Houko Kuwashima interview, October 2017

V-Storage is a free promotional magazine from Bandai Visual, given away wherever home video is sold in Japan. On September 14, 2017, they published an interview with Yuki Mori’s voice actor Houko Kuwashima. On October 13, the online version of the interview was published with extra content.

Read the magazine interview here. The extra content is presented below.
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Interviewer: Many cast members appearing in Yamato 2202 were in the previous work. What’s that like?

Kuwashima: The production process for 2199 was very synchronized with the journey of Yamato. Can we return to Earth safely? (Will we make it to the last episode?) In spite of being an employee, I worked with a deep feeling of time running out. (Laughs) There was then a gap of three years, and when the familiar actors were reunited, it really became like returning to the bridge of Yamato. The difference from 2199 is that we don’t see much of Takayuki Sugao (Captain Okita), but he has a real presence because he’s in all our hearts and I still have the feeling that he is there. I think this work also has a power that acts upon the site.

Interviewer: What memorable episodes can you tell me about the voice recording?

Kuwashima: I think it’s a wonderfully balanced site, from veterans to mid-level actors to the youngsters. You can enjoy hearing the seniors talking happily and peacefully, and it warms my heart. I’m grateful to be able to participate in this kind of treasure.

Interviewer: Chapter 3 is titled Pure Love Chapter, the whole story infused not only with Kodai and Yuki, but with various kinds of love throughout. What do you yourself think of an awkward man like Kodai?

Kuwashima: I think being awkward is not at all a bad thing. Kodai is rather natural, and from the female viewpoint, there’s a place where I honestly think, “aww.” (Laughs) He’s popular because he has a good face, takes responsibility at his post, and also has the characteristics of a star. But I wonder what it’s like to be a lover of someone who goes around looking good. I think I’d be likely to worry if they keep going out all the time. I myself would back away. But then there’s Yuki Mori. Everyone looks at that couple and admits Kodai is the only one for Yuki, and Yuki is the only one for Kodai. I have no choice but to believe it, so I perform it!

Interviewer: Yuki plays an important role in Chapter 3. What is your favorite scene?

Kuwashima: Her appearance in Episode 8 is an important point, including her hairstyle and costume. And in Episode 7 she is reflected only for a moment without my voice, so please look for that scene. (Laughs)

Interviewer: I’m also very anxious about Chapter 4. What do you expect in terms of future development?

Kuwashima: How about a spinoff with the Yamato females? (Laughs) In 2199 they talked about their troubles in the bath, and I’ll be glad if there’s such a scene that makes me feel relief. It doesn’t have to be in the main story, but it would be good on a bonus drama CD. The main enemy is too strong, and I’m very anxious about how Yamato will fight them, so I’m tense all the time. Also, I always gravitate toward Hijikata’s lines, and I feel the soul of Yamato very much from that place. I think those who watch it also expect that. And I’m looking forward to the music side as well.

Interviewer: What does the work called Space Battleship Yamato mean to you?

Kuwashima: I think it’s a work and it’s a role that must be met by mobilizing all the experience I’ve had doing various characters as a voice actor. The work will suffer if we don’t tackle it with such a feeling, and I definitely want it to rise to the level of a masterpiece. As long as I’m involved with Yamato, I take the lines seriously and want to perform with no regrets at voice recordings every day. It would be nice if those feelings propel the soul of the work just a little.

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