Earth Defense Forces model catalog

From its 1978 debut onward, mecha design for the EDF fleet in Farewell to Yamato and Yamato 2 not only represented the pinnacle for the Yamato saga, but also set a standard for all other anime to follow. Exquisitely conceived by Studio Nue with Kazutaka Miyatake in the lead position, it was perfectly synced with advancements in production quality at Bandai. This led to model kits of unprecedented accuracy and completeness.

This inspired generations of modelmakers for decades. These ships were revisited over and over by Bandai and several DIY garage kit companies, making this the single largest body of merchandising for any fleet in the saga. Only one single design was overlooked and has yet to be rendered in 3D. Which one? Explore these galleries and find out.



Capital ships

Support ships

Cosmo Tigers and other support mecha

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