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Space Battleship Yamato Chronological History

1945, April: The Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato sinks in the south sea of Kyushu

Space Battleship Yamato

2189: Earth is openly attacked by Gamilas

2192: Planet bombs fall on Japan

2199: The last Earth fleet is completely destroyed in the Pluto area, except Captain Okita’s battleship (1)

   The spaceship flown by Sasha crashes on Mars, delivering Starsha’s message

October – Yamato launches! (2)

November – Destruction of solar system base on Pluto (4)


January – Breakthrough at the Octopus Star Cluster

February – arrival at Planet Balan (6)

March – decisive battle with Domel fleet at the Rainbow Star Cluster (7)

June – annihilation of Gamilas, Yamato arrives at Iscandar (8), acquires the Cosmo Cleaner and begins return voyage

September – Yamato safely returns

Space Battleship Yamato 2


September – Teresa’s message is received, Yamato launches again, Rescues Saito’s group from Planet 11 [1]

   battle against Goland’s task force [2]

   October – battle against Dessler [3]

   arrival at Telezart, battle against Zabaibal [4]

   decisive battle between Comet Empire and EDF fleets [7]

November – decisive battle with the Comet Empire, annihilated by Teresa. Peace returns to the galaxy [8] (Sasha is born at this time?)

The New Voyage

December – Planet Gamilas is destroyed by a mystery fleet <1>

   communication is received from Dessler, Yamato launches

   Iscandar is thrown out of orbit

   Yamato arrives, battle against Deda <2>


January – destruction of Autoplanet Goruba and Planet Iscandar, sacrificed by Starsha. Mamoru & Sasha escape and Dessler departs.

Be Forever Yamato

2202: The invasion of Earth by the Dark Nebula Empire begins with the arrival of the Hyperon Bomb

Editor’s note: Though this chronology represents the first valiant effort to put events on a unified calendar, it is hamstrung by a line of narration at the beginning of The New Voyage that places it at the end of 2201. For this to be true, all of the Comet Empire war would have had to take place in just two months. Unfortunately, there are too many inherent contradictions for this to be possible. But the author’s heart was in the right place.

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