Yamato 2202 Character Guide

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About the ranks: according to translator Tsuneo Tateno, the ranking system is based on the Japanese Self-Defense Force, rearranged to accommodate a space force. He helpfully provided these tables for reference:

Japan Self-Defense Force ranks

Comparative Naval ranks

Specialist ratings


Voice: Sayaka Kanda

A goddess whose legend was handed down across space…whoever gains her power can have any wish fulfilled. Based on Planet Telezart, she released a powerful prayer in a spiritual energy wave (Cosmo Wave) that alerted Yamato‘s crew to an approaching crisis. Because of her higher-dimensional existence, she is unbounded by time, and perceives everything from the beginning of space to the end as a “separate thing.” The only thing that can confront the powerful “White Comet/Ark of Destruction” is the “power of connection” that draws one person to another. She tells Kodai that what exists at the center is “Yamato/The Ship of the Great Sum.”

Susumu Kodai

Voice: Daisuke Ono

Version 1: 24 years old. Yamato‘s former combat chief. After the return from the voyage to Iscandar, the organization was reformed into the Earth Federation Defense Forces and Kodai is now engaged in military duty. After becoming embroiled in various conflicts over the “sealing of the Wave-Motion Gun” by Juuzo Okita and Starsha, he now serves as captain of the destroyer Yuunagi, which belongs to the 2nd escort fleet. In Earth’s current revival policy of rushing for rearmament, he goes about his mission despite holding unbearable feelings in his heart. He is formally engaged to Yuki Mori and their marriage is approaching.

Version 2: 24 years old. Yamato‘s combat chief and acting captain. Okita exchanged a “promise to seal the Wave-Motion Gun” with Starsha, but the cautious use of Yamato‘s Wave-Motion Gun lies between ideals and reality. During the voyage to Telezart, Kodai has been compromised by the pressure of this “unsolvable problem.” At planet Stravase, Kodai was forced to make a “devil’s choice” by Great Emperor Zordar. He was prepared to lose it all and fall into hell, but was rescued by his connection to Yuki Mori and returned to Yamato. This harsh voyage of love and the story of Susumu Kodai is now heading for a new stage.

Version 3: “If the problem can’t be solved, I’m ready to continue shouldering it.” Susumu walked a long, hard path against Okita’s promise to Starsha to seal the Wave-Motion Gun, but he escaped this pain when he at last met with Teresa on Telezart. She declared he and Yamato to both be “Part of a great sum” and he knew how to proceed. Prior to that came an unexpected chance meeting with his former enemy Dessler. Now Susumu Kodai steps into the three-way interstellar war between Garmillas, Gatlantis, and Earth.

Yuki Mori

Voice: Houko Kuwashima

Version 1: 22 years old. Yamato‘s former ship’s affairs officer. She currently serves as chief navigator in the central control station of Earth Defense Headquarters. She fell in love with Kodai on the journey to Iscandar and their marriage is approaching soon. She lost her natural memory in an accident before she boarded Yamato, and now only has memories of the last four years.

Version 2: 23 years old. Yamato officer. Her love with Susumu Kodai was fostered on the trip to Iscandar. Her natural memories were lost in an accident, and she only has memories of the last four years. Unlike the rest of Yamato‘s crew, she was unable to receive a message from Teresa. Because of that, Kodai refused to allow her on board Yamato, but she stowed away to stay close to him in the shadows. When confronted by the “devil’s choice” on Planet Stravase, she showed the strength to offer her life to save Kodai from suffering.

Daisuke Shima

Voice: Kenichi Suzumura

Version 1: 24 years old. Yamato‘s former chief navigator. Currently working for the Earth Defense Forces transport fleet. Though he strongly questions Earth’s reconstruction policy, he silently goes on with his duty.

Version 2: 24 years old. Yamato‘s chief navigator. Although he did not compromise his caution when it came to Yamato‘s revolt, he finally took up the steering controls of Yamato in support of his friend Kodai’s decision. He sensed Yuki Mori sneaking on board at an early stage, but pretended not to notice. He understands Kodai’s anguish better than anyone, and offers words of relief in their private moments.

Akira Yamamoto

Voice: Rie Tanaka

Version 1: 23 years old. A former member of Yamato‘s flying corps. A female ace pilot stationed with the lunar base air corps. She aggressively trains newcomers to allow lead instructor Kato to take time with his family. While rigorously training her subordinates, she imposes a heavy training regime on herself.

Version 2: 23 years old. A member of Yamato‘s flight corps. She belonged to the moon base air coprs, but left the fleet while on maneuvers with Shinohara, joining Yamato with her beloved Cosmo Tiger 1. She keep an air of calm among the crew, but keeps her passionate feelings inside, clearly admitting her opinions to Keyman over how to deal with the situation at Planet Eleven.

Version 3: She puts her passion into the training of young flight corps members, including Jiro Tsurumi. She participates in the Telezart landing operation by using mobile armor. She is adept at syncing with unfamiliar craft and makes tremendous accomplishments. Suspicious of Toko Katsuragi’s contact with Keyman, she soon perceives her as a Gatlantis spy.

Supplemental material from the Under Armour sponsorship announcement, Sept 5 2016:

Message from Akira Yamamoto:
Today I’m thankful to have signed this advisory contract with Under Armour. Throughout the voyage to Iscandar in 2199, I felt that “you can better protect when you become stronger,” and I worked on training afterward. I prepare for the day when Earth is threatened anew, and with innovative Under Armour wear, I’ll strive toward further training and discipline every day.

Akira Yamamoto Profile:
Born on Mars, Arcadia City. Air corps ace with outstanding operation technique. In the voyage to Iscandar and the battle with Garmillas in 2199, she saved Yamato from countless crises. Though she is now occupied in a mission to raise the next generation, she imposes strict training on herself every day to prepare for emergencies.

Shiro Sanada

Voice: Houchu Otsuka

Version 1: 33 years old. Yamato‘s former technology chief and executive officer. After the return from Iscandar, the Earth Federal Government proposed a new “Wave-Motion Gunboat Corps,” and due to his opposition to Kodai they have been out of communication for one year. He has taken an important position in the science bureau in an undersea dock in the suburbs of the capital, and is rebuilding Yamato, the spiritual bearer of the Cosmo Reverse.

Version 2: 33 years old. Yamato‘s technical chief and executive officer. A genius scientist whose greatest weapon is his rational judgment. While supervising Yamato‘s remodeling, he was aware of the hidden “time fault” and independently gathered information on it. When Kodai appealed for Yamato to travel to Telezart, he was the first to give support as executive officer. He regards Teresa as a higher-dimensional being and continues to speculate on the mystery.

Kaoru Niimi

Voice: Aya Hisakawa

Version 1: 31 years old. Yamato‘s former chief of information. Currently serving in the Science Bureau, she is engaged in analysis of top secret materials.

Niimi’s description in Ship’s Log magazine issue 16 includes this extra line: After the return from Iscandar, love bloomed between her and Sanada.

Version 2: 31 years old. Yamato‘s former information chief. At present she works at the science bureau. She was injured by the suicidal explosion of a recovered Gatlantis soldier and was unable to join in Yamato‘s launch.

Version 3: Her wounds are healed now, and she has been dispatched on a special “time fault” mission. She once pursued a life with Sanada, but what waits for her in the “time fault”?

Version 4: Under the command of Saki Todo, she became deeply involved in the construction of Wave-Motion Experimental Ship Ginga.

Hikozaemon Tokugawa

Voice: Mugihito

Version 1: 66 years old. Yamato‘s former chief engineer. After the return from Iscandar, he was expected to retire from the military, but his fate changed dramatically when Yamato‘s redevelopment plan emerged. He now works with Sanada in the effort to rebuild Yamato with Yamazaki as his right-hand man.

Version 2: 66 years old. Yamato officer, senior veteran engineer. After returning from Iscandar he planned to retire from service, but his fate changed dramatically when Yamato‘s renovation plan emerged. After the death of Okita, he looks after Yamato‘s young crew with the stern but warm eyes of an elder.

Shou Yamazaki

Voice: Hiroshi Tsuchida

Version 1:49 years old. Yamato‘s former damage control chief. A senior engineer who is the arm of Tokugawa. His respect for and loyalty to Tokugawa is astonishing. At Sanada’s request, he worked hard on the rebuilding of Yamato.

Version 2: At the time of Yamato‘s launch, he lead the team that secured the undersea dock’s water injection system. As a result, he was left behind on Earth when Yamato departed. Now he has a special “time fault” mission with Niimi.

Version 3: After remaining behind on Earth when Yamato‘s voyage began, he was dispatched to the time fault with Niimi and focused on the construction of Ginga.

Yasuo Nanbu

Voice: Kenji Akabane

25 years old. Yamato‘s former ordnance chief. During the grand voyage to Iscandar, his strangely elitist attitude was wiped away, and he greatly increased his resilience as a soldier. On the other hand, he is critical of Earth’s current reconstruction policy. He serves under Kodai on the destroyer Yuunagi, in charge of ordnance.

Yoshikazu Aihara

Voice: Masato Kokubun

26 years old. Yamato‘s former communication chief. Serves aboard the destroyer Yuunagi, in charge of communications control. His gentle, mild character has not changed and his concern for his subordinates is alive and well. After returning to Earth he often associated with Kodai and understands his feelings of frustration.

Kenjiro Ota

Voice: Yuuki Chiba

25 years old. Yamato‘s former weather chief. Currently works for the transport fleet like Shima. Serves as captain of the Kisaragi. A mood maker with casual remarks and a big appetite.

Version 2: A mood-maker and a big eater who makes carefree remarks. When Yamato prepares for launch, he is worried about Shima’s late arrival.

Dr. Sakezo Sado

Voice: Shigeru Chiba

58 years old. Yamato‘s chief medical officer. He offers advice to Yamato‘s former crew, serving as mediator for their cause and joining them in their new voyage. He is a skilled, all-round physician who knows the limits of medicine and human nature better than anyone. He actively cooperated with Yuki when she stowed away on Yamato in defiance of captain’s orders, and his ability to commune with unusual people is alive and well.

Analyzer (AU09)

Voice: Cho

Yamato‘s autonomous subframe, a robot responsible for analysis. It dislikes being called by its official name or model number, so it requests to be be called “Analyzer”. In recognition of its value, many of the crew now call it Analyzer.

Isami Enomoto

Voice: Kenjiro Tsuda

40 years old. Yamato‘s former boatswain. An authority of deck work and EVA operations. He is also a veteran who was an instructor for Kodai and Shima in the military academy. He is now engaged in the rebuilding of Yamato with Sanada, Tokugawa, and Yamazaki.

Saburo Kato

Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Version 1: 27 years old. Former Yamato air corps commander. Now assigned to the moon base, he puts his heart into training the next generation of flight corps. His explosive personality hasn’t changed with his elder-brother appearance, but he is more sensitive than anyone to a person’s life and death. He has a son named Tsubasa with Makoto Harada, with whom he traveled to Iscandar.

Version 2: 27 years old. Captain of Yamato‘s air corps. He was assigned to the lunar base and devoted himself passionately to the training of the next flight corps generation. His subordinates Shinohara and Yamamoto withdrew from the fleet to join Yamato. He intended to stay on the moon with his son Tsubasa, who was suffering from planet bomb syndrome, but was finallhy pushed by his wife Makoto to return to Yamato. He takes a harsh attitude toward Keyman as a Garmillan, but inwardly recognizes his skill.

Makoto Kato

Voice: Rina Satou

25 years old. Maiden name Makoto Harada. Formerly Yamato‘s hygienist. Married Saburo Kato on the way home from Iscandar. After returning, she retired from the service, gave birth to their son Tsubasa, and lived a happy home life. But the situation changed completely when Tsubasa developed “Planet Bomb Syndrome” at the age of 1. She currently accompanies Tsubasa in receiving treatment at a medical facility on the surface of the moon. She repressed her anxiety and pushed her husband to return to Yamato.

Tsubasa Kato

Voice: Natsumi Takamori

2 1/2 years old. Kato and Makoto’s eldest son. Loves Yamato and aircraft. He is treated at a medical facility that takes in newborn babies who contracted residual planet bomb contamination. A cure for “Planet Bomb Syndrome” has not yet been found, and doctors predict a low life expectancy.

Hajime Saito

Voice: Hiroki Touchi

Version 1: Space Cavalry 5th regiment, commanding officer. Rank: space master sergeant. Assigned to Far East sector underground city security, lunar garrison, he is currently stationed on planet 11. He thought he was doomed to spend his days free from battle, but…

Version 2: 31 years old. Captain of the former Space Cavalry 7th Regiment. A soldier without parallel who held together the rough and rowdy unit at Planet Eleven. He is gentle at heart, but knows the brutality of combat better than anyone. Even after the defensive line collapsed, he continued fighting to protect the refugees and was rescued by Yamato. Though deeply grateful to Yamato and resolved to share their common fate, he criticizes Kodai as “a man who can’t make the hard decisions of a commander” after his caution about using the Wave-Motion Gun. He has a deep friendship with Hijikata, referring to him as a “father.”

Version 3: After losing a number of his veteran subordinates in the Telezart landing operation, he challenged the enemy general Zabaibal alone.

Shiori Nagakura

Voice: Kazusa Amagai

29 years old. Member of the 7th Space Cavalry Regiment. Despite the roughness associated with the space marines, this veteran female soldier hasn’t lost her pure heart. Under Saito’s orders, she made a desperate escape from Planet Eleven and through the Gatlantis blockade. She made contact with Yamato to mount a rescue operation.

Version 2: She is appointed deputy commander in the Telezart landing operation, leading the troops while secretly thinking many of them would easily give up their lives and she would have to go on alone.

Masaru Kurata

Voice: Yoshigai Kiyoto

29 years old. A member of the Space Cavalry former 7th regiment and a professional in space combat using mobile armor. He likes gambling more than anyone else in the regiment, but never has a winning percentage. “C’mon, let’s go go go!”

Toshio Amagi

Voice: Jiro Saito

28 years old. A member of the Space Cavalry former 7th regiment. The biggest man in the Space Cavalry. A gentle giant who likes small wildflowers. His principle is not to act before speaking, but he seldom speaks.

Gen Furahashi

Voice: Toshitsugu Takashina

32 years old. A member of the Space Cavalry former 7th regiment. Serves as second in command under Saito. He has excellent snap judgment and the full confidence of Saito, but is killed in a suicide attack by Gatlantis soldiers. His mobile armor is marked with the number 008.

Mikage Kiryu

Voice: Eriko Nakamura

22 years old. Yamato engineering officer. Displays a special talent for linguistics. She was in charge of Navigation at the Earth Defense Headquarters Central Command Center, but decided to join Yamato in its new journey. She was part of Yamazaki’s team, sent to recapture the dock’s water injection system from armed soldiers, and thus remained on Earth.

Version 2: After being dispatched to the time fault with Niimi and Yamazaki, she became involved in the construction of Ginga under the command of Saki Todo.

Toru Hoshina

Voice: Motoki Takagi

Version 1: 22 years old. former Yamato security officer. A young man with a friendly disposition who is tough and skilled when performing harsh intelligence missions. After Yamato‘s launch, he joined the task force that was left on Earth.

Version 2: He was formally married to Yuria Misaki and became engaged in the construction of Wave-Motion Experimental Ship Ginga.

Yuria Misaki

Voice: Aya Uchida

21 years old. Yamato ship personnel. She took the voyage to Iskandar as the youngest of the crew, nurturing love with Toru Hoshina along the way. After returning to Earth, she devoted herself to reconstruction as a civilian. When Yamato launched, she helped the task force and stayed behind on Earth.

Version 2: She married Hoshina and together they engaged in the construction of Ginga in the time fault. Her name is now Yuria Hoshina.)

Miki Saijo

Voice: Moriya Satomi

24 years old. Yamato ship personnel. A radar operator, she takes over the radar station in Yuki Mori’s absense. Even during the hardest battles, she displays incredible talent in analyzing every situation while smoothing her beautiful black hair.

Hajime Hirata

Voice: Ise Fumihide

27 years old. Yamato‘s accounting department chief. He is older than Kodai and Shima, but maintains a friendship with both. He was in charge of food and supplies management during the long journey to Iscandar. He is beloved by the crew with his warm and gentle personality. He hates large insects.

Tetsuya Kitano

Voice: Ryuichi Kijima

24 years old. Tactical division officer. Although he is modest, he is a competent officer who has the full confidence of both Kodai and Nanbu. He originaly intended to join the navigation division, but a voice deep in his heart says, “someday, I will take Yamato‘s helm.”

Hiroki Shinohara

Voice: Daisuke Hirakawa

28 years old. Second in command of the Yamato Air Corps. He’s been a friend of captain Kato for many years. Despite Kato’s temper, he supports him in all matters, both public and private. His easygoing manner and long hair gives him the look of a careless person, but he willingly undertakes all hardships.

Sho Sawamura

Voice: Yuya Chikaki

23 years old. Member of Yamato‘s Air Corps. Has a cheerful but tough personality. He was once the youngest member of the Air Corps, now serves as a big brother to the rookie pilots.

Takeshi Takuma

Voice: Ryuichi Kijima

Member of Yamato‘s Air Corps. At over 1.9 meters tall, he is a physically impressive veteran pilot.

Jiro Tsurumi

Voice: Keisuke Koumoto

19 years old. A rookie pilot of the Lunar Aviation Corps. Assigned at the center of the young flight corps, he has great admiration and respect for Kato. There is something that shines in his workmanship.

Version 2: In the Telezart landing operation, he is selected to fly the Cosmo Tiger II warp booster, and is seriously wounded in battle. He hears the voice of Teresa as he wanders the border of life and death.

Captain Juuzo Okita

Voice: Takayuki Sugo

He was 58 years old and Space Battleship Yamato‘s first captain. He was a brilliant and determined tactician. A man who, better than most, realized the foolishness of war and how precious and difficult it is to maintain peace. After his death, a shrine was built in his honor in the outskirts of the capital city. “Hero’s Hill” celebrates the achievement that was the long journey to Iscandar. For those who served on Yamato, he is still an unwavering spiritual pillar.

Captain Osamu Yamanami

Voice: Masashi Ebara

52 years old. Captain of the Earth Federation Space Fleet flagship Andromeda. He served as captain of the former Allied Space Fleet flagship Kirishima, host to fleet commander Admiral Okita. He had Okita’s full confidence. Although he is an optimist, he regards the future of Earth with a dry sense of realism. After receiving the order to “recapture Yamato,” he faced Kodai with the Andromeda.

Captain Ryu Hijikata

Voice: Unsho Ishizuka through Episode 20, then replaced by Naomi Kusumi

Version 1: 60 years old. Former commander of Space Defense General Corps. A war veteran who was best friend to the late Okita. After opposing the “Wave-motion Gun fleet plan”, he was demoted and placed in command of the deep space defense division, based on the solar system’s outermost planet, Planet Eleven. After being confronted by a communications blackout and surprise attack by forces from Gatlantis, he offered to surrender in order to preserve the inhabitants’ lives. He was shocked by the Gatlanteans’ different mentality, who don’t recognize the concept of “surrender,” only death.

Version 2: When communication was blocked by a Gatlantis surprise attack, it was unknown if he was alive or dead, but he was rescued by the Space Cavalry and taken on board Yamato. He demonstrated the proper commander’s way by declining requests to take over as captain, but offers his services in states of emergency. He has a strong respect for Yamato as the ship for which Juuzo Okita gave his life, and decided to join the voyage to Telezart to see the future through.

Version 3: Yamato‘s second-generation captain. He firmly declined the request to be appointed as captain, but after watching Kodai suffer severely from the Wave-Motion Gun problem. For the Telezart landing operation, he finally decided to take the post of captain, saying “I’m the one who must carry everything on my shoulders.”

Commander Tetsutaro Ozaki

Voice: Tatsuya Kamijou

52 years old. Commander of the defense fleet based on Saturn’s second moon Enceladus. He was the first to engage the great power of Gatlantis in its invasion of the solar system, supporting the battle until the arrival of the main fleet led by Yamanami. He was a student at the space defense university with Yasuda and Yamanami, and could speak plainly to his comrades.

Shuntaro Yasuda

Voice: Isao Sasaki

52-year old captain of the third Andromeda-class ship Apollo Norm. He was a classmate of Andromeda Captain Yamanami at the space defense university, and a close friend who shared life and death with him in the solar system’s second inner-planet war. In the Battle of Saturn, he directed the damaged Apollo Norm to rescue Andromeda from being captured by the super gravity of the comet city empire, and his ship was scattered in the battlefield.

Design note: this character is modeled on Shuichi Yasuda, the president of a Yamato 2202 sponsor, the Japan office of Under Armour. The image at right was posted on Twitter in June 2018 by Yamato fan Wandaban.

Captain Kozo Tani

Voice: Masaru Ikeda (also appeared in Yamato 2 and Yamato III)

56 years old. Captain of the second Andromeda-class ship Aldebaran. A thorough rationalist with the motto “Contemplative Thought.” He researched and advocated the automation of the fleet and the effective operation of ships with Wave-Motion Guns. Tani is called a “multifaceted figure.”

Heikuro Todo

Voice: Toshihiko Kojima

63 years old. Commander in Chief, Earth Federation Defense Army. Despite being in a position to direct the reconstruction of Earth and the expansion of its defense capabilities, he still questions the wisdom in its methodology. He was troubled by the “Yamato revolt,” but finally chose to acknowledge Kodai’s resolve.

Kotetsu Serizawa

Voice: Tessho Genda

59 years old. Executive Officer, Earth Federation Defense Army. He is politically ambitious and strongly supports the “Wave-motion Gun fleet plan”.

Saki Todo

Voice: Ayahi Takagaki

27 years old. Young captain of the “mystery ship.” In the depths of her cold eyes resides a strong will filled with readiness. What future does she and her crew look toward?

Mina Ichinose

Voice: Tomoyo Kurosawa

20 years old. Chief navigator of the “mystery ship.” She has no actual combat experience, but her boldness and unique insight prevents her from being awestruck.

Megumi Kanzaki

Voice: Megumi Hayashibara

36 years old. First mate on the “Experimental Wave-Motion Ship Ginga.” She is a person of good understanding who supported Saki Todo in her youth and continued to support her in both public and private affairs when she took office as a captain. She treats the crew with a severity that shows not even a hint of her original gentle personality.

Urara Kusakabe

Voice: Arisa Komiya

21 years old. Tactical chief on the “Experimental Wave-Motion Ship Ginga.” Her preternatural calm allows her to instantly judge the quality of tactics developed by the AI system. She always pushes herself to do her absolute best as an officer, a scientist, and a woman.

Command AI (Black Analyzer)

Voice: Cho

The command AI unit (AU13) placed in the center of Ginga’s first bridge. It is constantly updated with the latest data of the next-generation AI that continues self-proliferation simulations in Earth’s time fault. It takes command of Ginga when announcing the G Plan, and can also take full autonomous control of the ship with no need for crew operation.

Earth Federation President

Voice: Youji Mikimoto

60 years old. An idealist at heart, he’s an excellent politician who gives top priority to realistic compromises. He ratifies Yamato‘s actions to avoid accusations of political misjudgment.

Robert Redrauz

Voice: Hashi Takaya

A researcher from Earth, fascinated with ancient ruins of the Akerius civilization. In his exchanges made with Garmillas, he learned of the existence of nearby ruins and was eager to investigate. While staying at Planet Eleven, he was caught in the Gatlantis surprise attack and became part of the group of refugees taken aboard Yamato. At some point, he was transformed to a “resurrected body” by Gatlantis, and after he communicated the will of Great Emperor Zordar on Planet Stravase, he exploded.

Toko Katsuragi

Voice: Yuko Kaida

Version 1: A beautiful female archeologist who serves as professor Redrauz’s assistant in his research of the ancient Akerius ruins. She has also boarded Yamato as part of the group of refugees.

Version 2: She was taken on board Yamato with the refugees and her medical qualifications allowed her to become Dr. Sado’s assistant. However, there are mysteries behind her behavior.

Version 3: Her true identity is a Gatlantean operative. She has the same genes as the “one and only pure body” Shifual Sabera. She is, so to speak, “another Sabera.” Her sight, hearing and mind are directly linked to Great Emperor Zordar through a Cosmo Wave, but at present she has been abandoned by him with their link cut off now that she is confined in a prison cell on Yamato.

Version 4: After her identity was revealed, she lost her link with Zordar and became a captive on board Yamato. In the midst of the war between Earth and Gatlantis, she regained the link and offered Saburo Kato a “devil’s choice” from inside her cell. While Zordar laughs at the love of humans, the memory of Sabera’s love sealed up by Zordar gradually begins to revive in Toko.

Loren Varel

Voice: Masaki Terasoma

Garmillas Empire ambassador to Earth. He is a thoughtful person with the appearance of a civil servant who makes full use of strong-arm diplomacy to grasp global trends. He gets the global federation president to ratify “Yamato‘s voyage to Telezart.”

Klaus Keyman

Voice: Hiroshi Kamiya

Version 1: Garmillas Empire military officer, an attache to Earth. In response to a command from Varel, he investigates the Yamato crew. He excels in physical ability and is a first-class pilot. Usually taciturn, on the occasion when he does open his mouth, he is acerbic and does not mince words.

Version 2: He pushes his way on board Yamato with the words, “Garmillas is indebted to Yamato.” His skill as a pilot is top-notch, and he joins the battle in his white Czvarke. Though he seems to have deepened his solidarity with Kodai, Yamamoto and others in the battle on Planet Eleven, he secretly plants an object in Yamato‘s Wave Engine to sabotage it. What is an “anti-wave lattice”? Who is Klaus Keyman?

Version 3: An Imperial Garmillas military officer residing on Earth. His real name is Ranhart Dessler. He inherited the blood of the Dessler clan and is in fact the nephew of Abeldt Dessler, but was held down for a long time. His current actual position is as an investigator for the Garmillas Security Intelligence Bureau. He insinuated himself onto Yamato for the voyage to Telezart, but his true purpose was to gain the trust of Gimleh, mastermind of the “Dessler regime revival faction.”

Keyman continued to deceive Susumu Kodai to fulfill his original purpose, but encountered Abeldt Dessler himself at Telezart. Would he take the hand of a family member and save Planet Garmillas from falling? Or would he kill Dessler? After losing his way and becoming intensely conflicted, Keyman came to the conclusion that his path was to return to Yamato as a traitor and entrust himself to the “edge” upon which he was born.

Abelt Dessler

Voice: Koichi Yamadera

The man who sat upon the throne of the Great Garmillas Empire as its “eternal fuhrer.” He invaded and subjugated every civilization in the large and small Magellanic Clouds, continually expanding his empire’s domain. However, his fate was changed utterly by the space battleship Yamato on its voyage to Iscandar. He lost his political power, failed at his dream of a great union of Garmilas and Iscandar, and finally suffered defeat when he faced Yamato in a final showdown aboard his command ship Deusuler. His life vanished into hyperspace… However, Dessler lived. Gaining the favor of Gatlantis, he once again stands before Yamato. What thoughts are in his heart, and what is it that is reflected in his eyes?

Erik Vam Dessler

Voice: Kazuhiko Inoue

Grand Duke. Before the formation of the Great Garmillas Empire, he ruled over the “Garmillas Archduchy” which gradually consolidated its foundation as a planetary nation. A powerful aristocrat and head of the noble “House of Dessler.” Uncle of Mattheus and Abeldt.

Mattheus Dessler

Voice: Takeshi Kusao

Young nephew of Grand Duke Erik, a genius tactician praised as a “Hero of the Unification War.” An unusually gifted person of great charisma, seen as Erik’s successor.

Adelcia Dessler

Voice: Masako Ikeda

Mother of Mattheus and Abeldt. After losing her husband, she poured deep love and expectations into Mattheus, who closely inherited her features.

Haidom Gimleh

Voice: Junpei Morita

A man who was once feared as the Imperial Guard leader of the Great Garmillas Empire. It was thought that he was caught in the explosion of Second Valeras in the decisive battle at Garmillas, but he escaped death. Still believing in a strong central authority as the key to save the Garmillas race from extinction as the life of the mother planet dwindles, he schemed to overthrow the current administration, which leans toward democracy.

He was engaged in secret maneuvers as the mastermind of the “Dessler regime revival faction,” prepared to revolt by force and elevate Ranhart as the new leader. But Ranhart, masquerading as the spy Klaus Keyman for the current administration, brought an ironic end to the plot when Gimleh was arrested by Garmillas National Guard police.

Ghader Talan

Voice: Koutarou Nakamura

The man who served as deputy chief of staff of the Garmillas planetary defense force under the Abeldt Dessler regime. He gained the solid confidence of Dessler along with his elder brother, Vuelte Talan. Unlike Vuelte, who always thinks calmly, Ghader is an old-fashioned soldier type. Being solidly loyal in his actions, he quickly joined and now leads the fleet under Dessler, who is planning to break Gatlantis control.

Redof Hyss

Voice: Yousuke Akimoto

The former vice president of the Great Garmillas Empire. Excelling at domestic skills, he continued to support the national administration of the empire and its expansion policy. His political influence is alive and well even in the current administration, which is steering toward democratization, and he now occupies the post of Secretary of the Interior Ministry.

Fomto Berger

Voice: Junichi Suwabe

A Garmillas soldier who passed through a number of battles under the famous general Eruk Domel, a hot-blooded man who is known for his bravery. In the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster, he served as the attack fighter commander on the carrier Lambea, but the fleet was defeated. Berger survived with his heart burning for revenge against Yamato, and then encountered Kodai and other Yamato crew members on Planet Shambleau. This encounter gradually melted his grudge against Earthlings. Soon, the trust born between he and Kodai bloomed into a united front to destroy the Dagarm fleet of Gatlantis. Three years later, Fomto Berger is back on the battlefield with the allied fleet of Earth and Garmillas.

Wolf Frakken

Voice: Jouji Nakata

Captain of the dimensional submarine UX-01, equipped with a “Gesh Val” engine that enables sub-space cruising. An expert in sub-spatial battle, he has earned the nickname “The Hound.” He seems crude on the surface, but is a cunning tactician who never loses his cool. He takes joy from his unconventional way of life, sometimes picking up oddballs and turning them into crew members. Thus, he is surrounded by subordinates with a family-like bond that can only be called “Frakkenites.”

Gol Hainy

Voice: Setsuji Satoh

After causing problems for his senior officers, he was saved from a court martial by Frakken. He has shared many battlefields as Frakken’s right arm, and is now first officer on board the UX-01. He has an uncomplicated character and is very emotional.

Sukeji Yabu

Voice: Cho

Engineer on board the dimensional submarine UX-01. He was assumed to be from Zalts when Frakken picked him up, but he is actually an Earthling. His real identity is a former student of Tokugawa, who boarded Yamato as a member of the engine staff. He became involved in a mutiny that broke out during the voyage to Iscandar and remained on the planet Leptapoda after it failed. He was then picked up by Frakken and after a surprising history in which he hid his identity, he became a crewman on UX-01. Three years later, Yabu has become more determined and fearless, and gets involved in the final decisive battle with Gatlantis! Does Yabu still act like someone from Zalts? Is he an alien lover? Everything is shrouded in mystery, but hopefully we’ll see him again.

Lutz Kazette

Voice: Takashi Onozuka

A Garmillas officer assigned to the Garmillas ship that takes on refugees from Planet Eleven from Yamato to return them to Earth. He praises Keyman’s “skill that comes from your bloodline” and gives him an “anti-wave lattice.”


Voice: Aoki Shiki

A Garmillan girl born on Planet Eleven. Influenced by her older brother Elda, she loves “Yamato, the Earth ship that saved Garmillas.” Her family is lost in the surprise attack from Gatlantis, but she is protected by Saito and Nagakura and evacuated to Yamato. She adores Katsuragi and refers to her as “big sister.” She is now imprisoned in the lunar isolation facility with refugees from Planet Eleven. (NOTE: voice actor Aoki Shiki cosplayed as Akira Yamamoto in the Yamato Girls promo group for Yamato 2199.)


Voice: Hideaki Tezuka

Version 1: Based on his personal belief that he must be the supreme ruler of space, he is the great emperor of the battle nation known as the Imperial Planet Gatlantis. He has captured the planet Telezart in order to gain Teresa’s power. In addition, he has dispatched soldiers to Earth, the world to which Teresa has sent a cosmo wave.

Version 2: The great emperor who leads the Imperial Gatlantis warrior nation. An absolute ruler who indulges in silent philosophical contemplation with massive violence in his hands. Based on his own personal beliefs, he drives the huge White Comet and an enormous mobile fleet to redraw the map of space. When he captures Planet Telezart, he detects Earth after Teresa sends a Cosmo Wave there, and he dispatches a fleet.

Version 3: The great emperor who leads the battle nation of Imperial Planet Gatlantis. He asserts that “love” is at the root of battle, and no humanoid can escape from its spell. He plainly states that the manufactured life of Gatlanteans are the “only presence that can bring true peace to this universe.” What is his ultimate goal in obtaining the power of Teresa?


Voice: Yuko Kaida

A woman of cold beauty, she is one of the highest-ranking staff officers of Gatlantis. Her loyalty to Emperor Zordar is unwavering. She presides over all military and internal affairs and overall navigation.

Version 2: A cold beauty with the nickname of “The Silver Maiden.” Those who know her identity refer to her in hushed voices as “The one and only,” “The pure body,” and “One who is different from us.” Surprisingly, Touko Katsuragi, who infiltrated Yamato, is “Another Sabera.” Who is Sabera, and what is her deep connection with Zordar’s past? Including her origin, everything is still shrouded in mystery.


Voice: Hideyuki Umezu

A high-ranking Gatlantis staff officer. Zordar’s oldest follower. As the admiral of the fleet, he commands a huge number of ships. Though his influence within the empire is unmatched, he is deferential to Sabera and maintains his courtesy.


Voice:Tomomichi Nishimura

Commander of the seventh mobile task fleet. His personal flagship is a large, white aircraft carrier. A military officer of arrogant demeanor who harbors no doubts about the empire’s supremacy. As a confidant of Goenitz, he sometimes attends the imperial center and the emperor’s throne.


Voice:Kouki Harasawa

General chairman of military affairs. He is in charge of controlling the occupation of star systems controled by the empire. Among the highest ranking staff, he is a cunning person who stands out for his bureaucratic remarks.


Voice: Hidekatsu Shibata

He looks to be of old age at first glance, but the special goggles that cover his face conceal his expressions. He collects and manages all the information that flies through space and always speaks plainly to Great Emperor Zordar.


Voice: Tomoya Kawai

Posted to the Eighth Mobile Fleet under Admiral Mazer. He commanded the vanguard fleet that advanced into Earth’s solar system. After suffering defeat by Yamato at Planet Eleven, he defied orders and pursued the ship with a grudge, but his fleet was declared “polluted” and was disposed of by Dessler.


Voice:Shigeo Kiyama

The cool and calm admiral of the Eighth Mobile Fleet. He commands an enormouse number of Kalaklum-class battleships in the Gaisengan Weapons Group. His ship is characterized by its white coloring. In the battle of Planet Eleven, Yamato‘s Wave-Motion Gun serves him a humiliating defeat by disabling all of his ships.


Voice:Yasaku Yara

Commander of the ground division stationed at Telezart. His entire body is a mass of fighting spirit. He is a longtime comrade to Goland. When the Space Cavalry descends in mobile armor, he met it by leading the remodeled Medalusa-class ground tank forces. Fatally injured in the battle by Saito, he flashed a fearless smile at his enemy who fought him to the death and threw himself into oblivion.


Voice:Yamaji Kazuhiro

Commander in chief of the Telezart defense forces. He commands an armed battle group but maintains a logical side who regards contributing to the whole of Gatlantis as the best virtue. He passionately lectures his “larva body” Nol about “The essence of Gatlantis’ war.” He suffers deep regret when he is destroyed by a single blow from Yamato’s Wave-Motion Gun.


Voice:Hikami Takahiro

The “larva body” of Goland. As someone living in Gatlantis society, the name of Goland is imposed upon him so that he must not bring shame upon it. He struggles for parent-child affection. The battle in Telezart airspace becomes his first campaign, and he tearfully vanishes with Goland in a flash of light, feeling a certain paternity in his last moment.


Voice: Kouki Uchiyama

an enigmatic young Gatlantis officer who never leaves Dessler’s side, boasting that “I only wish to tell the Great Emperor what I see.” Not only his vision and hearing, but his entire consciousness is linked to Zordar’s mind via Cosmo Wave, and he is dispatched as Dessler’s watchdog, but he is manipulated by Dessler, who wants to break Gatlantis control. After being lured into a different space beyond the reach of the Cosmo Wave, he is restrained and imprisoned in a cell on board Nue Deusular.

8 thoughts on “Yamato 2202 Character Guide

    • I think it is inevitable that Dessler would return – he’s too popular a character not to. However, in this instance, I see more of a Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato ending for him than the Yamato 2 ending, given the changed nature of and outcome to the Gamilas Empire in the 2199 universe.

      Personally, though I see it inevitable that he will, I think they could do more with the story if he didn’t return.

    • Sure, if someone can assemble a name list and links to their other credits at Anime News Network. Things are a bit hectic at the nerve center right now. We should probably do the same with 2199…

    • LOL, looks like I was not the only one who thinks that Captain Tani of the Aldebaran looks exactly like the Andromeda’s captain in the Farewell movie! Honestly thought that he and his blue battleship would be the first of the five Andromedas to kick the bucket! Instead it was the Apollo Norm and Captain Yasuda… 🙁 A great shame, ’cause we never see the carrier using her space fighters in the Battle of Saturn.

      • That’s because he wasn’t there haha. The commander of the Enceladus moon base (listed above) was there first and then the Andromeda’s (Under Yamanami) came to the rescue. The scene where Balsey catapults his space fighters against the Captain from Farewell is—

        -seen in episode 21


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