Star Blazers Episode 33 script

At the top of this page we see another list of cut scenes. The information on the right side (under “CLOCK”) provides time codes with start times and frame numbers for an editor’s reference.

For unclear reasons, the top half of this page is blank. In the episode, that space is filled with the opening narration:

Earth has had a year of peace and propserity since the Star Force defeated the Gamilons. Now, blasting into our skies, comes a huge white comet. If it were a true comet, it would burn up when entering our atmosphere. But it is not a comet; it is the Comet Empire, a war machine led by evil Prince Zordar, whose mission is to conquer Earth. As part of his diabolical scheme, Comet Empire planes have attacked the Earth base on Planet Brumus, forcing the space marines stationed there to battle for their lives. Can the Star Force, reunited under Derek Wildstar, combat the mighty power of the Comet Empire?

Now, nearing planet Brumus, the Star Force answers a call for help, lands, and takes our space marines aboard the Argo, where they receive the same treatment as members of the Star Force.

One possible explanation is that the opening segment of the episode had to be re-edited before the narration could be written, since 83 seconds of footage made heavy use of Japanese captions and couldn’t be used.

Dr. Sane’s finishing line includes the term (VO). It stands for “Voice Over” and indicates a cut to the next shot. It’s a signal to the voice actor that they don’t have to match mouth movement. The same term appears in the last line on the page for “Marine C.”

“No Sync” in Conroy’s second line on this page indicates that the voice actor doesn’t have match mouth movement.

“Marine F” addresses “Marine H” as “Mac.” It’s a name we’ll hear again, but it could just be a nickname.

Wildstar’s second line on this page includes some words in parentheses. This indicates that they can be dropped if the voice actor isn’t able to fit them into the mouth movements. We see it again in Nox’s last line on the page.

Nova’s line at the end of the page was cut off on the original document. She says, “I have to report to my station. Please return to your quarters.”

Nova’s second line on this page was recorded differently than written. Instead of “The screen is all fuzzy,” she says “The screen is out of focus.” This was probably a rewrite in the recording booth to make her sound more professional.

The note to the editor toward the bottom of the page suggests music could be dropped, but the note was not followed. Wisely.

Nova’s second line on this page is another one that was rewritten at the time of recording. Instead of “100 megameters away,” she ends with “Range, 100 megameters.” It’s likely that many other instances like this can be found with a read-through comparison. Have fun!

“Cut what is violent, but we still need the fight.” This pretty much sums up the hardest part of adapting this show for younger viewers in 1979.

This is where we first hear the name “Telezart” in the series, but with no explanation of how anyone knows it.

Homer’s line on this page IS actually in the show, but he’s weeping and Venture is talking over him, so it’s very difficult to interpret without the script as reference.

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