Gamilas classic model catalog

One of the major attractions of the original 1974 Yamato series was the ever-expanding variety of mecha on the Gamilas side, starting from the beginning of Episode 1 where the first on-screen ships we saw were the haunting destroyers and their sinister “deep-sea-fish-eyeballs.” After that the fleet grew ever larger and more interesting.

Surprisingly few Gamilas ships were rendered as model kits during the original production years, since plastic model fever didn’t quite catch on until Farewell to Yamato arrived in 1978. But over subsequent years fans gained the ability to create and reproduce their own garage kits and took it upon themselves to correct this oversight. It’s a testament to their devotion that we can completely forget about some subjects until we see them in this form.

Presented here are three photo galleries that collect mainstream and DIY kits alike pertaining to the Gamilas fleet.

Gallery 1: solar system units

High speed cruiser
Guided missile destroyer
Fast attack carrier
Assault plane
Patrol landing craft
Ground tank
Schulz’ garrison battleship

Gallery 2: Domel fleet

Domelaz II
Three-deck carrier
Battle carrier
Dive bomber
Heavy torpedo plane
Drill missile plane

Gallery 3: other models

Planet bomb
Giant missile
Floating continent
Reflex gun
Domelaz III
Tanker Rocket
Gamilas globe
Dessler’s flagship (Series 1)
Dessler’s flagship (Series 2)

Mecha NOT yet made as models:

Atmospheric spy plane, Supersonic recon plane

Precision bomber, Combat submarine

High speed transport

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