Yamato 2199 model kits, part 3

This page is devoted to the Mecha Collection mini-kits for 2199. Revisit Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Models 1 & 2

April 2014

The 100 yen Space Battleship Yamato Mecha Collection mini-models were the products that truly put Bandai on the map back in the height of Yamato Fever in 1978, and many are still in production today. When Bandai became a primary sponsor for Yamato 2199, it was only natural for this famous line to be revived with up-to-date technology. In cases where the new version has an original counterpart, a comparison between the two demonstrates how far that technology has progressed.

Yamato and Yukikaze both had counterparts in the original lineup. Here are the originals for comparison:

See more photos of these first two mini-kits here.

See photos of the packaging here and here.

Model #3

May 2014

The Garmillas Destria-class Astro Heavy Cruiser came up as the third of the Mecha Collection mini-models, though the box simply names it “Garmillas Battleship.” A little under 5 inches long, it was the only ship of its kind in the original 1979 lineup.

See more photos here.

Model #4

June 2014

The fourth entry was the Guipellon-class carrier Lambea.

As veteran fans know, the three multi-deck carriers from the original series were simply color variants of a single design, but the only version released as a model was green. Therefore, it was up to you to repaint if you wanted all three. (An oversight that was finally rectified with reissues in 2012.) The version shown above right is a custom paint job for the Lambea‘s original counterpart.

See more photos of the mini-Lambea here.

Model #5

July 2014

This Deusuler II model is the first of its kind; no model of this ship exists either in the original Yamato series or in another scale. (Though Megahouse released a slightly larger version in their Cosmo Fleet Special line.) Thus, there is nothing else to compare it to besides other kits in its size range – and in that area it excels.

At a mere 4″ long (half the size shown in this photo), it easily packs in enough detail for a much bigger model. Despite its overwhelming presence in the story, it is still about 100 meters shorter than the Domelaze.

See a a gallery of Deusuler II photos here. See photos of the packaging here.

Models 6 & 7

August 2014

It was a long break, but Bandai’s first Gatlantis model kits in 35 years (look it up) finally rolled out of the factory. Trivia buffs may be interested to know about a historical parallel; the corresponding ships in the original Mecha Collection were also released together in February ’79.

The original names were White Comet Empire Destroyer (#9) and Goland Missile Ship (#10), but in their new 2199 form, they have been rechristened Gatlantis Warships Lasceaux (#6) and Kukulkan (#7).

Lasceaux (left) compared with the original Goland kit (right). See a photo gallery of Lasceaux here.

Kukulkan (left) compared with the original Destroyer kit (right). See a photo gallery of Kukulkan here.

Model #1 “Cosmo Clear” version

August 2014

A special reissue in clear plastic, released at Chara Hobby 2014 to promote advance ticket sales for Ark of the Stars.

Model #8

September 2014

The third ship in the Gatlantis fleet mini-model lineup is the Nazca class mid-size space carrier, based on the ship of the same name from the original series. Measuring about 4.75″ long when finished, it is the third and last Gatlantis ship seen in the series. So far.

The new kit is shown above left with its predecessor to the right, which also happened to be #8 in the original Mecha Collection lineup. COINCIDENCE??

Other fortunes seem to have followed this particular ship, since it was the only Gatlantis model to be released by Nomura and was also released in 1/1000 scale in December 2014.

See more photos of the Nazca here.

Model #9

October 2014

The Cosmo Zero mini-model is significantly more detailed than its 1980 predecessor (below right) and comes with multiple loadout options

See a photo gallery of finished models here.

See more product photos here.

Model #10

October 2014

Kirishima became the second UNCF ship in the mini-model lineup following Yukikaze. Its original 1980 iteration (below right) was simply called the Okita Battleship and came with a miniature Cosmo Zero (an odd choice, since they never appeared together).

See a photo gallery of finished models here.

See more product photos here.

Model #11

November 2014

This marked only the second time the Domelaze III was released as a plastic model (following the gigantic 1/1000 version).

Since only a limited-edition garage kit was released in the early years, its only plamo precedent is the Megahouse Cosmo Fleet miniature (August 2014).

See a gallery of finished kits here. See more product photos here.

1/1000 Gatlantis Carrier Kiska

December 2014

This was Bandai’s first Gatlantis kit at 1/1000 scale. At 334mm long (about 13.1 inches), it beats Yamato by only a hair, but is far bulkier overall with its complex double-hull shape.

It also comes with four to-scale Devastator fightercraft, and one at Mecha Collection size. Though there was no Devastator in the vintage Mecha Collection lineup, one was available as a bonus kit with the EDF Battleship (1979).

Though this kit is a first in many ways, it is actually NOT the first large-scale Nazca-class ship. That distinction belongs to a little-known (and now very rare) model released by Nomura Toy Co. in November 1978, during its tenure as a Yamato 2 sponsor. It clocked in at 11.4″ long and is now prized by collectors. See all the Nomura models here.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

See more product photos here.

Model #12

December 2014

The Cosmo Falcon was released in Shinohara blue. (Both this and the Kato color version were released in 1/72.)

Readers with sharp memories will recall that this is not the first Cosmo Falcon to be released in this scale. Prior to the debut of the Mecha Collection, an early version was bundled with the January 2013 issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine (published November 2012).

Though both were made by Bandai, they are not identical; the parts distribution on the sprues is completely different, the base is different, and the first version included a clear cockpit piece. The fuselage was essentially the same, but a few details were refined for the newer one. This is how you drive collectors crazy for decades to come.

See a gallery of finished models here.

See more product photos here.

Mecha Collection Theater Special Set

December 2014

It looks like two kits, but it’s one box. This unique double kit was sold only in theaters starting on December 6 and contained two of the prime vessels from Ark of the Stars: Yamato and Berger’s Garmillas carrier Lambea.

Originally released as Mecha Collection kits 01 and 04 respectively, they were bundled together in this non-numbered exclusive…

…and both molded in “Cosmo Clear” colors to make you want them all over again. At this point, however, they can only be purchased from second-hand sources such as online auctions.

Model #13

January 2015

Garmillas carrier Balgray was the second of the three multi-deck carriers.

See a gallery of finished models here.

Model #14

February 2015

Garmillas battle carrier Darold joined the lineup on this day, bringing with it a tiny Gallunt with drill missile. Like its 1/1000 counterpart, it also includes optional deck panels.

This ship first appeared as part of Domel’s task force in the original Yamato series, then was promoted to Dessler’s Battle Carrier in The New Voyage. It was released in three different scales, the most for any ship other than Yamato itself.

Shown here is the original Mecha Collection model #14 from 1979. See more photos of the new Darold kit here.

Model #15

March 2015

The UN Cosmo Navy Murasame-type cruiser finished off the UN Cosmo Navy vessels. Contrary to the colors indicated on the box cover, the kit is molded in the white/red configuration. But parts are separated by color, so modelers can easily achieve the yellow/white/red or grey/white/red combinations with simple painting.

See a gallery of finished models here.

See more product photos here.

Model #16

April 2015

The Garmillas multi-deck carrier Schderg completed the entire lineup of Domel’s task force at Mecha Collection scale.

See a gallery of Schderg photos here.

Model #17

May 2015

The Galunt drill missile ship was previously available as a bonus item with the 1/1000 Gelvades battle carrier, but was retooled and repackaged for this version. The drill missile itself is removable, optional landing gear is provided, and it comes with an extra – much tinier – drill that fits into the Wave-Motion muzzle of the Mecha Collection Yamato.

Counter-intuitive as it sounds, no plastic model of the drill missile ship was made before Yamato 2199. The closest we ever came was a miniature released with a rare and pricey 2007 box set of the Domel task force from B-Club.

See more photos of the Galunt here.

Model #18

July 2015

This Deusular II Core Ship was previously released in 1/1000 scale.

See more photos here

Model #19

September 2015

The Dimensional Submarine UX-01 mini-kit was downscaled from the 1/1000 version released in Garmillas Warships Set 3 (October 2013).

By this point in the original Mecha Collection, Bandai had gotten all the way up to ships seen in The New Voyage (1979). That’s not to say there weren’t enough in Series 1 to reach that number, it was simply less comprehensive in the old days.

See more photos of the finished UX-01 model here.

Model #20

November 2015

With the Gaiderol-class Astro Battleship, the Yamato 2199 Mecha Collection came to an end. But if all goes as planned and a new series goes into production, there will be some momentum for Bandai to continue.

Meanwhile, see a photo gallery for this model here.

The complete Yamato 2199 Mecha Collection (for now).

The End

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    • I get what you mean but it would be really hard to make Yukikaze at that scale, I have both Yamato and the Isokaze class destroyer model kits at 1000th scale and the Isokaze is barely bigger than the Yamato’s superstructure.

      • Yeah with the mecha collection thats sort of just how it is. I suppose they could offer a mini kit with I single molded body and photoetch detail. But good lord can you imagine painting the bridge viewports. No thank you! Lol!

  1. Is there a list of the 2199 and 2202 models that are available? i’d love to start collecting (and keep track of what i have and what i want to get next). I can certainly type out the list using the this excellent website, but was curious if someone already had a list put together (with item #, description, and series (2199/2202)). Thanks!

    • This is the catalog for 2199. A catalog for 2202 will be part of the May 15 update. In terms of what is available for you to buy, your best online destination is Hobbylink Japan. Others may have different recommendations.

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