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Mecha Collection mini-kits

Lasceaux, Kukulkan

August, 2013

The first Gatlantis model kits in 35 years (look it up) finally rolled out of the factory for Yamato 2199. Trivia buffs may be interested to know about a historical parallel; the corresponding ships in the original Mecha Collection were also released together in February ’79.

The original names were White Comet Empire Destroyer (#9) and Goland Missile Ship (#10), but in their new 2199 form, they have been rechristened Gatlantis Warships Lasceaux (#6) and Kukulkan (#7). Both appeared on-screen in Yamato 2199. The Lascaux reappeared in Episode 11 of 2202.

Lasceaux (left) compared with the original Goland kit (right). See a photo gallery of Lasceaux here.

Kukulkan (left) compared with the original Destroyer kit (right). See a photo gallery of Kukulkan here.

Regrettably, these would end up as the only new Gatlantis models in the Mecha Collection series; no more were added to the catalog for 2202.

01: AAA-Andromeda

December, 2017

Andromeda became the first in the lineup of 2202 mini-kits. The original 1978 version was number 4 in the line of 30 Mecha Collection models that spanned all three TV series.

Andromedas both new and old are shown here to demonstrate how far modeling technology has come in 40 years.

See a gallery of finished kits here.

02: Yamato

February, 2018

Yamato became the second new kit in the mini-lineup, following Andromeda. Like the title ship itself, this is not identical to the 2199 version, featuring the same design adjustments seen in the anime.

Get a good look at it in a photo gallery here.

Chapter 5 advance ticket bonus model

March, 2018

While supplies lasted, fans could obtain three different bonus items with advance tickets: a standard ticket plus poster with the Chapter 5 flyer art, a card ticket plus matching clear file, OR – undoubtedly the most popular choice – a card ticket plus an exclusive clear version of the Mecha Collection Andromeda mini-kit. It was referred to as “metallic color” since reflective glitter was baked into the plastic.

Fans were quick to build their kits and post photos on Twitter. Marusei320 gave us a good look at the model with its special box (above left) and 94Ragunso11 brought out the previously-released clear models from Ark of the Stars for a three-way lineup.

03: Kalaklum

April, 2018

The newest 2202 model arrived on this day in two forms: a single green version and a double green/white version in a slightly deeper box. The white version, as seen in Chapter 3, is the command ship belonging to Mazer. However, the model kit is solid white and does not incorporate the blue/grey tones.

As documented in early interviews, the genesis of this particular model has a unique story behind it. Writer Harutoshi Fukui spoke for many fans of his generation when he complained about how difficult it was to build the original 1978 version with its numerous fins and modules. By giving this lesser-known vessel a prominent role in Chapter 1, his hope was to motivate Bandai into designing a simpler kit using modern technology…and now we have it.

Here is the new kit (left) next to its 1978 predecessor, handily demonstrating how far that technology has come. (Posted on Twitter by Hobby Armada).

See a photo gallery of finished Kalaklums here.

Kalaklum Modeling event

April 21, 2018

The Kalaklum’s arrival was marked by a true first in Yamato history: a model-building event held at the popular Yamashiroya toy store in the Ueno district of Tokyo. For the price of two models, fans could build their Kalaklums on the spot and then combine them into a “Legionnaire Cannon” mural provided by the store.

Writer Harutoshi Fukui, Director Nobuyoshi Habara, and Bandai model developer Hirofumi Kishiyama were on hand to contribute their own models and sit down for a conversation hosted by Osamu Kobayashi. (All pictured above.) Incidentally, it was decided in this discussion that April 21 was Klaus Keyman’s birthday.

Attendees posted plenty of pics on Twitter. See a gallery here.

04: Apollo Norm

May, 2018

Apollo Norm joined the realm of mini-models on this day with a new release from Bandai. Though molded in blue, it was possible to repaint in grey to represent Antares (alternate name decals were included), then combine both with repainted Andromeda models to fill out the entire 5-ship armada.

Fans were quick to build Apollo Norms and post images online; see a gallery here.

05: Cosmo Falcon

June, 2018

This reissue of the Cosmo Falcon from Yamato 2199 joined the lineup of 2202 mini-models, molded in green plastic with decals that assign it to Apollo Norm.

Model builders were quick to assemble and photograph their kits. See a gallery here.

06: Fighter set

August, 2018

The latest release in the Mecha Collection was this two-fer containing ships that were previously available only as bonus items with 1/1000 models: the Garmillan fighter Czvarke (recast in Keyman colors) and a Gatlantis Deathvatator.

Fans were quick to build theirs and post the results online. See a photo gallery here

07: Earth Flagship Andromeda-class set

November, 2018

With both the battleship and carrier variants previously released, Bandai put appropriately-colored parts for all five of the AAA-class ships in one box and added a large display stand to accomodate the finished models.

See more product photos at Hobby Search here.

08: Ginga

November, 2018

Ginga was next on the hit list of Bandai’s mini-models, and kit builders in Japan were quick to post their own versions online, with all of those tiny little “windows” magically painted in.

See a photo gallery of finished Ginga kits here.

09: Cosmo Tiger II

January, 2019

The Cosmo Tiger II joined the mini-kit lineup in a completely new sculpt that preserved the “Version K” style with a down-angled nose.

The original 1978 Cosmo Tiger (above right) arrived much earlier in its lineup, coming in at kit #2 after Yamato.

Fans were quick to build and customize their new Tigers, and packed the Twitterverse with photos. See them here.

10 & 11: Dreadnought sets

February, 2019

Two Dreadnoughts were not enough for one day! On the same store shelves could now be found twin double-sets of the Mecha Collection version.

Each double-set offered different color variants to expand your fleet at breakneck speed.

Chapter 7 Blu-ray bonus model

April, 2019

The second bonus was a clear-color Yamato mini-model with custom packaging creatively bundled with the video.

12: Cosmo Zero Blackbird type

April, 2019

The official name for this one is “Zero Type 52 Autonomous Drone Fighter Blackbird,” and it contains two fightercraft.

The Kato-type has a blue nose and the drone-type is monochrome. The previously-released 1/72 version is a single craft with option parts to build one or the other.

Photo at right posted on Twitter by Hirorochcom.

13: Dreadnought with bonus parts

June, 2019

And that’s not all! The same day they announced the Tiger, Bandai reissued the Mecha Collection Dreadnought. The kit is unchanged from its earlier release, but comes with two bonus items: a new sheet of decals and extra clear parts that allow a modeler to connect two 1/1000 Dreadnoughts to a 1/1000 Andromeda for the “TAG” booster configuration.

Some modelers were dismayed to learn that the connector parts required glue for stability, but made the best of it with temp use. Photos posted on Twitter by Maichanfu and Pancyooo.

14: Neu Balgray

August, 2019

Neu Balgray joined the ranks of mini-kits with this release, essentially a reissue of the Andromeda carrier variant in red.

However, its distinguishing piece is a Garmillas-made antenna system, which was also provided as a bonus part in 1/1000 scale. This would allow modelers to customize their 1/1000 carrier models into a larger Neu Balgray.

Builders got right to work and posted their results online. See a gallery here.

15: Cosmo Tiger II 2-seater

October, 2019

When the standard-grade Cosmo Tiger mini-kit was released in January 2019, it was only a matter of time before the 2-seater variant followed.

And here it is, in a kit that comes with both the regular parts and variants for the 2-seater. Several modelers devoured it instantly and posted the results online. See a gallery of finished kits here.

16: Zoellegut 2-pack

December, 2019

This reissue of the Garmillas flagship Zoellegut came with two ships, one molded in black and the other in grey.

Photo at right posted on Yahoo Japan by Takamamachan

Three sets of filigree decals (red, white, and purple) allowed modelers to recreate the three ships seen in the first episode of 2202. Those modelers ran right home, got them built, and flooded Twitter with photos. See a gallery here.

17: BBB Andromeda Black

September, 2020

The last item on the list is this mini-kit of the BBB (Black Berserker Battalion) Andromeda, which was a welcome surprise after about six months of nothing.

It’s basically a recasting of the previous Andromeda in black, but it was the first time we got one with those alluring decals. No further 2202 models have been announced, so unless we’re due for some more recastings it looks like we’ll have to wait for 2205.

Fan model galleries

Countless fans around the world have built their Yamato models and shared them online for everyone’s enjoyment. Every month, the Yamato 2202 reports include a roundup of new finds from different corners of the internet. The quickest way to locate them is to type “fan models” into the search bar at the top of this page. But then be prepared to spend hours gawking at the results!

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