garmillas fighters (20 plus a squadron leader) and a larger Mecha Collection-size version.

See a photo gallery of the finished kit here.

See extensive photos of the kit and packaging here.

1/1000 Garmillas warships set 4

April, 2014

This set bore a strong resemblance to Set 2 from June 2013. Both feature similar Astro Battleships as their main element, each with a variant bow design. Story-wise, this “underbite” variant is a newer vessel with heavier weapons named Haizerad-class. It measures about 15.5″ at 1/1000 scale.

The other elements in the set are a 1/1000 Delamaya assault ship (3.6″ long), a Mecha Collection-scale Sumaruhe recon plane, and a pair of VERY small 1/1000 ground tanks.

See photos of the finished kits here.

See photos of the packaging here.

1/1000 Schderg carrier

May, 2014

Formerly known as “the blue one,” this model filled out the carrier portion of Domel’s task fleet. In the background of the story, it is said to be the first of the multi-deck carriers, serving as the base model from which the others vary.

It measures about 16″ long when built and comes with a fleet of 36 1/1000 scale Dolcia torpedo bombers (35 standard, 1 squadron leader). A bonus kit of the Dolcia is also provided at Mecha Collection size.

See a photo gallery of the kit here.

See the packaging here.

1/12 Analyzer

June, 2014

The happiest Yamato model of them all arrived in June, 2014. And if you care to address AU-09 Analyzer by his full name on the box, it would be R-9 Type Autonomous Shipboard Analysis Unit.

Standing about 4.5″ tall, Analyzer comes with articulated joints, optional hands and maneuvering jets, and lighting capability for modelers adept with LEDs.

See a gallery of photos here, including pics of the original Analyzer.

1/1000 Pormelia, Imperial Guard colors

June, 2014

Premium Bandai’s online shop offered this special version of the Pormelia carrier to Japanese addresses only.

1/500 Yamato Expansion kit

June, 2014

When the 1/1000 Yamato model came with extra parts and the 1/500 didn’t, fans were correct to wonder why. The answer came with this special expansion set that brought the larger version “up to code” by supplying wings, fightercraft, an internal hangar with storage for Cosmo Falcons, and extra catapult parts for Cosmo Zeroes.

1/500 Yamato etched metal parts

July, 2014

If you wanted to take your Yamato model even farther, online shop Premium Bandai offered a sheet of metal “etching parts” to replace chunkier plastic ones. This included the bow railings, Seagull bay, radar panels, hangar hatch, and rear catapults.

See a gallery of these parts on a 1/500 Yamato here.

1/1000 Domelaze III

July, 2014

Bandai originally said it couldn’t be done; at this scale it would be too big and expensive for the average customer. A prototype existed for display at hobby shows, but that appeared to be the limit. Then came the 53rd All Japan Model Hobby Show in October 2013. Series director Yutaka Izubuchi, apparently wanting to rouse some rabble, polled the audience at a 2199 panel to see how many would buy it – and plenty of hands went up. Bandai’s 2199 model developer called his boss from that very stage to report the news. Fandom had spoken, and the wheels started turning.

Nine months later the baby was born, and what a baby it is. Nearly 29″ long, it comes in a box big enough to require a handle and it slides apart to be stored in two pieces. As of now, it is the single longest model kit you can buy from the series, beating the 1/350 Yamato by just over an inch.

Find more photos of this brute here. See photos of the packaging here.

1/1000 Garmillas Warships Imperial Color set

July, 2014

Premium Bandai released its next custom-color set of Garmillas models, consisting of a Haizerad and a Meltoria in Imperial Blue.

1/1000 Yamato Cosmo Reverse System edition

November, 2014

Nearly two and a half years after the first 1/1000 2199 Yamato kicked off a new generation of models, this version reflected its appearance near the end of the story, with the Wave-Motion Gun plugged up and rerouted to service the Cosmo Reverse System.

Also new was a full set of decals and miniatures of all the smaller craft: the Ki-8, Type 100 Scout Plane, Cosmo Seagull, Melda’s Czvarke, and the Garmillas boarding craft. These filled out the ranks that originally consisted only of the Cosmo Falcons and Cosmo Zeroes, along with a removable hangar deck block.

See a photo gallery for this kit here.
See more product photos here.

1/1000 Gatlantis Carrier Kiska

December, 2014

This was Bandai’s first Gatlantis kit at full scale. At 334mm long (about 13.1 inches), it beats Yamato by only a hair, but is far bulkier overall with its complex double-hull shape.

It also comes with four to-scale Devastator fightercraft, and one at Mecha Collection size. Though there was no Devastator in the vintage Mecha Collection lineup, one was packaged as a bonus kit with the EDF Battleship (1979).

Though this kit is a first in many ways, it is actually NOT the first large-scale Nazca-class ship. That distinction belongs to a little-known (and now very rare) model released by Nomura Toy Co. in November 1978, during its tenure as a Yamato 2 sponsor. It clocked in at 11.4″ long and is now prized by collectors. See all the Nomura models here.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

See more product photos here.

1/72 Cosmo Zero “metallic coating” version

December, 2014

This was a reissue of the original Alpha 1 with new box art and reflective coating on the plastic. It was released as a limited-edition model with the December 2014 premiere of Ark of the Stars and not reissued.

The Solar System Battles Garmillas mecha collection set

July, 2015

This was another limited-edition release from the Premium Bandai online shop. It contains five of the previously-bundled mini-kits in one package: (1) Recon Craft FG156 Sumaruhe, (2) Saruba S-VI Type Heavy Tank, (3) Strike Fighter DWG229 Melanka, (4) Space Combat Fighter DDG110 Zedora II, and (5) a trio of Reflector Satellites. In cases where VERY small 1/1000 versions were included with the larger kits, they’re included here, too.

See the product listing at Premium Bandai here. (Only ships to Japanese addresses.)

See a gallery of photos here. See an unboxing on Youtube here.

The Far Reaches of the Galaxy Garmillas mecha collection set

February 2016

This followup set continues the trend with four fightercraft seen in later episodes: The FWG97 Dolcia Torpedo Bomber and DMG109 Debake Fighter Craft…

…along with the DMG292 Tsvarke Combat Fighter and DMB87 Snuka Attack Dive Bomber. Revisit a complete gallery of Garmillas mecha here.

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