Yamato mecha designs

Design work from 1978 and 1979. Farewell to Yamato designs by Studio Nue, Yamato 2 designs by Katsumi Itabashi.

Yamato missile

Cosmo Tiger 2

Landing craft

Metalstock G88 hand grenade, AK01 laser rifle

Micro grenade launcher

Space cavalry bazooka

Multiple-missile launcher

Medical gurney


Greenhouse (Yamato 2 Episode 7)

Laundry facilities (Yamato 2 Episode 8)

Interrogation room (Yamato 2 Episode 9)

Gravity generator (Yamato 2 Episode 11)

Laboratory (Yamato 2 Episode 11)

2 thoughts on “Yamato mecha designs

  1. Huh. Those kana really do spell “Cosmo Tiger II” (コスモ タイガ = “kosumo taiga”).

    The three kanji in a box — I assume that’s the artist name? (Starting with image #4 — missile, Cosmo Tiger II, assault boat, weapons, etc.) I’m building LEGO models of classic anime mecha for public display, and I want to correctly attribute the original designs, so signatures on model sheets count as a primary source (preferable to, for example, entries in the encyclopedia at Anime News Network).

    I wonder why the callouts are in Japanese, but “SIDE VIEW” etc. are in English?

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