Star Blazers Episode 41 script

Here’s something unique that can only be found in this script: a fully-written scene that was cut prior to recording, probably to conserve screen time. The scene was certainly in the original episode, as attested by these stills:

The description at 63C and 63D are somewhat mysterious, since this action didn’t appear in the episode even in its original form.

The indication of “NO JAPANESE” meant there was no Japanese line corresponding to the English one.

The term “VO FILTER” next to Talan’s line indicates that we can hear his thoughts as voice-over. This was also done in the original, but the line was simply, “I’m sorry, Leader Dessler.”

Several changes were made to Trelaina’s speech between the script and the recording, most likely to shorten it and account for edits for on-screen violence.

209: “an important spaceport” was cut.

212: “Our cities were invaded” was cut.

213: “People” was cut.

214: “from the skies” was cut.

217: The line was shortened to “I came home in a daze and I started to think of all the terrible suffering.”

219: “leaving me” was cut.

220a: The line was shortened to “And in spite of myself, I cause a great earthquake.”

220C: “There was no one left to fight any more” was cut.

Here’s another scene that was written, but not recorded. Corresponding scenes from the original:

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