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The premiere licensor for all Space Battleship Yamato toys, miniatures and model kits is the company that Yamato itself put on the world map back in the 1970s: Bandai. Initially known for model kits that flew off shelves during the Yamato boom, Bandai grabbed onto Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979 and held on tight. As a result, the company wraps all the way around the globe with multiple subsidiaries that specialize in all sorts of high-end products to pack your shelves.

This is a catalog of all the products Bandai and its subsidiaries released for Yamato 2202, including a roundup of the many hobby shows that took place during that time.

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Part 1: Model kits

1/1000 Gatlantis Carrier Kiska

December, 2014

The Comet Empire made its first appearance earlier than expected when it showed up in Yamato 2199. Thus, the first large-scale Gatlantis model was this one, released along with Ark of the Stars. At 334mm long (about 13.1 inches), it beats the 1/1000 Yamato by only a hair, but is far bulkier overall with its complex double-hull shape.

It also comes with four to-scale Devastator fightercraft, and one at Mecha Collection size. There was no Devastator in the 1970s Mecha Collection lineup, one was available as a bonus kit with the EDF Battleship (1979).

Though this kit is a first in many ways, it is actually NOT the first large-scale Nazca-class ship. That distinction belongs to a little-known (and now very rare) model released by Nomura Toy Co. in November 1978, during its tenure as a Yamato 2 sponsor. It clocked in at 11.4″ long and is now prized by collectors. See all the Nomura models here.

See a gallery of finished Kiska models here.

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1/1000 Andromeda model, Movie Effect version

March, 2017

As the first legit Yamato 2202 model, the newly-enlarged 444m Andromeda is rendered at 444mm, or a whopping 17.5″ long, beating its 1979 predecessor by over two inches. “Movie Effect” refers to sound effects and a bundle of LED lighting that gives it roughly the same functionality as the 2011 ”Soul of Chogokin” Andromeda, which was roughly the same length.

The bridge, engines, and Wave-Motion Guns light up and shock cannon turrets rotate. Four tiny Cosmo Tigers are also included.

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1/1000 Yunagi Combined Cosmo Fleet set

March, 2017

One of the most interesting surprises at the start of Chapter 1 was the reappearance of the UN Cosmo Navy from 2199, repainted in new colors for a new start. It was a simple matter for Bandai to re-cast the 2199 versions in these colors for a companion release with the new Andromeda.

As before, the set comes with three vessels: a battleship, battle cruiser, and destroyer. This time they’ve been renamed to match Kodai’s Yuunagi and his escorts.

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1/1000 Dreadnought

June, 2017

Measuring 25cm long (just short of 10″) the vessel formerly known as “Main Earth Battleship” is now the UNCFD-1 Dreadnought. The kit comes with internal LED lighting, decals that allow for 14 naming options, and a brace of four Cosmo Tigers.

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1/1000 Aldebaran

August, 2017

Aldebaran is essentially an Andromeda model recast in blue, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. As the “movie effect” version, it comes with electronics that allow for light and sound features.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

1/1000 Yamato 2202

October, 2017

Bandai released the upgraded 2202 version of Yamato on Chapter 3’s premiere day. Measuring about 13” long, it comes with LED lighting, moveable turrets, optional wings, four mini Cosmo Tigers, and a bonus kit of the Yuunagi.

The Yuunagi kit is a re-colored version of the Kirishima mini-model from 2199 with its own DIY box incorporated into the larger kit’s box.

See a photo gallery of this kit here.

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1/1000 Garmillas warships set

December, 2017

Revived from the Yamato 2199 lineup came this set of three Garmillas vessels. Previously packaged in two separate releases, this was the first time they were offered in a single package: a Destria, Kelkapia, and Kripitera.

January 19: 1/1000 Achilles

January, 2018

In a break with tradition after the release of Andromeda and Aldebaran, Achilles was not sold through regular sources. Instead, it was an exclusive Premium Bandai product, only available online. Essentially a reissue of Andromeda in differently-colored plastic, it was sold with custom decals but without the light-and-sound package. Thus, its price was about half that of its predecessors.

See Bandai’s home page for the model here.

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1/1000 Apollo Norm

March, 2018

With the Andromeda clones out of the way, Bandai finally rolled out the first carrier version of the ship. Measuring 19” long when built, it includes tiny Cosmo Tigers and Falcons, and is ready-made to accommodate the “movie effect” light & sound kit that was now available on its own.

See a photo gallery of prototype and finished Apollo Norms here.

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September 29: 1/1000 Ginga

September, 2018

For the first time in memory, an all-new Earth ship arrived in 3D form before we saw its animated counterpart in action. Ginga (Japanese for Galaxy) reuses the same hull as Yamato, which makes it the same length. The resemblance ends with the bridge stack and hull details, both giving it a different visual impact.

The kit accommodates internal LED lighting (sold separately) and comes with four fightercraft: two Cosmo Tigers and two Cosmo Zeroes to be painted in “Blackbird” colors. The decal sheet comes with an alternate nameplate for the bow, allowing builders to cast the ship as either BBY-03 Ginga or BBY-02 Musashi (which did not appear in the series).

See a gallery of finished Ginga models here.

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1/1000 AAA-Class DX

December, 2018

With all the Andromeda customizing seen in Chapter 6, it was only fitting that Bandai release a deluxe (DX) version of the ship to put the same power in the hands of fans. This kit includes all the parts needed to build either the battleship or carrier variants, and multiple decals to decorate the ship as you see fit – with a smaller set to customize the Mecha Collection mini-kit. Light and sound features are not included.

This is the first kit to include the Wave-Motion splitter seen on the “final battle” version of Andromeda in Chapter 6, and it comes with an entirely new book dedicated to the ship. Bandai indicated that this was a thank you to fans who made the earlier Andromeda kits such a success.

See a photo gallery of the kit and book here

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1/1000 Dreadnought set

February, 2019

The “Mars Absolute Defense Line Set” was a double reissue of the UNCF Dreadnought released in 2018, each molded in new colors to match their onscreen counterparts in Chapter 6.

The terminology on the box refers to the last line of defense before Gatlantis reaches Earth.

1/72 Cosmo Zero Blackbird

March, 2019

This reissue of the previous Cosmo Zero brought with it some differences seen on-screen in Chapters 6 and 7.

Numerous option parts allowed modelers to reproduce either Kato’s command craft (blue nose) or one of the autonomous drones (all black) that followed him into a surgical assault on the Gatlantis fleet.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Final Battle Version

March, 2019

With this release, the first 1/1000 Yamato for 2202 was reissued with upgrade parts to match the rebuild seen in Episodes 22-26: wider sensors, more guns, and an additional pair of stern catapults.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

1/1000 Dimensional Submarine set

February, 2020

Giving modelers the opportunity to recreate the dramatic incursion into Gatlantis, Bandai released this set of submarines, a group reissue of the earlier single-sub kit from 2199. Three subs are shown on Kia Asamiya’s box art, but four are included in the set.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

1/1000 High Dimension Yamato Clear Version

March, 2020

When you saw the big glowy Yamato in Episode 25 of 2202, was your first thought “I want to build that as a model kit”? If so, Bandai heard you. This version of the ship is a recast of the “Final Battle Spec” kit in translucent yellow plastic.

Like its solid-skinned predecessor, it comes with a display base, a pivoting action base, and four Cosmo Tiger IIs.

See Bandai’s product page for the model here.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

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