Yamato Fan Club Magazine #9

This issue of the Space Battleship Yamato Fan Club Magazine makes for an interesting counterpart to issue #7. It was published in April, 1979 to coincide with the conclusion of Yamato 2‘s first broadcast, the end of the Comet Empire storyline. Even before this point, the ratings for Yamato 2 were so impressive (averaging well over 20%) that Yoshinobu Nishizaki had already given the green light to the next Yamato adventure, The New Voyage. Without missing a beat, this issue of the magazine jumps right from one to the other, providing both closure on Yamato 2 and the first glimpse of its followup.

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Featured below is translated text for all the major articles. Translation by Earnest and Sumiko Migaki, edited by Tim Eldred.

Yamato 2 TV Finale!!

On April 7th, the final episode of Yamato 2 aired on TV. There probably hasn’t been another show that has brought so many anime fans together. This time we focus on the comments made by the staff, the cast, and the fans regarding the ending of the series.

Noboru Ishiguro, Supervising Director: It’s over! I think it came out great, myself, but now I want a little R&R.

Kenzou Koizumi, Production Director: I’m worn out, but I’ve fulfilled my obligations. At least I can say I’ve completed my job. I’m hoping to make more fine productions in the future.

Kazunori Tanahashi, Assistant Director: There was tons of stuff I wanted to do, but none of it got completed. I really wished I’d had more time…

Harumi Saito, Production Assistant: It’s not over yet. I’m so busy with the post-production work!

Shigeo Kurauchi, Planning Desk: I’m glad we were able to finish things as scheduled. Can’t wait to hear the fans’ reponses.

Kei Tomiyama, Voice actor for Kodai: I believe I’ve had a hand in allowing Kodai to grow as a character. I’m interested in hearing the fans’ opinions on this.

Yoko Asagami, Voice actor for Yuki: I really like Leiji Matsumoto’s artwork. I’m also glad to have been part of the Yamato team.

Akira Kamiya, Voice actor for Kato: I did Kato since Part I. It’s too bad he died in battle before he could develop more as a character…

Noriko Ohara, Voice actor for Sabera: Sabera is a tragic character. She’s not really evil, and I’ve made it a point to show this.

Ms. Okamoto, Voice actor for Teresa: I’m very happy to have been a part of the Yamato team. I’ve had nothing but childrens’ roles up to now, and with Teresa I finally got to play the part of a grown woman.

Masayuki Ibu, Voice actor for Dessler: Compared to Part I, Dessler was much easier to play, since our ages are much closer now.

Anime Fan from Shizuoka: Why did you make TV series 2? I would have preferred that Yamato ended with the second movie.

“BEM” of Tokyo: I want you to keep making more Yamato, from Kodai’s children to even his grandchildren! I’ll be waiting!

“Okita” of Kanagawa: I didn’t think Part II was as deep as Part I. I wish it went into more detail at the beginning.

Renma Warakun of Tokyo: It was great, but I felt it needed a little more detail at the beginning and at the end.

Ryoji Shimada of Fukushima: Is that really the end? That’s cold.

“Yuki Lover #2” of Chiba: I was really moved by Dessler. He’s the man!

YM of Kanagawa: The pacing was lacking something compared to Part I.

“Dessler Lover” of Tokyo: I’m a bit disappointed. Now there’s no reason to hurry home on Saturdays…

“Owner of Planet Telezart” of Niigata: I was preparing myself for the inevitable, but…ah, Teresa…

“Star of Yamato” of Shimane: Now that Yamato is over, what am I supposed to do, Mr. Nishizaki?

Minoru Hirakawa of Iwate: At first, I thought “Yamato again?” But I was really moved by the show, and it didn’t matter that the story didn’t follow the movie exactly.

Space Battleship Yamato Telefeature

On Fuji TV July 21st

Space Battleship Yamato 2 ended on April 7th. In order to meet fan requests, they’ll be able to see Yamato again as a telefeature on July 21st. We managed to catch the ever-busy Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki for an interview!

We heard there will be a new broadcast of Yamato.

Yes, that’s true. On July 21st, there will be a Telefeature on Fuji TV to mark the 20th Anniversary of Fuji Broadcasting.

That’s big news! Is there anything you can tell us about the Telefeature?

I believe that Yamato 2 has gone off on a tangent from the original version. There are so many subplots going on that it’s hard to know where Yamato will go after this.

What do you mean by that?

In Part 1, Yamato fought to save the Earth. Kodai also raised questions regarding the war. In Farewell, the theme continued with the “Love of the Cosmos,” where Yamato fought for everybody, not just the Earth. But in Yamato 2, we returned to the theme of Yamato fighting for the Earth.

Could you elaborate further?

I’m trying to clarify when and under what circumstances Yamato goes into battle. At the same time, I’m trying to use this opportunity to bring out the “Future Aspects of Yamato .”

The “Future Aspects of Yamato?”

In other words, a “Fantastic Space Opera.” By combining the freedom of Anime with the fun of Space Opera we get Yamato. But Yamato 2 changed a bit from that theme. Hopefully with the Telefeature, we will bring Yamato back on course again.

Will the story depart from the previous versions?

No. Basically, this tale continues where Yamato 2 left off.

Could you tell us a little about the story?

The Telefeature begins with Dessler departing for Deep Space after initiating the unusual alliance with Kodai. Dessler spends 3 months journeying to the Greater Magellanic Cloud…and to Gamilas.

I see. After all, Gamilas is his home world.

However, Gamilas is destroyed before Dessler’s eyes by an unknown force. And as a result, the sister planet Iscandar is thrown off into space. Dessler then goes to save Starsha.

Dessler goes to save Starsha?

Yes. Dessler has a deep fondness for Starsha, it seems. Then a powerful enemy makes its appearance.

The same enemy that destroyed Gamilas?

Yes. They came from a world several dozen light years away from Gamilas to steal its planetary energy.

For what purpose?

They are using the energy for war. The mysterious fleet comes from a system that is engaged in interplanetary war, and they use scarce planetary energy to fight. They originally came to Gamilas to take this energy, but it exploded. Now they are after Iscandar for the same thing.

So Dessler is out to protect Iscandar from this enemy fleet.

Yes. But no matter how hard Dessler fights against this enemy, it is too powerful for him. So he sends a distress signal to Yamato to enlist her aid.

And what about Yamato?

Around that time, Yamato is taking new recruits through their training around the solar system. It’s at this point that Dessler’s distress call reaches them.

It goes without saying that Yamato joins forces with Dessler to save Iscandar, right?

Yes. Once they get permission from the proper channels, they depart for Iscandar. Dessler has a pact with Kodai to protect Iscandar.

So what becomes of Iscandar?

You’ll have to watch to find out. I only wanted to reveal just a tiny bit, but I ended up saying more than I should have (laughs).

We also heard that the movie will be released again.

Yes. The first two movies will be showing nationwide in 180 theaters between July 14th and August 3rd. This will probably be the last time the Yamato movies will be on the wide screen.

Are these going to be re-edited?

No. Both will be released in their original versions. Also, we’ll be showing Triton of the Sea. That runs about an hour, so there will be a total of about 6 hours in the theater.

Wow, that is going to be something. We’ve also heard rumors about Yamato Part 3.

Yes. We’re thinking about that right now. Also, with Farewell, the popularity among the fans was even greater than I had expected. Yamato was originally my pet project, but it is no longer my own. It now belongs to all the fans out there. When I think about them all, I just can’t quit making Yamato .

When will the new project begin?

We’re still in the planning stages, so I’m afraid I can’t say right now. But once we do figure out the schedule, we’ll be sure to tell the Fan Club so you can let everyone know what’s going on.

We’ll be waiting. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Teresa and Shima, Against the Protesters!!

Congratulations to Shima and Teresa!

[Editor’s note: in Star Blazers terminology, that would be Venture and Trelaina.]

In the last issue of the magazine, some fans were against Shima and Teresa falling in love. Well, I’m against their opinions. Since Kodai has Yuki, I think it’s sad that Shima doesn’t have a lover. Therefore I think that Teresa would be the perfect person for Shima. I really like Shima a lot. In fact, in my heart, I would say he is the love of my life. So I believe that he should be allowed to have a lover. Shima, I want both you and Kodai to do your best to protect the Earth!

– Shima lover

As for Shima falling in love with Teresa, this has become a controversy, hasn’t it? In the beginning my friends and I were all against this, because of Teresa’s image in the movie. (note: we aren’t Shima fans either, by the way). However, we began to think a little differently. People are destined to meet each other, so it’s only natural that they would fall in love as well. Our views then came in line with the Shima fans, and we thought there was nothing wrong with Teresa and Shima falling in love. For those that keep saying Shima shouldn’t have a lover because it’s just not his style, I’d say to them, Shima is a single guy. If he didn’t have a lover then that’d be even stranger.

– not really a Shima fan

For those who are against Shima’s lover being Teresa: If you really like Shima, then know that he is really in love with her. And also know that Teresa really loves Shima. Shouldn’t you support them? Some folks were probably shocked by the kissing scene in episode 16, but I think that’s OK. Since they really showed their love for one another, let’s just support them.

– Yamato’s child from Fukushima

Happy wishes to Kodai and Yuki!

I’ve been watching Yamato 2 every week without fail. However, I heard that in the TV version, Kodai doesn’t die. Regardless of whether he lives or dies, please let Yuki stay with him, preferably with both of them alive. In other words, I’m against them being separated. I believe this is the view of all Yamato fans. Please see to it that they end up happy together.

– I.M. of Okinawa

What’s going to happen to Kodai and Yuki in the end? If they are both going to die, like in the movie, then I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the final episode. Members of the staff, please make sure Kodai and Yuki are safely returned to the Earth.

– S.E of Tokyo

Regarding Yamato 2

Hello! I’ve been a fan since Part I. That’s why for me Yamato is the most important thing in my life. Yamato is different from other anime because every episode has a believable plotline. Also, the artwork is done with care. Although right now we’re in the middle of an SF boom, I hope that Yamato doesn’t end up like the other anime, just showing battle scenes.

– Hiromi Ueta of Ehime

I wasn’t impressed with the television version of Yamato. Please give it the same impact as the movies. The faces of the characters don’t quite match up with the movie version, so please work on this. And finally, stop being so mean by saying bad things about Teresa.

– Teresa’s Fan of Gunma

Yamato Festival!!

The photo shows Yokosuka High School’s Junior Class, who participated in their own Yamato festival. They made a cardboard mockup of Yamato that was four meters long and connected to a bicycle for mobility. They detailed it to resemble the original. Five students made the uniforms, and there was a special effort to make the Captain’s jacket as realistic as possible. It’s too bad that the Yamato mockup can’t be seen behind them!

-From Matsuzaki in Kanagawa

Voice Actor’s Festival

The Voice Actor’s Festival Voice Voice Voice was held from April 4-8 at Tokyo Ginza’s Nichigeki Theater: this spring’s Anime Fever!

There was much fanfare as various Yamato voice actors performed in a variety show of comedy, music, and entertainment, including a Symphonic Drama and “Leiji Matsumoto’s World.” The participants were the voice actors for Kodai, Yuki, Kato, Yamamoto, Araki, Zordar, Teresa and Sabera.

Many fans had no clue that the guy on stage with his hair parted in the middle and the tiny mustache beneath his nose was none other than Kei Tomiyama (Kodai). Since most of us only hear their voices in anime, it was good to see them for 3 hours on stage.

The End

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