The Making of Be Forever Yamato, Part 3 conclusion

Yamato turns its Wave-Motion Gun toward the home planet and stops. The surrounding black fleet also stops and trains all its guns on Yamato.

The captain ascends the long staircase to the Great Emperor’s office. Sanada, Kodai, Sasha, Shima, Sado, and Analyzer go with him. The guards at the gate welcome them with a salute. The Great Emperor rises from his throne, lifts his hand like Caeser, and nods to them.

Captain: We wish to express our gratitude for your invitation.

Great Emperor: It is gratifying that we can promise at least a temporary cease-fire and speak peacefully.

Captain: You may visit Yamato at your next opportunity.

Great Emperor: I will only go to the bridge after Yamato has surrendered.

Kodai: What…?

Sado nudges Kodai to keep him from getting angry. A female in black clothing steps forward and reads the names of the guests.

Female Officer: Captain XX, Chief Scientist Shirou Sanada, Combat Leader Susumu Kodai, Navigation Leader Shima Daisuke, Chief Engineer Tasuke Tokugawa, Advisors Sakezo Sado and Analyzer, Communication Chief Aihara, you have aimed your Wave-Motion Gun at this place.

Kodai: I’m surprised…you know our exact names and the location.

Great Emperor: We are all-knowing! All the records of Earth are at my fingertips!

Sanada’s eyes gleam.

Great Emperor: However, there is one lone woman who I don’t understand, whose name and career have disappeared from the record…it is you. (He points at Sasha.)

Everyone is seated at a large round table in a dinner party; the Great Emperor raises a glass in a toast.

Great Emperor: To Yamato and its brave crew.

All the glasses are raised.

Captain: To our past and future.

Great Emperor:

The Commander lifts his hand and a stage curtain rises without a sound. The prelude is heard to the ballet Swan Lake! Odette the ballerina dances onto the stage with Siegfried in a brilliant performance. The music is powerfully performed by a full orchestra!

The Captain stares quietly at the stage.


Kodai: This…

Shima: Classical art even here!

A glass falls from Dr. Sado’s hand and shatters loudly on the floor. Kodai looks at the pictures on the wall. Mona Lisa…The Gleaners…The Last Supper…

Shima sees a sculpture in the corner…Nike, the Goddess of Victory.

Kodai staggers out into the hallway. The music of Swan Lake throbs throughout the hall.

Kodai: This is Earth!!

Shima: Kodai…how could it be? Where are we?

Sado comes out looking faint. Analyzer is reeling.


A street in the capital: much of Earth’s scenery is unchanged. Everyone walks along with Sada as their guide. As for the differences, unusual aliens are used as slaves like oxen and horses. Most people devote their time to gourmet food, and everything is at the height of decadence.

A crowd of slaves writhes in a ditch…magnificent cities rise high into the sky. Many of the city’s mechanisms harken back to classical science. Sada takes them to a library of micro video ranging from classical times to the modern age. Famous works of art, literature, and music appear one after another.

Kodai: Is this the history of this planet…?!

Shima: But it is Earth here…

Kodai: This is Earth in the future!! The Earth of the past is fighting the Earth of the future!

Data files regarding the history of space begin to emerge. There is information about Yamato.

“On February 08, 2980 AD, Yamato embarked on a mission to the Proxion area of space. Communication was cut off after 15 days and the ship did not return. It was lost in unknown space. There were no survivors.”

Kodai: Yamato was lost…did not return…

Everyone goes quiet.


In his office, the Great Emperor faces the Captain.

Great Emperor: This is history. Yamato will not return from this mission. You all shall die. The history of Earth afterward is a result of that.

Captain: If Yamato returns to Earth, then history changes. There is the possibility that you will not become Great Emperor.

Great Emperor: But Yamato does not come back. This is historic fact!!

The Great Emperor laughs confidently.

Captain: Yamato will return! It will absolutely return!

The Captain rises resolutely from his seat.

Yamato is anchored in the sky over the home planet. Kodai, Shima, and everyone else looks down at it.

Shima: After all of human history, all the work to build cultures and civilization, the future of Earth cannot be like this!!

Kodai: What did our Yamato shipmates travel and fight for? If only to make this horrible Earth, it’s all wrong! It cannot be allowed. All of human history just to build this evil planet!!

Sanada: We must make the effort to return alive and prevent such an Earth from coming to be. We’ve seen the Earth of the future. We must survive and return at all cost.

Yamato‘s engine begins to groan.

Sanada: Yamato, launch!! From slow speed port and starboard to first battle speed and second battle speed. Then raise Wave-Motion Engine to maximum battle speed.

Shima: Yamato launching!

Yamato begins to move. The surrounding black fleet begins to move as well.

Sanada: If war begins, it will be at the emergence point, not near this planet. According to the records of Earth, Yamato is lost in unknown space. Because it happens in the point of contact between past and future, it is not understood.

Kodai: Are we defeated?

Captain: No…we’ll avoid a fight if possible. To make it back alive is our top priority. We’ll make it back to Earth even if it’s just one person!

Yamato accelerates with a roar. Analyzer scurries onto the bridge.

Analyzer: Ms. Sasha! It’s big trouble!

Kodai: What!!

In Sasha’s room, her uniform is folded neatly. A letter is left behind, addressed to Kodai:

“Goodbye from the daughter of Iscandar. I am staying on the future Earth.”



The Great Emperor watches Yamato‘s departure. Sasha stands quietly behind him in a blue dress. Sada and the Vice-President also watch. The Great Emperor crosses his arms and a smile of victory comes to his lips.

Sasha: Great Emperor…

Great Emperor: Yes, Mio Okita?

Sasha: How do you pronounce your name in the language of Earth?

Great Emperor: Okita…


Yamato leaves the home planet.


KABOOM! Yamato takes an intense impact. The black fleet orbited around the planet and now attacks. Yamato is heavily damaged. The crew’s spirit falters. Against the weight of historical fact, they lose the energy to fight.

Captain: Do not give up!

They muster up their energy again.

Captain: Even if it is historical fact on this demonic planet of the future, that history will change if we make it back home. We will change the future of Earth!!


Aihara gets a signal on the communicator.

Aihara: It is from the home planet.

Captain: Transfer it to the video panel.

A picture appears on the big screen. It is the Great Emperor. The figure of Sasha is behind him.

Great Emperor: You have my sympathy, crew of Yamato. In a life of constant war, it is decided that death is hell. However, there is a way to escape.

Kodai: There is a way?

Great Emperor: Yes. It is a historical fact that Yamato does not return to Earth. You can still survive by surrendering here. I will give you ten minutes to choose. Either return to the past, or a life of comfort here.

Sasha: Great Emperor, if you tell them all your name…would they choose to live here like me?

Great Emperor: Yes, that is so. Mio Okita…let me solemnly introduce myself to Yamato by name. The Earth reading of my name is Okita…I am a descendant of the Okita family. Hahahahaha!

Laughing loudly, the Great Emperor’s image fades from the screen. The faces of the bridge crew are frozen.

Sado: Obviously, we’ve been deceived.

Sanada enters holding a glass.

Sanada: Listen, everyone. The blood type of the people who held this glass is not of Earth. It is entirely unknown! They are not our descendants!

Captain: 180-degree turn! Ready Wave-Motion Gun!

Yamato slowly begins to turn.

Kodai: But Sasha is still there…Sasha stayed behind to explore the secrets of that planet.


The Great Emperor is thrown into confusion.

Great Emperor: How did the Earthmen notice? Why? I thought I succeeded in completely deceiving them!

Vice-President: Yamato is turning around. This is dangerous.

Great Emperor: There is still a way. Contact the occupation force on their planet. We’ll order them to kill all the Earthlings!! That will force Yamato to surrender!

Vice-President: We cannot communicate with Earth…

Great Emperor: Why not?

A thousand flashes of light cover the entire Earth. Everywhere, the human race is in an armed uprising. Intense street fighting is reminiscent of the City of Warsaw.

Occupation Commander: We underestimated the strength of these warm-blooded animals…

In Yuki’s cell, her hospital garments have been thrown onto her bed. There is a large hole in the wall; she escaped. Yuki takes part in the street fighting, staggering in ill-health.

Yuki: Kodai-kun will return soon…soon…

At the home planet, the Wave-Motion Gun roars. The black fleet vanishes in the blast. On the bridge, the crew rallies.

Captain: Take us down!

Yamato dives to the surface and begins a battle royale against the fortress and city area. The Cosmo Tigers fly in formation to support Yamato. The enemy is defeated in a heroic victory.

Kodai: Where is Sasha?

One huge black ship rises quickly into the air. It appears on the video screen.

Captain: Get after him!

Yamato rises in pursuit. The Great Emperor speeds away desperately. Yamato takes a huge blast and many pieces fly off the hull. The ship lurches, heavily damaged.

Shima: Where is the Commander’s ship?

Sanada: Lost in sight among the debris. No…wait…what’s this?

Captain: What is it, Sanada?

Sanada: I don’t understand, but…ahead of us, something unbelievably big!

Aihara: The radar is pure white, something is spread out ahead of us.

Kodai can’t see any stars dead ahead. They are blocked by something curved, a gigantic dark globe.

Sanada: This is…

Kodai: A planet?

Sanada: Its diameter is XX kilometers…the same as our sun. This star…to become this size after it cooled…what is it?

Yamato‘s Wave-Motion Gun fires. The energy flies toward the faraway surface, but is repelled and dissipates into space.

Sanada: There’s not a scratch on it. The surface is like armor plating!

Yamato closes in on the surface of the dark star, a hellish landscape of black.

Sanada: According to the sensors, there are numerous exhaust vents. They’re artificial. It seems there is a city inside with a considerable population.

Kodai: We have to enter it to rescue Sasha.

An assault corps descends from Yamato. Kodai and the team drop to the bizarre, black alien surface. Sanada is with them.

Kodai: Sanada, we won’t find any sensors or this kind of surface, right?

Sanada: Sturdy material is used as armor plating, they do not think sensors are needed.

There is a rumble, and a hot wind blows up out of a huge opening that seems to be an exhaust vent. The assault team descends inside. Before long, they reach the lower end of a tunnel and look inside. Everyone is astonished.

A magnificent, glittering city spreads out to fill the interior before them. Thousands of fleet vessels crowd the airport. A wind blows through their weapons; the place is deserted. As far as they can see, there are no people in sight, only weapons stacked everywhere.

Sanada: The energy reaction of the central core is abnormally strong. It’s probably the energy source. The cities are permanently automated.

Kodai: Life-sign reading to the upper right!

BLAM! A shot is fired.

Sanada: The Great Emperor’s remaining force!

Kodai fires back and the remnant soldiers flee. It becomes a confused fight using whatever weapons are at hand. A signal comes in from Yamato.

Shima: Return to Yamato immediately! We have an emergency!

Sanada: Kodai, we have to go back. It’s impossible to find Sasha and the Great Emperor in this huge city.

Kodai: But…

Sanada: It’s too dangerous, Kodai!

Kodai is attacked by a soldier sneaking up from the rear. Sanada steps in to shield him and is shot. Kodai guns the soldier down immediately.

Kodai: Sanada!

Kodai picks up Sanada and retreats, racing up the tunnel and back to the surface. They rise into the air on a parachute.

Kodai: What happened?

Shima: This star has begun to move.

It moves slowly through space like a dark spot.

Inside the Great Emperor’s control room…

Vice-President: Great Emperor! It doesn’t matter if we take a small ship into space, it is dangerous to move this star. The abnormal reaction in the core is caused by magma from convection of the mantle.

Great Emperor:I know it.

I’m aware of the danger. The Earth occupation forces have not communicated. They must have experienced some sort of accident. Those Earthling apes will be our only companions if our race is lost. A crossbreed lower than us…I cannot permit them to outlive us in the sea of space.

The dark star moves through space.


Sanada: This star intends to escape from this dimension into ours!! Once it is comes through, we are doomed!

Kodai: But the star can’t be hit by the Wave-Motion Gun. We can’t destroy it.

Captain: It is far from indestructible. We came out here to destroy their fleet.

The last strike force emerges from the dark star. It is a mysterious-looking force. A big battle erupts in space close to the moving star.


Yamato suddenly receives a communication from Sasha.

Sasha: The Great Emperor plans to self-destruct this star near the Earth. We must destroy it by all means!

The Great Emperor is surprised to learn of Sasha’s message from the inside.

Great Emperor: It was Sasha? Then…

The Great Emperor becomes enraged.

Sasha: Susumu, I’m in the control room for the energy conduits from the core of this star. Use the Wave-Motion Gun to hit the large exhaust vent at the south pole. I will open the conduit!

Kodai: Sasha!!

Sasha: There is no time left. After you shoot the gun, please turn around and warp at once to escape through the emergence point to outside space! Repeat the longest possible warps to leave this enclosed space!

Shima: Sasha!! Can’t you escape from there? You can’t give up hope!

Sasha: Thank you. But once an entire race went extinct because one person was reluctant to sacrifice themself. Forgetting the spirit of protecting each other, ego ruined civilization and pushed the race into a graveyard of weapons.

Yamato slowly trains its gun on the south pole.

Captain: Kodai…shoot it!! This is our only chance.

Kodai: Wave-Motion Gun firing in five minutes…take anti-shock, anti-flash protection!


The Great Emperor runs through a long hall looking for Sasha. A long groan rises from the dimensional power engine of the star. Energy gushes profusely from the core. Sasha remains standing, holding onto a lever.


Yamato approaches the south pole. The gigantic star hangs over them like a curtain.

Kodai: 10…9…8…7…6…

Yamato gets closer.

Kodai: 5…4…3…2…1…

Captain: FIRE!

BWOOOOOM! Energy flies from the Wave-Motion Gun into the large exhaust vent in the south pole. It is hit and begins to crack.

Sasha: I am Sasha, daughter of Iscandar and Earth…I dedicate my all to a better future. Goodbye, Susumu. Goodbye, kind Shima. Goodbye my mother, who I could not meet…goodbye, Yamato…goodbye.

Sasha pulls the lever and the conduit opens. Cracks spread over the entire south pole.

Captain: Turn us around! Go to warp!

Yamato goes into full reverse. The star begins to explode just before they begin to warp.

A giant whirlwind of light and a roaring sound…a burning prominence explodes into space. Yamato is struck by the rush of light and energy just before warping! The captain takes a piece of shrapnel in the chest. Yamato warps and disappears. It reappears at the emergence point.

Shima: Kodai, this is the emergence point, the exit to outside space.

Kodai: That star!

On the video panel, they see a ball of light swell up far behind them.

Captain: We’re still too close. Warp again!

Shima: Captain!

Captain: Don’t worry about me. Warp again!

Shima: But captain, if you go into warp when wounded…

Captain: I said I was part of Yamato. If we’re afraid to break a few parts, we can’t save Yamato. Do it, Shima!!

Shima: Roger!

Yamato accelerates and disappears into warp again. It is a long warp, bravely taken across the dimensions.

Yamato reappears in space. The space closing behind them looks like a balloon filled with red fire. There is a blinding flash. The explosion of the star gives birth to the beginning of a new galaxy! A vast white nebula floats in front of Yamato. Everyone admires it from the bridge deck.

Sanada: Sasha and the Great Emperor created a new galaxy…hundreds of millions of stars like the Earth’s sun will grow there before long, creating an unlimited number of lives…

Shima: It’s almost like watching the beginning of space.

Kodai and Shima notice the captain has said nothing. The captain sits quietly, his eyes wide open and staring forward.

Kodai: Captain!

The captain falls to the floor with a thud, debris embedded in his back.


The battle is over on Earth. The occupation army has surrendered. A new galaxy appears in the night sky, and people are amazed. Yuki looks up at it, using a gun to support herself.

Yuki: Kodai will return…he’ll return…

On Yamato‘s bridge, the dimensional compass lights up and the video panel powers on. The face of Starsha appears on it.

Starsha: I am Starsha of Iscandar. There are numerous futures you can build. Which one will you choose? It depends on the effort and will of you who live today. If you do not want to make your future world a demonic planet, use your best effort to devote your life to your beliefs. There is not only one future, but surely one of them is your future. Do what you can to make a better future while you are still alive.


Kodai: Where does this message come from?

Sanada: I don’t know…it could be from the distant past, or maybe from the future…

Iscandar floats in unknown space. Starsha turns and pauses, lonely, near a gravepost.

Starsha: The last descendant of Iscandar has disappeared. My daughter Sasha…youngest princess of Iscandar…dedicated her life to the people she loved. Youth can never be revived on this planet…and planet without youth has no future…I entrust her body to Iscandar where it will fade.

Starsha’s face fades on the video panel.

Starsha: Goodbye, everyone of Yamato. Goodbye to our youth who was with Yamato. Goodbye, the breath of shining youth. I pray that life will continue on Earth forever. I am Starsha of Iscandar. Goodbye…

Kodai: Space Battleship Yamato, return to Earth!

Voices of Earth: Yes!!

Yamato‘s engine powers up. Yamato is drawn toward the shining blue Earth. A song flows out, dedicated to youth. Various scenes of everyday life overlap and eventually fade.

Title: Be Forever Yamato

Staff credits roll up

The End

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