Yamato Model Kits by Bandai

Part 5: the Voyage Continues

Model kits derived from Farewell and Yamato 2 were still in steady release when The New Voyage made its debut in July 1979. Plenty of new mecha was introduced in the story, but Bandai brought only a few of them to plastic while continuing to feed the hunger for spaceships from the previous Yamato ‘dynasty.’

Mecha Collection Kits 16-18 (Oct. 1979)

   16: Dessler's Command Carrier
   17: Dark Nebula Empire Battleship Plieades
   18: Dessler's Tri-Deck Carrier

1/700 Dessler’s Command Carrier, large scale (Nov. 1979)

As everyone’s favorite ship, Yamato was released in eight different scales throughout the production years. Dessler’s red command carrier from The New Voyage was second in line for this honor, getting three releases of its own. Since it had previously been seen under the command of General Dommel (i.e. Lysis) in the first TV series, these three kits did double commemorative duty.

Mecha Collection Kits 19 & 20 (May 1980)

   19: Captain Okita's Battleship with mini Cosmo Zero
   20: Mamoru Kodai's Ship Yukikaze with mini Black Tiger

Playing somewhat against expectations, these two releases leapt backward in the saga and paid their respects to the original classic.

1/700 EDF Battle Cruiser (June 1980)

Includes EDF Landing Craft mini-kit.

EDF Carrier (June 1980)

Includes mini Cosmo Tigers

Mecha Collection Kits 21, 22 (June 1980)

   21: Cosmo Zero
   22: EDF Battle Cruiser

Dessler’s Command Carrier, medium scale (July 1980)

Cosmo Zero (July 1980)

Reissue of the 1977 Cosmo Zero kit with new box art.

Black Tiger (July 1980)

Reissue of the 1977 Black Tiger kit with new box art.

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