Be Forever Yamato Novelizations

Above: 2-Volume Monkey Library Edition

Author: Kiyoshi Miura | Publisher: Shueisha

Vol. 1 published September 1, 1980 / Vol. 2 published September 10, 1980

Softcover; 160 pages each, including 32 pages of color stills
Black & white stills and animator’s drawings are interspersed with text
Shueisha’s 2-Volume Fanfan Library Edition (not shown) is this edition with variant dustjackets

Left: Cobalt Library Edition

Author: Ken Wakasaki | Publisher: Shueisha

Softcover, August 15, 1980
252 pages including 4 in color
Black & white stills interspersed with text

2-Volume ‘Complete Works’ Edition

Author: Yoshinobu Nishizaki | Publisher: Asahi Sonorama

Volume 1: 192 pages, published September 20, 1980
Volume 2: 190 pages, published September 25, 1980

Softcover, color stills interspersed with text

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