Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Report 26

September 2018 came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. It was one of the slowest months for 2202 activity since the series began, but the countdown to Chapter 6 and the approach of 2202 on TV ramped things up nicely. It was an especially good month for modelers with two dedicated events and a fresh new release. Here we go…

September 2: Tomonori Kogawa charity event

Tomonori Kogawa is a core member of the Yamato family, having designed and directed characters for both Farewell to Yamato (1978) and Resurrection (2009), and drawing key animation for Gatlantis scenes in 2202. This is in addition to a long and storied anime career, which you can read about here.

He is known to donate his time and energy to charitable causes, which he did again on September 2 for disaster relief. The day consisted of a lecture on his career, a Q&A segment, a raffle for original art drawn on the spot, and various products for sale. 2202 Assistant Director Makoto Kobayashi stopped in for a guest appearance.

Photos posted on Twitter by 24murataka and Shiromaru.

September 13: Cosmoship Yamato manga, volume 1

For the first time since its original 1978 publication in Bouken Oh [Adventure King] magazine, Leiji Matsumoto’s second Yamato manga was revived in its original format in this 304-page volume from Fukkan publishing. The first of two volumes, it contains numerous pages that were not included in previous reprints, the long-lost New Voyage manga by Minoru Nonaka, other Matsumoto art from the same era, and first-time interviews with collaborators.

Volume 2 was published October 18 and will be covered in our next report.

Read a backgrounder on this manga here.

Visit Fukkan’s product page here.

Order Volume 1 from here.

September 14: Yamato Travelogue launches

V-Storage, the monthly promotional magazine from Bandai, launched a dedicated section of its website called Yamato Kiko [Travelogue] that aggregates all of its Yamato articles into one place and enhances them with extra features such as character specs, quizzes, voice actor interviews, and more.

Visit the site here.

And now, for your reading pleasure, the first four voice actor interviews…

Daisuke Ono (Susumu Kodai) cast comment

Please give us your impression of the character you play.

In accordance with the name Susumu Kodai [ancient tradition] he is a passionate man who inherits the thoughts of his predecessors and pushes himself on a straight, sincere path. When he has to decide something, I think he’s a man who always has an answer.

Please talk about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

As I’ve been saying from the beginning, the voice recording in the studio is just like Yamato’s bridge. Beginners and veterans, young and old, arrive in their seats to fulfill their roles. I’m proud to be at this site as Susumu Kodai.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It’s the legendary SF anime that every Japanese person knows. It’s filled with the passion of living human beings that never fades. It continues to depict human bonds and human love. It’s universal and eternal. That’s why I feel we can board Yamato again and again over many generations.

Houko Kuwashima (Yuki Mori) cast comment

Please give us your impression of the character you play.

She has no memory of the past. That alone is mysterious. She went on a voyage with the Yamato crew in 2199, and is a pretty, beloved person. Is the person you are now the true you? When I think about that, there seems to be a deep part that even an actor cannot penetrate.

Please talk about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

This was several years ago, but Yoko Asagami [the original Yuki] and I were guests on a talk show. She acted like a senpai there, and when she said, “The old and new Yuki Moris are together,” I felt incredibly nervous. But I was very happy when she then added, “Yamato is hard to work on,huh?” After that I sat right next to her! She spoke open-heartedly to us juniors, like the most charming goddess.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

No matter how many times I’m asked, that is difficult to answer. It seems to contain everything, intertwined overwhelmingly. I think there is the considerable influence of Mr. Miyagawa’s music at the core of the image. It continues being loved for all time!

Kenji Akabane (Yasuo Nanbu) cast comment

Please give us your impression of the character you play.

In Yamato 2199, Nanbu was quite a temperamental boy, but did he grow up mentally in the three years since then? I think so. Still, there are places where he hasn’t changed. In some scenes, he complains as much as ever. (Laughs)

Please talk about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

Stage greetings at theatrical screenings are impressive. In fact, Nanbu doesn’t talk very much compared to 2199. But when I talk in front of everybody in a stage greeting, Nanbu comes out to play. Stories come out, and I’m really happy that he’s become a beloved character. (Laughs)

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It goes without saying that it’s the powerful visuals and direction. Or is it the solid scripts and the music, mixed with exquisite balance? It may be a work in which everything is strong and it requires physical strength to see it, but it’s a work you can enjoy by all means. Personally, I think that’s the appeal of Yamato.

Moriya Satomi (Miki Saijo) cast comment

Please give us your impression of the character you play.

She appeared as Mori Yuki’s backup in 2199. She has long black hair and a headband, and she often adjusts her hair to look at the radar! There are many tense scenes where she appears in her role before a battle. Saijo can take on any situation. I think she always takes hard duty.

Please talk about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

It’s hard to keep calm, so my heart pounds when I’m thinking about the voice recording. It was impressive when Dessler appeared once again. When everyone saw it, it was like, BOOM! I think the impact was amazing. Koichi Yamadera brings such weight even to the short lines from Dessler…when I heard it in the same studio, it was like, “Whoah.”

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It’s difficult for a greenhorn like me to answer that easily. Many people have many ideas from many viewpoints. Sometimes we waver in life, but we receive power when we empathize with various people.

September 21: Andromeda DX announced

Few letters catch the attention of longtime hobby fans like DX, which stands for “deluxe.” Bandai’s 1/1000 Andromeda model will soon be earning a DX moniker with a new variant that provides all the parts needed for the battleship and carrier versions. Thus, one purchase allows you to build either Andromeda or Antares. Also included will be mini fighters and “Quad Wave-Motion Gun” parts, which will be seen for the first time in Chapter 6.

This kit is scheduled for release December 31. See more photos and info here.

September 21: Loppi product announced

Loppi is a maker of tie-in products that has previously released 2202 goods in connection with advance tickets. For Chapter 6, buying advance tickets in a Lawson convenience store gets you a 2019 desk calendar made by Loppi. The lower half of each page (below the month grid) will contain images that can be removed and used as postcards. The chances of fans actually doing that are nil, but that’s hardly the point.

September 21: Soul of Chogokin Yamato 2202 announced

There’s another beast on the way. Soul of Chogokin is a sub-brand of Bandai hobby that specializes in high-end products with diecast parts and extra features such as light and sound. They’ve already released two Yamatos and an Andromeda, but that’s not stopping them from doing it all over again.

The GX-57 Yamato (2010) was 17” long, the GX-54 Yamato (2014) was 16.5” long, and the GX-86 will fit right between them at 16.75”. What makes this one different is automation.

The ship comes with a large remote control loaded with functions. It rotates the gun turrets and controls lighting. Sound effects happen in response to these actions, including newly-recorded character voices for Kodai, Yuki, and Shima shouting relevant commands. Bandai’s name for it is “Motion React Sound System” (patent pending), which opens up plenty of possibilities for future products.

Also included are removable wings, rocket anchors, and seven miniature craft including the Cosmo Tiger I and Keyman’s Czvarke.

Bandai’s Tamashii Nations website devoted a page to the GX-86 here with loads of pictures and a promotional video. The video itself can be seen on Youtube here. See more photos at Tag here.

The GX-86 is scheduled for release March 31, 2019.

September 21-23: Anime Weekend Atlanta

One of the few anime conventions founded by fans who grew up on Star Blazers, Anime Weekend Atlanta convened again with a weekend of festivities for fans of all ages and persuasions. This was the first gathering since Funimation released Yamato 2199 on home video, and it was a nice surprise to see it well-represented in the con zone.

September 22, 23: Doro Off VIII

This small-scale, exhibit-only hobby show takes place in a Tokyo suburb once a year, and brings out some of the finest fan-made kits into the spotlight for a weekend. Yamato kits always have a strong presence, and this year was stronger than ever. See a photo gallery here.

See another photo collection at Deculture Shock here.

September 24: Official Tweet

In this photo posted by the Yamato 2202 Production Committee, a camera crew hovered around Director Nobuyoshi Habara, Writer Harutoshi Fukui, and host Osamu Kobayashi at the Yakitori Yamato restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. With those three in the lens, it was probably for a future episode of Promotional Meeting of Love. We’ll see as Chapter 6 gets closer.

September 25: Chapter 6 trailer

The most welcome Yamato gift is always new moving pictures, and we got 60 seconds of them in a new trailer for Chapter 6, Regeneration Chapter. The second round of the battle with Gatlantis gets underway as Ginga takes the field and old friends ride in on new ships. Even more important, Yamato is down but not out.

See this very small part of what looks like a VERY big story on Youtube here.

September 25: Chapter 6 flyer

New flyers landed in Japanese movie theaters with key art we’ve seen before, and the foreboding phrase “Everything Changes.”

September 25: Hobby Japan #593

Yamato earned a generous 10 pages in this issue with the first look at a new Yuki figure, the 1/1000 Ginga, a scratch-built mobile armor, and the GX-86.

Also included was a new two-page interview with Series Writer Harutoshi Fukui that explores the story’s philosophical depths in both 1978 and today. Read that interview here.

See all the pages from this issue here.

September 26: Hatena blog

Yamato modelers would do well to add “Hatena Blog” to their surfing activities. Originating from deep inside the world of Bandai, it offers inside looks at the development of new models. This month, they posted pics of the Ginga’s internal lighting system.

See the post here.

September 28: Beginner’s Night of Love

One week before the premiere of Yamato 2202 on TV, staff and cast members gathered for this event at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater; a first-time screening of Episodes 1-4 with bonus talkshow. Here’s what the media had to say about it…

L to R: Masato Kokubun (Aihara), Houko Kuwashima (Yuki), Daisuke Ono (Kodai),
Kenji Akabane (Nanbu), Harutoshi Fukui (writer), Eriko Nakamura (Mikage Kiryu).

Harutoshi Fukui: Yamato 2202 “pierces the modern age”

Posted at Mantan Web

An event to commemorate Yamato 2202’s October 5 TV premiere was held in Tokyo on September 28, featuring Voice Actor Daisuke Ono and Series Writer Harutoshi Fukui.

Fukui talked about it thus: “This work is something sharp that pierces the modern age. I think people of all generations will enjoy it.”

Posted on Twitter by Eriko Nakamura

Commenting on the broadcast, Ono powerfully said, “I’m very happy about this wonderfully important thing. Many people will see it both young and old, and I want to connect the love of Yamato to the next generation.”

Voice actors Kenji Akabane, Houko Kuwashima, and Eriko Nakamura also appeared at the event.

Daisuke Ono, in the role of Susumu Kodai, screams, “Yuki…!” Yamato 2202 Beginner’s Night of Love is held

Posted at Walker plus, by Nobuko Yamazaki

Ahead of the TV broadcast of Yamato 2202, premiering in the middle of the night on Friday October 5, a special screening of episodes 1-4 was held at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater on September 28. The guests on stage were Daisuke Ono (Susumu Kodai), Houko Kuwashima (Yuki Mori), Kenji Akabane (Yasuo Nanbu) and Series Writer Harutoshi Fukui.

The voice actors began by individually introducing their characters. After saying of Kodai “He’s decisive and manly, devoted to Yuki,” Ono then screamed “Yukiiii!”, at which the venue exploded with laughter. Kuwajima muttered a slightly restrained “Thank you very much,” to which Akabane laughed and said “I like the difference in enthusiasm.” Fukui quipped “Since we have a lot of first-timers, consider that a little,” which prompted more laughter from the venue.

Kuwajima said, “After a hard voyage, I got engaged to Kodai-kun. There might have been some tension.” Smiling wryly, Ono said, “A bit.”

“I once liked Yuki Mori,” Akabane said, “but various things happened and this is how it ended up.” He described the appeal of Nanbu as “The valuable boy with glasses on Yamato,” and had brought his own glasses along, but Kuwajima leveled him with one blow by saying, “Those glasses are shaped like Dr. Sado’s.” And the audience burst out laughing again. “Ah, I see, I wasn’t expecting that,” he answered as Nanbu.

Next, Ono and Akabane gave a presentation on the appeal of Yamato 2202 for beginners, and the voltage of the gathering increased.

Ono closed by passionately saying, “Now that Yamato will be broadcast on TV, I’m glad people who don’t yet know Yamato can watch it. I think that’s important. I want to connect the love of Yamato to the next generation.”

September 28 & 29: Yamato Navi of Love

The next effort to welcome new fans into the deep world of 2202 took place over two days with the online release of a 2-episode video talk show called Yamato Navi of Love. Hosted by voice actors Kenji Akabane (Nanbu), Tomoyo Kurosawa (Mina Ichinose), and Series Writer Harutoshi Fukui, it looked back at Yamato 2199 and provided some groundwork for 2202’s TV premiere.

The official 2202 website offered these comments from the hosts:

Yamato Navi of Love cast comment: Kenji Akabane & Tomoyo Kurosawa

In commemoration of the TV broadcast of 2202 to begin on October 5, a special program is now available to be enjoyed by everyone: Yamato 2202 Navi of Love. After recording the program, we interviewed the performers, Kenji Akabane and Tomoyo Kurosawa.

Kenji Akabane (Voice actor, Yasuo Nanbu)

This may become a program that makes it easy for people to say, “I’ll watch Yamato 2202 for the first time.” I especially want to expand the introduction of the “pure love” portion. This time it focuses on two couples: Kodai & Yuki, and Kato & Makoto. This is a work that works hard to make “love” its theme, and when the story gets to talk of Sabera getting together with Keyman, I hope we can mix some innocent love in there, too. (Laughs)

The Yamato 2202 TV broadcast begins at last. To be honest, I think it will take some physical strength to see it [in its late night timeslot], but whatever strength it takes, the visuals and music will stick in your heart. It has a good story that you will like and want to return to. I’m both nervous and relieved, and perhaps it’s best to watch it at the behest of a Yamato crew member. Please enjoy it without missing a single episode.

Tomoyo Kurosawa (Voice actor, Mina Ichinose)

I play the character of Mina Ichinose, who appears after the story has advanced considerably. Even for me, who participates from the middle of the series, there is a lot to come as I do the voice recording. I think you’ll enjoy it even if you start watching from the middle. Still, I think the amount of tears changes from 2199. In our program, Mr. Fukui and Mr. Akabane look back carefully at 2199 and the process of how the crew disperses at the start of 2202. I read about it, but these are interesting stories you can only get by listening.

You’ll enjoy it more if you watch this program beforehand. For those who want to watch 2202 from now on, I think it will be the easiest and most satisfying method. Please enjoy the TV broadcast by all means.

See both Navi episodes now on Youtube: Part 1 | Part 2

September 29: 1/1000 Ginga model kit

For the first time in memory, an all-new Earth ship arrived in 3D form before we saw its animated counterpart in action. Ginga (Japanese for Galaxy) reuses the same hull as Yamato, which makes it the same length. The resemblance ends with the bridge stack and hull details, both giving it a different visual impact.

The kit comes with internal LED lighting and four fightercraft: two Cosmo Tigers and two Cosmo Zeroes to be painted in “Blackbird” colors. The decal sheet comes with an alternate nameplate for the bow, allowing builders to cast the ship as either BBY-03 Ginga or BBY-02 Musashi (which has not yet been announced for appearance in the series).

See a gallery of finished Ginga models here.

See product photos at Hobby Search here.

September 29-30: All Japan Model & Hobby Show

September culminated as all months should, with a live roundup of the Yamato products that had been teased all month long. They could be found at the Bandai Spirits booth, which drew eyeballs with the huge 1/100 display model and a Yuki cosplayer. Nearby was a working demo model of the GX-86 and a case showing all the newest and forthcoming Bandai model kits.

You’ll want to get a good look at all of it, so see a photo gallery here.

See a comprehensive photo-blog of the event here.

See video coverage here (Yamato stuff at the start) and here (Yamato stuff at 18:30).

Also spotted in September

Makoto Kobayashi on Twitter

While the rest of the world was just settling in to build their Gingas, Assistant Director Makoto Kobayashi was already turning his into an Andromeda variant. See photos of this and other projects from his studio here.

Fan art

The countdown to Yamato 2202 on TV gave fans a new topic to cover in September, among all the other things fans like to explore. See a character gallery here and a mecha gallery here.

Fan models

This was a big month for modeling not just on the public circuit, but at the home level as well. Twitter was jam-packed with one project after another as modelers applied their pent-up energy during the wait for Chapter 6. See a photo gallery here.


For the first time in memory, a male cosplayer monopolized Twitter for a month with two renditions: modern Nanbu and classic Yamamoto, both portrayed by R Apollo 83. See a photo gallery here.

Eyeglasses from Megane Flower

First announced in July, these new 2202 frames went on sale in September with either Yamato or Andromeda design motifs to choose from (with two color variants of each). Get a closer look at them here.

TV promotion

In August, YamatoCrew enlisted fans to volunteer in a classic guerilla marketing campaign to put up posters promoting both 2202 on TV and Chapter 6 in theaters. Posters would be sent out for free and fans would tweet photos of them in public places. One very enthusiastic participant was found at Eru Pharmacy in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Serving as a double-threat pharmacist and fan artist, she posted several photos of her workplace, both inside and out, with evidence of her fandom. She mentioned that some extra drawing time was available since typhoon season was keeping walk-in customers at bay.

See many more photos at the Eru Pharmacy Twitter page.

Store sighting

On September 1, Twitter user Karintou No1 posted these photos from a Daimaru department store in Tokyo, which was featuring a Leiji Matsumoto exhibit with original art on plates for sale. The Captain Okita plate was priced to move at a mere Y270,000. (Well over $2,000.)

Twitter archeology

On September 8, a fan with the handle of Warajiro 1 posted this photo of a discovery in Kanto (Chiba Prefecture), a hand-drawn vintage Yamato on the side of a paint shop. The passion lives on wherever you look for it.


On September 17, a highly-accomplished CG animator with the online name SprigganHYPER posted an ambitious homemade version of 2202 Episode 1 with extensive mecha and character animation. See it on Nico Nico here.

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Akihabara billboard advertising Yamato 2202’s October 5 TV premiere, posted on Twitter by Giga.

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